Police investigating body found at site of future Federal/Republican park — UPDATE: Murder?

Seattle Police are are investigating the death of a man found Sunday morning in the empty lot where a city park will soon be built at Federal and Republican. UPDATE: SPD says they are investigating as a homicide. Details below.

(Image: Dan King Images) via @dankingimages

At this point, we have no information from SPD on the circumstance surrounding the death but people in the area have said it appeared the man was passed out in the lot. Here is one eyewitness description via Twitter:

Good grief! I went out birding at 6:15am and past a guy “passed out” in Fed/Rep Park. Coming back I see he’s a dead body. Yikes.

Another neighbor posted about the incident on CHS.

As they will do for all types of death investigations, police have the area taped off and are investigating the scene.

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26 thoughts on “Police investigating body found at site of future Federal/Republican park — UPDATE: Murder?

  1. I checked out your link and the Seattle Times in no way “confirms it was murder.” Times, using same info we have reported, says it is a homicide investigation.

  2. 1 murder per year and you’re inclined to move? Where will you move to where there isn’t at least 1 murder per year in your neighborhood? The moon?

  3. Eckstein: Issaquah is one that comes to mind immediately. Plenty of places have significantly lower murder rates than Seattle proper, and plenty go many years without a murder at all. Living in-city is great, but it does come with exposure to a lot more violence.
    Love my neighborhood and wouldn’t live elsewhere, but let’s not pretend it isn’t a bit dicey.

  4. A bit dicey *comparatively*. Compared to New Orleans, for example, Seattle is a jewel as far as murders go.

  5. looks like you’ve wanted to move off the hill for 11 months now. and are generally a law and order kind of person.

    it’s remarkable in seattle, with a tiny police force (relative to other cities) we also have an incredibly low murder rate.

  6. I think it’s important to note when talking about deaths in an area by other than disease or old age, to include all kinds of accidental deaths.

    I can’t vouch for this particular study here (seems legit) but it does point out the more outlying areas have higher traffic fatality rates. Dead is dead, whether you’re murdered or die in a car accident.


  7. Lots of people who have “found Jesus” commit murder. Do I really have to go pull a list of names for you?

  8. WWJD: What Would Jesus Deploy?

    Onward Christian Soldiers
    Marching as to war
    Kill your Muslim brothers
    As you’ve done before

  9. That’s hilarious. suburbanites and wannabes are so silly. They neglect that people in the ‘burbs DO indeed often suffer greater traffic fatalities. If you’re a lucky suburbanite, however, you just die from BOREDOM and sterile sameness. ;-)

    We’ll see what the investigation brings. As for last year’s horrific axe murder, that has way more to do with Reagan-Republican cutbacks to social welfare -that, disproportionately, suburbanites historically support(ed)- than with anything Capitol Hill can be faulted for.

  10. Why bother trying to convince her she should feel safe? If she doesn’t– whether supported by evidence or not–it’s the way she feels, and she should move. Nobody should live where they don’t feel safe. WHY they feel that way is their business– whether rational and supported by facts, or not.

  11. Yeah, there’s no “sterile sameness” on Capitol Hill whatsoever. It’s such a diverse and stimulating neighborhood; I close my eyes and feel like I’m in Portland, or maybe even Brooklyn. Yawn.

  12. Okay….sure, if you pick the rare time frame where a single incident brought up the rate for the year. Look at 98112 or 98122 over a 10 year period and yes, SHOCKER, inner city murder rates are higher in the suburbs. That doesn’t mean I’d live there (or you, clearly) but Cap Hill is indeed pretty crime ridden. I can’t leave anything at all in my front yard that isn’t immediately stolen. My neighbors in the burbs do not have that problem. Yes, you can say “On the 1st of June in 2006 I knew someone who had their car broken in to in Issaquah!” But can they say that in 5 years their car has been broken in to 3 times and stolen once? I can. I LOVE the hill, but I shake my head when I read people insisting we don’t have a crime problem. We do.

  13. “I just don’t feel safe in this neighborhood anymore. Just too many of these incidents “

    Do you have any clue how dense this city is? I don’t feel unsafe at all.

  14. Issaquah vs Seattle numbers: who cares, either way: Stats lie.

    However, compared side-to-side, seattle’s homocide and violentcrime numbers, on a per-capita basis, are better than most same-or-bigger-sized cities. … Except one big city you might not expect- (NYC has the same violent crime rate as us, …but with 9 million people) but they’ve cornered the market on awesome police stats.

    Federal and Republican is hardly the hot bed of any crime on Capitol Hill – check out the maps on SeattleCrime.com or even SPD’s site: U dist, Belltown, Rainier and Henderson, all bad news, sure. But Fed & Rep? It’s the quietest little backyard in the heart of the city. Maybe you just need to move from your street and not your city…

    Besides, what kind of example do you set for your kids, friends, neighbors (and other folk who respect you) when you let fear rule your life?

    aside to urbanisthenewsuburban: but unlike portland, seattle and especially brooklyn, Issaquah doesn’t have much in the way of black folk. See the difference now? (Probably owing to how the f’ing KKK used to have big old bonfires out there… no joke)