Capitol Hill, meet Sirs Cherry Jam, working to bring you a new ‘farm to table’ restaurant

Sometimes on CHS we collect such a perfectly combined set of information that we can’t help but become excited about the opportunity. A local chef making his mark at two of the Hill’s heartiest new era eateries. A mystery playboy promoter with connections to spare. A dedication to local sources. A shell of a failed business waiting for somebody brilliant to bring new life to the space. An urgency to start something new. Sirs Cherry Jam, LLC seems to embody all of this. But things don’t always work out — exactly — as planned. Here’s what we learned about a new Capitol Hill food and drink project from one of the drivers behind the project, Christopher Welch, (judging by his Facebook profile), the playboy in the equation.

Welch said he is partnering with Capitol Hill chef Sam Crannell on a business venture that seems sure to be a hit — if they can find a space on Capitol Hill to make it happen. Here’s Welch:

Myself and my business partner are looking for locations to open a farm to table restaurant. We had been in negotiations for the old Martin’s space but they feel apart very recently (yesterday [Wednesday]). Apparently they have another offer and someone who wants to move in ASAP.

The “Martin’s space” Welch refers to is, of course, the former Martin’s off Madison — known, for a short time, as Greg’s Profanity Hill before it closed down for good. So, there’s the good news. An eager new tenant is about to move in. With the thriving Marjorie and the soon-to-come Skillet Diner in the area, it should be a new Capitol Hill hot spot, whatever takes over the former Martin’s.

But what of the ‘farm to table’ goodness that Crannell, of Quinn’s and Oddfellows fame, and Welch are seeking to create? Welch says they’re now working with a real estate agent they call the “power broker in town” and looking for an opportunity that wouldn’t take a massive rebuild to make happen. CHS is pretty sure you can (politely) offer a few ideas in comments.

3 thoughts on “Capitol Hill, meet Sirs Cherry Jam, working to bring you a new ‘farm to table’ restaurant

  1. The two locations I see crying out for tenants are 1) the corner space in the Havana Building, right across from Quinns, and 2) the empty garage space on 10th across from Oddfellows. Seems like both of those would fit nicely into Crannell’s geographic arena.

    Another choice might be the empty garage space next to the Six Arms. The owner has big plans for a sustainable restoration so perhaps they would be willing to give them a good price for such a fitting tenant.

    Of course, all these spaces would require significant build out since none were previously restaurants, but honestly, it seems that the added investment to create a unique ambiance for your eatery would pay off in the long term.

  2. Will be interesting to see what eventually lands here. I was interested in the space for a project but the asking price was pretty insane, above the neighborhood by a good margin. The landlord bought at the peak and is still trying to get 2008 prices.

  3. This sounds like the perfect match for the space that is currently home to Smith. I really miss having a revolving restaurant space in the neighborhood. Now that McLinda’s is there the whole neighborhoods gone stagnant!

    But in all honesty, how fortunate is Capitol Hill that in this economic climate there isn’t a big bunch of obvious turn key vacancies waiting for tenants.