Unsolicited papers, advertising

Once again, I heard a slight noise outside. Opened my door to see some 4-page advert which has been left on the doorsteps of my apartment building. And there go bits of flying paper, unless I chase them down & put them into the recycling can. As I do for every other piece of unsolicited, hand delivered paper, which no one in my building appears to want. They either walk over them as they leave & enter their apartments, or they blow away to become lawn litter. Does anyone know if there is a way, other than putting up an ugly “no solicitations of any kind” sign (which will be ignored by the poor saps lugging this crap around in the rain), to get these unsolicited papers, fliers, pamphlets, handbills, circulars or other materials advertising a business or soliciting business stopped?  We used to get the occasional pizza offer. Now there’s an almost daily stream of adverts for realtors, hair salons, house cleaning services, political campaigns, dog walking services, etc, etc. I curse the Capitol Hill Times every time I pick up a wad of soggy newspaper off of my doorstep. A wad of newspaper I did not ask for. And let us not forget the phone books.


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