First look at the Cameo: 15th and Pine development design review next week

Model of proposed Cameo building (Image: Studio Meng Strazzara)

Here is a first look at the design for the Cameo, a twin development to the Braeburn being planned for 15th and Pine. We reported in February that developers have dusted-off stalled plans for the six-story mixed-use residential and retails building at 15th and Pine. The design plans provide a closer look at the building’s features and some of the non-standard elements related to the underground parking entry the developers are asking the Capitol Hill Design Review Board to allow. Details on the design and the upcoming design review meeting next week, below.

Meeting details:

Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Location: Seattle University, Alumni Relations and Admissions Building Meeting Room, 824 12th Avenue

According to the marketing promotion currently on the Cameo Web site, the new building is, like the Braeburn, being planned as condos making it the only active development on the Hill currently planned as a condominium project:

Studio, 1 & 2 Bedroom Condominium Homes

Starting from the low $200s

Cameo Condominiums is located across the street from Braeburn Condominiums, one of the fastest selling communities in Seattle history. Designed in tandem with Braeburn, the corner of 15th and Pine marks the gateway to the vibrant Pike/Pine Corridor of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Green to the core, every aspect of the Cameo community is crafted with smart-looking and earth-friendly material selections, making your new home healthier and happier for you.

Beautiful, simple and enviromentally savvy. That’s Cameo.

Dana Behar, president of HAL Real Estate Investments — the Braeburn developer and owner of the parking lot where the Studio Meng Strazzara-designed Cameo is planned, told CHS in February the Cameo was envisioned as forming an entryway to Capitol Hill with its twin Braeburn across the street:

“The way the Cameo was designed was to be very complimentary to the Braeburn. Coming down Pine from up there will be kind of like an entry to Capitol Hill,” said Behar, a longtime Hill resident.

The Braeburn began marketing its units in 2004. According to DPD records, construction plans for mixed-use buildings of varying sizes on the site date back at least ten years.

The proposed Cameo is a six-story, 56-unit building with two live-work units and 2,100 square-feet of retail at ground level. Parking for 61 vehicles is planned.

The design departures the developers are requesting for the Cameo have to do with a driveway on Pine. The current design calls for the driveway entrance for the underground parking garage to be on Pine instead of 15th. The driveway would also need either a ten-foot cutaway next to the driveway to improve sightlines, which would bring the percentage of retail frontage to less than the mandated 80 percent of the lot. The other option would be to install mirrors, flashing lights and audio announcements at the driveway.

The Cameo is meant to be a companion piece to the Braeburn, HAL’s other apple-variety-named building located across Pine on the site that formerly housed a Red Apple Grocery (thus the apple-themed names). The Braeburn, home to ‘Zaw Pizza, Polished, Poco Wine Room and the now-empty former home of Online Coffee, sold its 150 condos so quickly it made headlines. It sold 59 units its opening day. But that was in 2004, and the slowdown in the economy has left the Cameo hanging.



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13 thoughts on “First look at the Cameo: 15th and Pine development design review next week

  1. I live in the 101 year old building next to the lot where this will be built. I am dreading it! Please no! Why do we need more of these cookie-cutter condo buildings shoved into tiny spaces?! I really hope this doesn’t go forward. Good-bye interesting Capitol Hill…

  2. I seoond this. Too bad neighbor input doesn’t do anything to deter this trend. Only those with money matter, and those with money have no design sense.

  3. The request for less retail frontage is a bit worrying. “Green to the core” doesn’t, to me, mean more frontage devoted to the parking structure.

  4. I would support the construction of new buildings if they were built with the same quality as the older buildings. Have you seen the finishes in these condos? They all look so cheap!! I’ll take an old building with all its problems over a new generic building anytime.

  5. Yes, the new condos are cheap. And they have modern wiring and plumbing and are engineered to not kill everyone in the event of an earthquake and… Things are different. I prefer retrofitted old buildings but they’re not gonna build any of those either.

  6. I just don’t think that tall rounded corner with the crown on top looks enough like a phallus. If you want the world to know how important you are, you’re gonna need to live in a building that thrusts itself out there a little more.

  7. Changing design and zoning guidelines has been tried again and again in pike/pine for years. The Hill isn’t sprawly. Everyone here likes density, but not at the cost of good design. Ugly mega projects are not the only form of density.

  8. Oiseau:

    The ones ultimately responsible for poor taste & ugly buildings are the folks who buy these units. The developers are only giving the people what they want. If folks like us want to make a difference in the neighborhood, we should find a way to teach appreciation for good design.

  9. Seattle you sold out so long ago its so pathetic all the newbies think we are so cool I even overheard someone refer to Capitol Hill as being “punk rock” BAHAHABAHAHAHA – I’m like yeah, 25 years ago sure, now its yuppies and hourly workers. The yuppies are the the enabling class, they allow the shitty development to happen and whore themselves out to Microsoft, Amazon and Gates Foundation, vote for Obama and think everything is going to magically turn out great even though our world’s being turned upside down.

    Anyways, thanks for another lousy new development you f-ers.