Opening on Broadway: Froyo by the ounce at Yogurtland

An economic experiment is about to be unleashed on Broadway and, judging by the amount of e-mail we have received asking us when the store is going to open over the six months since we first reported the frozen yogurt shop was coming, some of you are very excited to enjoy the volume pricing of Yogurtland as it makes tentative plans to open this weekend.

Under construction (Image: CHS)

The Yogurtland franchise location joins a string of new-era chains that call the Broadway Building home including Panera Bakery, conveyor-beltGenki Sushi and Z Pizza. A company spokesperson told CHS that the Yogurtland location will be their franchise owner’s second location but first in Washington state. The Orange County corporation is hoping to open more locations in the Pacific Northwest, we’re told. Yogurtland currently claims more than 125 locations in “USA, Guam, Mexico and Japan.”

It touts its “self serve” topping concept, unique flavors — “We put more into R&D than others,” a company spokesperson told us in September — and, especially, its by-the-ounce pricing structure.

After a post-Ben & Jerry’s ice cream-less era, the Hill now features Molly Moon’s, Bluebird, Crazy Berry and Old School.

The new Broadway shop across from the Seattle Central plaza is quickly being whipped into shape. A worker we spoke to said the plan is to open “this weekend.” Yogurtland fans, you might never have to send CHS an e-mail again.

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5 thoughts on “Opening on Broadway: Froyo by the ounce at Yogurtland

  1. 2 places I’ve really missed since relocating from the OC: Pei Wei Diner and Yogurtland. I’m still waiting for Pei Wei to arrive but I’m super excited to see Yogurtland move into town – a mere 10 minute walk from my house!

  2. one of the things I miss from california is by-the-ounce froyo for sure – I usually just want a little bit versus an entire serving so it’s nice to be able to control portion size. conversely, people who want to consume humungo quantities of froyo are free to go apeshit

  3. Ahhhhh can NOT wait for Yogurtland and by this weekend they mean today friday right?! Oy, Pei Wei is more like it too Spicy Korean with Tofu need I say more?! hmmmmm I wonder if they could place a Pei Wei right next to Yogurtland or rip out Panara that would be amazing.