Hill Style: Sunny day at Bauhaus

This spot on Melrose is such a great place to sit on a sunny afternoon.  When I took this photo I don’t know whether I was more taken by the bright shirt or the simple fact that it is finally warm enough to enjoy outdoor seating.


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7 thoughts on “Hill Style: Sunny day at Bauhaus

  1. Hey, this is Seattle….people wear tragic black, like they’ve just crawled out of a crypt, on bright sunny August days. Mustard yellow IS bright by comparison!

  2. Nice jacket – but ill fitted, the sleeves are too short.

    I have very long arms and I hate that, hate it, really.

    A smile to the camera would have been OK, too.

  3. and how are the sleeves going to fit once standing if they were perfect sitting down, with arms folded up?

    fabric folds and slides.