Broadway’s new bank wants to give you $10 grand for your Capitol Hill community project

Sure, it’s a promotion for a corporate bank. But we’re talking $10,000 here. Broadway’s Umpqua Bank is launching a spring contest on Monday that will award $10,000 to a Capitol Hill community project. All you need to enter is an idea to help the neighborhood.

“If someone wants to send a diagram, a map, an image, I just need to be able to understand it to put it on the ideas tab of the [Facebook] page,” Umpqua’s Stacey Krynsky tells CHS. The contest will play out on

The ideas posted on Facebook will be considered by Krynsky and Umpqua and three final candidates will be selected in April. That month, public voting will begin to select the $10,000 neighborhood project.

Umpqua is, indeed, a CHS advertiser. And, oh, by the way, we like your “Support the greatest neighborhood blog EVER” idea.

In addition to that splendid idea, we asked Krynsky for some hints of what kinds of ideas she will be looking for. She writes:

Anything.  It needs to be feasible to be completed by the end of this year.  I am hoping to find something that will benefit as much of the hill as possible.  Park benches for Cal Anderson, an art mural, bike racks on Broadway.  The way I vision it is something that you can walk by every day, and know as a voter that your idea was this item, and that you did something to make it … amazing.

So, there you go. Live your Capitol Hill community dream. Just make sure you can really complete that dream by the end of 2011. We suggest you alpha test your project ideas in the CHS comments.

More details on the contest below.


Build Your Block Challenge 

·         We are always looking for new opportunities to engage and assist our neighborhoods on both a community service and financial level.

·         Build Your Block is a $10,000 neighborhood enhancement campaign.  The unique nature of this campaign is that the actual project ideas come from each of you.

·         Community members are encouraged to submit any neighborhood project that would benefit area residents — from a community garden to additional bike racks and benches. Community members are also asked to help spread the word about the campaign and help shape their favorite idea on the Umpqua Bank Capitol Hill Facebook page.

·         Submissions will be taken beginning March 7 on our Facebook page or in-store.  You can submit through April 1st after which the field will be narrowed to three final ideas and residents will vote for the project that will be supported with up to $10,000 and a whole lot of Umpqua volunteerism.

·         We want to hear your ideas – so mark your calendars and be sure to bring them forward!

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7 thoughts on “Broadway’s new bank wants to give you $10 grand for your Capitol Hill community project

  1. 1 Free Parking Space on Broadway for a year: Use $10k to cover cost so there is one free parking space on Broadway for the next year

    Pay anarchists to go away

    Create monument to gay people who used to live on Capitol Hill

  2. Give the money to Queer Youth Space, young queers have no where to go to hang out and be around each other in a safe environment that is friendly to them. Capitol Hill has such an amazing history of being a space for LGBT people and that would be amazing to continue… although I wonder if this would be too political for the bank?

  3. I’m confused ?
    What do you call the Lambert House ?
    I thought the Lambert House was our Queer Youth Space ?
    What we really need in Seattle is a place for Gay , Lesbian ,Bi , and Trans Elders . Other cities have GLBT Senior Centers and we have none.

  4. How about a Cop Watch, like other cities have? They go around with video cameras and record police action to ensure there is no abuse of power. Very needed in Seattle at this moment.

  5. OR, what about installing benches at any bus stop that currently doesn’t have one. They could be commissioned arts projects so an artist can maybe take on one or two benches to inspire a community feel for them.

  6. ..there’s this new park. It’s a blank slate… and sadly, with no development funding. Seems like an easy match of donor and donation-seeker.

    I’d like a water feature/play area/meeting space myself.

    take the survey here: