Cal Anderson to host 4-on-4 dodgeball tournament — last days to register

Hey, player. Find three of your bestest buds for a high-noon May 21st dodgeball THUNDERDOME battle at Cal Anderson’s sports courts. You have until Saturday to register. More details here via Facebook.

Seattle Street Dodgeball Presents…

4-On-4 Dodgeball Tournament @ Cal Anderson


Grab a few friends and come out Saturday May 21st for dodgeball fun and good spirited competition. Entry is $20 a team*. Starting at Noon we will begin with a round robin play and then finish the event with a knock out bracket. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place.

Basic Rules: 
– 4 players on the court per side (Optional 5th player: Female only)
– Players can only play on one team.
– Get hit with a ball anywhere, you’re out. 
– Throw a ball that gets caught, you’re out. 
– A catch brings a teammate back in.
– Deflections off a held ball or person count.
– A ball can get multiple players out.
– Players that get out cannot disrupt play or touch balls.
– Jump-throws across the middle line are encouraged. 
– Successful jump throws mean the attacker stays in but must return to their side of the court safely before resuming play. 

ANY QUESTIONS Feel free to ask! This should be fun for everyone. Spread the word and let’s see all your faces out there on the 21st! 

*Entry fee is a suggested donation to help support Seattle Street Dodgeball.

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