Roanoke Tavern: We’re still here ‘and will be for years to come’

One food and drink story we followed through the summer was the plight of northern Capitol Hill’s Roanoke Park Place Tavern as their home building was up for sale and it looked like they might be booted from the space — and then maybe not, and then maybe booted again. Owner Chris Price sent us a note this morning saying that, while the deal ain’t done yet, it looks like the Roanoke has an agreement in place to stay at 2409 10th Ave East:

Price also provides us with a hopeful update on the road and sidewalk work that has been tearing up 10th Ave East:

We were contacted by the sons of the current owners of our building, who have decided to keep it in the family and want us to stay long term.  A lease is being prepared, and although we wanted to wait until the ink was dry, enough people have not gotten the message that we are still open and we can’t afford to wait any longer to put the news out there.  YES, WE ARE OPEN!  And will be for years to come. We’re looking forward to putting this all behind us and moving forward.   The construction on 10th should be done in 3 weeks we are told – in the meantime, there is parking on the side streets.  

Go Storm! 
Chris Price

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2 thoughts on “Roanoke Tavern: We’re still here ‘and will be for years to come’

  1. I walk along the 10th Ave E construction zone several times a week, and based on what I have seen it’s very unlikely this project will be finished in 3 weeks. It started in early August and at this point is at most 50% complete, so I would guess it will be about 2 months before it is done.