Stars on Broadway honors 5 non-profits who made a difference on Capitol Hill in 2010

The big red construction wall along Broadway’s light rail station project has been busy with art and installations this year. This holiday season, the wall is featuring a tribute to five worthy non-profits recognized for their work in the community. Here’s more on the project from its sponsors, the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and Sound Transit:

Capitol Hill Chamber and Sound Transit present “Stars on Broadway” 

The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce and Sound Transit are partnering on “Stars on Broadway,” a program that shines some light on a few of the non-profit organizations that make life brighter for everyone on Capitol Hill throughout the year.

In the program’s first edition, the Capitol Hill Chamber has selected five recipients to honor with a lighted star, each created by artists from the Sound Transit Art Program (STart) Wall Project.  The stars will hang throughout the holiday season on the red construction wall on Broadway just south of John.

2010 “Stars on Broadway” Honorees

  • Cal Anderson Park Alliance (CAPA), – Star by Rob Zverina
    Cal Anderson Park Alliance generates and funds creative, innovative activities and events at Cal Anderson Park.
  • Gay City Health Project, – Star by NKO
    Gay City promotes gay, bi and trans men’s health and prevent HIV transmission by building community, fostering communication and nurturing self-esteem.
  • Neighborhood Farmer’s Market Alliance, – Star by Sam Trout
    Broadway Farmers Market: Bringing farm-fresh food to our neighborhood
  • Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets, – Star by Jesse Brown
    Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets saves lives: “I have learned to believe in myself, accept myself and empower myself.  We live and breathe the people we save.”
  • Rosehedge/Multifaith Works,;, – Star by Michiko Tanaka
    Rosehedge and Multifaith Works, two of Seattle’s premier AIDS care organizations, are merging to better help those living with HIV/AIDS

A dedication gathering was held earlier this month and included a blessing by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Congratulations to the great organizations recognized. You can learn more about each at their Web sites linked above.

Also, this post marks some of the final work of Staton DuBois you’ll see on the site for awhile. Staton is headed home to Louisiana. Thanks for all your work on CHS, SD. Give us a shout when you’re back in town.

Images: Staton DuBois

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4 thoughts on “Stars on Broadway honors 5 non-profits who made a difference on Capitol Hill in 2010

  1. Rosehedge is OK, a project that provides housing.

    But, the real powerhouse for about 25 years is the AIDS Foundation, which does it all…. incl. Cal Anderson House, housing.

    The AIDS Foundation does a walk on the Hill, big event and rally at Volunteer Park, and that involves tens of thousands over the years. And Chicken Soup project provides thousands of meals delivered to clients.

    Seems someone was not up on such issues. Or it is who is on the committee, and their friends.

  2. It’s not a competition. It’s a celebration. Both organizations do great work. The purpose of the Stars on Broadway project is to shine some light on great non-profits who are doing great work in our community. We hope to expand the scope and add more stars to the wall every year at this time. The organizations featured in this first year make all of our lives brighter – they are a few of the many shining stars that make Capitol Hill a great place.