A week later, few details released in investigation of man found murdered in Capitol Hill lot

A Seattle Police Department spokesperson told CHS Monday morning that there are no new updates in the investigation of the bludgeoning death of Zachary Lewis, the 37-year-old resident of the 1811 Eastlake recovery housing found murdered in the empty parcels at the intersection of Federal and Republican slated to be turned into a city park.

It’s been a week since Lewis was discovered beaten to death on Capitol Hill in the empty lot at Federal and Republican and there is still very little official information related to the crime publicly available.

SPD says the release of any additional information about Lewis or a picture of the victim to help new witnesses come forward will be driven by the detectives working on the murder case. At this point, SPD says, the detectives have not asked for the community’s assistance in solving the murder.

We do know that detectives have been interviewing people who live in the area regarding Lewis’s whereabouts in the early morning hours of March 6th, the Sunday morning his body was discovered in the empty lot, his head bludgeoned and, according to one report, both arms busted.

East Precinct command is also not planning a community briefing on the situation at this time, according to operations lead Lt. Joel Guay. However, the precinct’s regular monthly East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition is coming up later this month on Thursday, March 24th. We’ll have more information on that session soon.

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3 thoughts on “A week later, few details released in investigation of man found murdered in Capitol Hill lot

  1. From the uptight-seattlite dept:
    I think the land is officially owned by Seattle Parks and Rec, and it is, technically already been turned into a park at this time. It’s unnamed, not unlike ‘the park at Summit&John’ was a year ago.
    I would suppose it could most accurately be described as “undeveloped Green Open Space owned by SPR, slated for further development design this year”.
    In any case, interim uses including a community garden plot and a chalk-art wall have been officially approved (by Pam Kliment at the Parks Dept), so it’s most definitely already a park and no longer 3 parcels (of failed-townhousing).

    If you’d like more info, there’s a FedRep ParkSpace mtg tonight at 630 at the CapitolHill Library meeting room. If you’d like to vote online for favorite future use (meeting space? outdoor theatre? climbing structure? skate park? flaming geyser? YOU choose) then please visit http://bit.ly/fedrep and take the superquick survey!

    Meanwhile, from the realitycheck dept:
    RIP Zach Lewis – we don’t actually care where you were a resident; you were a victim of coldblooded murder and it won’t be tolerated. There are love and prayers sent your way.
    There’s still a damned killer loose. Make haste, SPD. And: Not releasing a photo of the victim (to help track his whereabouts that night) really ought to be explained.

  2. Really? I mean, I appreciate your attention to detail, but really? As a spelling nazi, I understand, but I am now considering changing correction habits. Well informed comment though. 2 points.

  3. Yup, not releasing a photo, not being forthcoming with any real info, the SPD is looking increasingly out-of-step with the people they’re supposed to protect. What about COMMUNITY policing. Between the soft-talker Mayor and the less-than=impressive Chief he appointed, it looks like SPDs heading straight down the drain. I hope not but they need to get their shit together and start ACTING like they actually care about us, start talking with us and stop beating and intimidating us.

    Oh, and, knowing about the plethora of balls-less pussy cops on the force like those we’ve heard so much about (and their brutality ways) doesn’t soothe me when I know a killer’s on the loose.

    BTW, Zachary was found a block from my house and I saw him laying there. Funny, the po-po didn’t knock on my door to ask me anything.