CHS Pics: Capitol Hill’s Summit Slope Park dedicated on a sunny Sunday

Capitol Hill’s newest neighborhood urban oasis, Summit Slope Park, was dedicated by city officials and neighbors early this May Day afternoon.   Located behind the Starbucks on East Olive Way, this park is for p-patch gardeners to raise their crops, and neighborhood folk to chill after work.  On hand during the dedication festivities were Starbucks coffee, handing out free coffee, donuts, and bananas, and Umpqua Bank handing out free ice cream.  Stop by to visit anytime during park hours between 8am and 10pm. And be cool when you use the skate dot.




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7 thoughts on “CHS Pics: Capitol Hill’s Summit Slope Park dedicated on a sunny Sunday

  1. Was able to view park a week ago. Very nice, fits right in with the neighborhood. May your vegetables grow-up big green and delicious!

  2. this park has made the neighborhood even more unattracive. the p-patches are so unattractive. there are no regulations re: asthetics for these gardeners to follow. it’s bad enough that at the end of every month there are couches & mattresses littering the alleyways & streets. now, we have to deal with ugly p-patches. it’s a shame starbucks was there to support it after they spent all that money remodelling just to be neighbors with this eyesore.

  3. Sad.

    If you need regulations on garden asthetics you seriously need to move to a community with a homeowner’s association.

    What’s a shame is your desire to control a p-patch.

  4. So you think the park is worse than what was there before (a parking lot)? You must be kidding…

    I’d suggest you drop by the P-patch at 1010 E Thomas St to see how beautiful these spaces are.