Cops chase down suspect at Seattle Central following reported armed Walgreens hold-up — UPDATE

Seattle Police swarmed the E Howell walkway north of Seattle Central’s campus as they chased down the suspect in an armed hold-up of the nearby Walgreens at Broadway and Pine.

We are still gathering details on what went down on Broadway just before 5 PM and will update this post as more information becomes available.


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9 thoughts on “Cops chase down suspect at Seattle Central following reported armed Walgreens hold-up — UPDATE

  1. At least based on Jerry’s account. There’s no suggestion that the suspect pulled the gun on the pharmacist, but rather that the pharmacist noticed the weapon on the suspect and raised an alarm.

    Not as exciting as an armed robbery, but if Jerry is credible, it’s a case of carrying a concealed weapon (if the subject did not have the required permit).

  2. Was this really a robbery? Nowhere in Jerry’s story does the suspect do anything resembling a robbery. Did this guy actually take anything or threaten anyone, or was he just carrying a weapon?

  3. If someone opens their jacket during an attempted transaction, revealing a gun, that qualifies as a threat in my book. Especially when it’s a pellet gun–convincing the victim that it’s real is necessary for the suspect to successfully coerce the victim. It’s only a concealed weapons violation if the guy is detained while doing something else and/or never revealing the gun. What do people want before arresting this guy, have the suspect put the gun in the guy’s mouth?

  4. SourNugget, check the timestamps. The police report was posted AFTER people said there was no robbery evident. Without the details in the report, it’s not evident that there was coercion or demands of any kind.

  5. In my quick braindump of the situation, I left out details that now some commenters are picking apart. Most tellingly, after getting up from sitting next to me, the suspect was at the counter for quite a while having a conversation with the pharmacist that I couldn’t hear. And he was leaning forward. My interpretation is that he exposed enough of the interior of his jacket that the pharmacist saw a glimpse of a weapon, but yet it remained unexposed to everyone else. And that’s when the “You’ve got a gun!” bit took place.

  6. Also, the suspect spoke extensively with the assistant/clerk before he then spoke with the main pharmacist.

    The details I pounded out left holes, were my subjective interpretation and were also being filtered through a fog of adrenaline, which always clouds my thinking.

    Please take what I’ve written with a grain of salt. It’s a partial account. Not an exhaustive, “I should spend 10 days doing nothing but reliving this 20-minute-window-of-my-life” account. Then I’d fill in all the little holes and details and nuance that this Facebook stream leaves out.

    My words were not part of a police report. They were my own, interpreted, quick narrative shared on Facebook, which, like Wikipedia, should never be an official source or authority.