New appointment-only craft furniture shop Underground Plan opens at 12th and Pike

Sounds like a new Capitol Hill business owner got some fantastic advice. Meet the newest business at 12th and Pike, Underground Plan.


Some nice guys came into my new little (very little) shop and told me I should contact you to notify you that I exist!

We are just starting out, but we have a great story to tell about our first artistic piece, a very intricate cabinet (1 of a set of 20) that represents the ‘swan song’ of a great but almost unknown master wood-artist who had to go into hiding for most of his life (to escape political persecution). Our little shop is in the basement level (but with street-level windows) in the SE corner building on 12th & Pike (1205 E. Pike) on the 12th St. side of the building (most visible after sunset). Being a small, artistic, struggling little business, we would GREATLY appreciate your announcing our existence!!!  (We are by-appointment-only, though we try to hang out there weekend nights).


Alex Novack

We’re not sure how much room there is down below 1205 East Pike but it’s going to get crowded. In August, we reported on the plans for ultra lounge Q to take up residency at the lower level of the address, also. We’ll check in on how that’s shaping up. In the meantime, welcome, Alex.

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4 thoughts on “New appointment-only craft furniture shop Underground Plan opens at 12th and Pike

  1. Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but transport for London very aggresively protect their logo. Only know as I tangled with them back in the day…

  2. And article that this store is closing coming in 3……..2…….1…

    I mean come on, niche custom art furnishings by appointment only?

    Good luck with that. Really.

  3. As a business owner myself, for you to give your “opinion” that a store is closing … SHAME ON YOU! Give me a break, with the change in the economy we should all be helping out local busienss not wishing them heart break and despair. SPACE, you should keep your negative opinions to yourself, what happened to wishing others the best of luck, just because you are miserable and negative don’t wish that onto others! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on YOu and those that listen to yur opinion!

  4. I managed to see this place on Saturday while out with friends @ Barrio. The piece on display is MAMMOTH and yet the most artful, spiritual, and lightness-of-being article of functional sculpture I’ve ever seen. The proprietor goes on for 15 minutes about the historical significance of the cabinet-maker, and he’s very nice. But, seriously, I just wish I had the bucks to own it.

    This piece POPS!