1/11/11 Snow Commute Open Thread

With this much forewarning, it’s almost impossible to take the concerns seriously and, yet, latest reports and updates from the City of Seattle indicate that we’re about to get hit by drive-time snow around the Puget Sound. We’ll update this post as events warrant. If you have a tip or a picture others should know about, let us know at chs@capitolhillseattle.com or by calling or texting (206) 399-5959. First reported snowflake gets a CHS crow button. Stay warm, Capitol Hill.

Department of Transportation would like you to leave work early, please.

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SDOT Recommends Commuters Depart Early to Avoid Snowstorm  

SEATTLE – With weather forecasts still calling for one to three inches of snow falling between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) recommends that commuters begin their trips home early this evening to avoid snow related problems.

SDOT has been aggressively pre-treating roadways, elevated structures and city owned pedestrian pathways in preparation for the storm. While pre-treatment work will aid in clearing roadways, the storm’s arrival during the evening rush hour will likely create disruptions.

Motorists can check on current traffic conditions and roadway images on the SDOT Traveler’s Map at: http://web5.seattle.gov/travelers/. While several mass transit agencies have been preparing for early departures, please check with your specific agency for availability. For up-to-date information on the City’s response and roadway conditions, please visit: http://Seattle.gov/transportation/.

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11 thoughts on “1/11/11 Snow Commute Open Thread

  1. http://cliffmass.blogspot.com/

    “Will Try An Experiment Today–A 4 PM NOWCAST
    At 4 PM I will do a nowcast on this blog…describe what is happening at that time and what is expected over the next few hours.

    Perhaps can help you decide whether to go home early or cancel that evening event. But my real reason is that I think that the missing ingredient in forecasting today is very frequent local updates.”

  2. I just went to the store wearing a light jacket and was fine. My phone says it’s 41 degrees out (CHS Weather sez 39.1). Not saying it won’t happen, but that’s going to be some drop in temperature if it will be cold enough to snow in 45 minutes. Wish there was some way to make it stay…

  3. “Bottom line: you don’t have to rush anywhere if you are living in western Washington outside of the far northern sections. No imminent significant snow for next two hours in the central interior (ie Puget Sound).”

    this is pretty typical from my experience in seattle. when we get lots of warning, nothing really happens. when there’s little to no chance of snow predicted, we get dumped on. i’m no meteorologist but i’m going to predict that aside from some light, widely scattered flurries most people on the hill won’t see any snow tonight.

  4. A plowing/salting truck just went up and down the (often problematic) stretch of Thomas just E. of 19th: the stretch where bendy trolleys traditionally jackknife during real snowstorms.