Capitol Hill food + drink notes: Tacos Chukis says hola, new owner at Madison Pub

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  • Seattle Times may get the Cascina Spinasse scoops of the world but when it comes to Tacos Chukis, CHS is dialed in. Joining a proud lineage including Rancho Bravo and Guanaco’s, the Hill is about to get another muy autentico taco joint. Tacos Chukis will be joining Guanaco’s in the Broadway Alley. Here are the details from proud business owner Roberto Salmeron:

Tacos Chukis will be some damn good tacos. I don’t know how else to explain it without sounding cliche. It will be a taco joint you would most likely find on the streets of Mexico City and something you can’t find anywhere else here in Seattle. With a unique service style and uniquely prepared food I’m sure this establishment will be a great addition to capitol hill. Fast, cheap, fresh, and great tasting tacos and other items.

I’m especially excited about our adobada grill. A vertical rotisserie that cooks cuts of meat as the edges are shaved off and served in an adobada taco. A pineapple on top drips juice and caramelizes as the meat cooks and a slice of the grilled pineapple is served in the taco.

Salmeron tells us he’s shooting for an early February opening.

  • We’ve also got info another new restaurant coming to Pike/Pine and an update on a new spot on East Olive coming soon.
  • David Beckham also loves Spinasse. Or, at least, he ate there.
  • Seattle Gay News tells us about the new owner at the Madison Pub. Bar manager Roland Hyre is taking over. “People always ask me if I’m the owner,” Hyre told SGN. “I always just look at them and say, ‘No, I just act like it,’ but I guess now I will be.”
  • Party Mountain is sleepy. Homegrown announced via Twitter that they’re shutting down their weekend late-night service for now and might re-start when things warm up later this year.
  • Replacing Kurrent? Restaurant called Indochine Kitchen. No responses from owners yet so can’t tell you much about.
  • We had the scoop on Dulces moving from Madrona to Broadway but Nancy Leson knew the new name will be Kava Bistro and Wine.
  • Nope, we don’t know when Samurai Noodle will open on Broadway.
  • Grim’s said via Twitter that they plan to begin offering brunch.
  • Add 10th Ave East’s Pau Hana and Easy Joe’s to your Hill brunch options list, too.
  • Tougo Coffee is continuing to man a tent on 18th Ave to meet with customers and collect donations to help the shop overcome some $10,000 in unpaid taxes.
  • We had a little item about a little change at a big coffee company last week as Starbucks told us they are about to re-brand their 15th Ave Coffee & Tea as a standard issue Starbucks again by the end of the month. We also asked about whether the re-brand would include the new-fangled Starbucks logo (it won’t) and what was going to happen to Major Cohen, the man who designed the “street level coffee” experiences at 15th Ave and Roy Street (Starbucks didn’t reply to that one).
  • Not everybody is thrilled about the addition of a Taylor Shellfish Farms shop to the Melrose Market. Reader points us to and tells us more people should know about Taylor’s role in damage the state’s shellfish aquaculture industry is doing to Puget Sound.
  • 15th Ave East’s Remedy Teas is hosting a Decemberists listening party Friday.
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9 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food + drink notes: Tacos Chukis says hola, new owner at Madison Pub

  1. I’ll check to see if any names on licenses match up. Indochine Kitchen/Cafe/Etc. can be found across the country (world?)

  2. I’m excited the Mad Pub has plans to stay around! With so many bars going away over the past few years I was starting to worry about them.

    Now I want a taco.

  3. There is a liquor license on the door of the space formerly known as Kurrent for ‘Indochine Kitchen’. If you take a peek, there is a chain in the south end (2 in Tacoma, 1 in Federal Way) called Indochine with a little twist at the end of each’s name. Considering my take on the environment of the two locations that I’ve visited, and what the progress/changes that are happening in the old Kurrent space that I have been tracking (boyfriends lives in Press I Condos) it appears to be fairly similar to the 3. Hrm.. just a thought.