The Gyro Cafe opens for business on 15th Ave E

What once was a yoga studio is now a new Capitol Hill restaurant. Gyro Cafe opens this Tuesday for its first lunch serving 15th Ave E. Hours in the beginning will be limited — for now the cafe is keeping things to a 11 to 5 schedule, Monday through Saturday. We’re told they plan to eventually be open later in the evening once the new staff — and new restaurant owner Hassan Izem — get into the swing of things. For anybody objecting to the recent string of more high-end eateries and bars coming onto the Hill, Gyro Cafe’s menu is a pleasant antidote. You’ll pay $6.99 for a felafel plate, for example. It’s no BKDQ McMeal Deal. But it’s a local business and relatively affordable. Along with neighbors Teriyaki Madness, 15th Ave Group Health and Salal Credit Union employees are now doubly blessed when it comes to lunch time.

The cafe, by the way, only inhabits a portion of the former yoga studio at 109 15th Ave E but the rest of the space is also being put to good use.

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8 thoughts on “The Gyro Cafe opens for business on 15th Ave E

  1. On getting Seven Hills Park on the map is such a timely manner.

    (This remark is from the heart and is in no way influenced by the “Google NYC” T-shirt that my Google employee son gave me for Christmas).

  2. I love 15th, but it is kind of hurting for quick, cheap, takeout (Subway does NOT count.) I wish these guys well and hope they are able to expand to dinnertime for those of us that live (but don’t work) right around there.

  3. I stopped by and he was still open at 6:20ish tonight – ordered babaganoush for $2.50 and got a HUGE portion with olives and toasted pita bread, yumm! I hope he does well, I’ll make it a point to support.

  4. yay! I can swing by there on my way home from work – hope that he gets enough late afternoon/early evening biz right away to make it worth his while. I’ve gotten Teriyaki Madness to go in the evenings a few times and it’s always crowded, so there’s definitely a neighborhood market for quick, easy, good food.

  5. you can add parks to Google Maps through “Report a Problem,” and they usually get them on there relatively fast. When they did the upgrade to show business names, a bunch of park labels got deleted. While working on my blog about swings in Seattle (, I’ve tried to re-label missing parks on Google Maps whenever possible.