SPD cars collide at 12th and John responding to ‘help the officer’ call

A collision involving two SPD cruisers Sunday just after noon at 12th and John sent two officers to the hospital but didn’t result in significant injuries. First picture is from tipster Peter. Here is information from the scene thanks to neighbor Tim: “according to the sergeant on scene, two patrol cars responding to a call collided at the intersection of 12th Ave. E and E. John St.

Both patrol cars were totaled in the accident but the officers involved were being checked out at Harborview and are expected to be ok.”

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23 thoughts on “SPD cars collide at 12th and John responding to ‘help the officer’ call

  1. oh good lordy, it’s amazing nobody else wasn’t squashed or run down by these here Seattle keystone cops! That one car got its whole freakin rear wheel ripped off & the other one also could not be towed away without extra equipment. Dukes of Hazzard!

    I see them coppers haulin ass down 12th and other Capital Hill streets like maniacs. I seen ’em topping 60+ more than likely on what’s a 30 mph street. I think this particular police behavior is more dangerous than the peril that’s being chased. I wonder what happened over on the 520 bridge that these dudes were chasing after?

    I use to like the idea of giving them Pintos to drive or a Geo Prizm or maybe a Civic. Nowadays with gas burning a problem I been wondering about bikes..more bike cops! but a humane kinda bike where they can be Police but stay dry here in this damnably moist weather.

  2. I am sure you would want Officers to be pedaling to your assistance if you needed them, especially if you lived in Madison Park. Or say you were fighting on the shoulder of 520, would you like them to drive the speed limit to get there? If it was your mother or father who needed something quickly would you want it to take 10 minutes to get there? Accidents happen you fucking moron, that’s why they are called accidents. I’m sure these guys drive thousands of miles a year, all in the congested city. Have you ever been in an accident, or are you absolutely perfect? Or maybe you can’t afford one, skinny jeans are expensive and appearances have to be kept up. It is one of the risks of that kind of work (work = exchanging a trade or service for money). Summing it all up I say fuck you and your self congratulating tone you huge pussy. A cop got in accident while driving to assist a State Trooper. Would you rather they just said never mind and ignore the call. I think not. Accidents happen, we have all had them (unless it’s David, it’s really hard to have an accident while your walking to the store, I suppose if he forgot his EBT card at home it could be considered an accident).

  3. Wow, it was a wild and impressive police car accident today on 12th and John — I was driving downhill and had a perfect view of it. I heard sirens and saw 3 police cars in a row coming up John like 40 mph. They were about 3-4 car lengths apart. I pulled over with another car to wait them out, thinking they were heading up to 15th.

    One police car passes 12th, but before the 2nd car behind him could follow, all of a sudden a 4th police car races perpendicular along 12th towards Volunteer Park. It hit the 2nd car in a T-hit, rotating the car, bashing the side. The third car police car managed to stop before piling on top of the others. It was freakish — 12 people at the bus stop whipped around, but I don’t think they saw it happen. Traffic was blocked off at that point and for another hour or two from John to Thomas on 12th. It was was like a live movie!

  4. Did anyone see an orange 1969 Dodge Charger, with “01” on the side and a Confederate flag on the roof, fleeing the area?

  5. Stupid morons. Good thing they didn’t kill anyone on the sidewalk, or another driver/biker/motorcyclist. It wasn’t enough that they beat and murder people, now they drive around and crash up city property that YOU, the citizens, pay for. And guess who’s gonna pay to have City Light come repair that pole they jacked up? Assholes…

  6. “Would you rather they just said never mind and ignore the call. I think not.”
    Of course not, but that’s not exactly the only other option here, is it? In this case, they went so fast they never actually made it to help the State Trooper. So, heck of a lot of good that did them, eh?

    It’s not safe to drive at the kind of speeds I’ve seen SPD drive through neighborhoods and city streets. You couldn’t ask for a better proof than this exact event. No amount of training or experience can make doing 50-60mph on heavily-obstructed city blocks safe or tolerable.

    When I lived in Pioneer Square I saw this shit every weekend. I’ll never forget watching a car with NO LIGHTS OR SIREN barrel up 1st across Yesler – so fast that the person in the cross walk didn’t even have time to get across the street before the officer noticed him, swerved into the ONCOMING lane, bounced off the median and just barely missed a parked car. If there had been a car in the oncoming lane, someone would have been injured or killed.

    It is not acceptable to put innocent lives at risk. It’s not skill that keeps these kinds of things from happening more often, it’s luck.

    Besides, aren’t police officers the people who preach that “there are no accidents”?

  7. How much tax payer money is it going to take to fix this one?

    I mean, everyone knows Seattle is cutting corners to keep within budget restrictions — we don’t need this kind of stuff to add onto the bill.

    How many more homeless people will be without a shelter so we can pay to fix/ total these two cars and replace them?

    Oh, and that doesn’t even fix the City Light pole, either … :

  8. I object to the vulgar name-calling on this forum, as in the comments by “seattleslew” and “CapHillTony” above, and would like to see CHS/jseattle delete such posts. This kind of language is becoming socially acceptable, unfortunately, and someone has to draw the line. It’s just not necessary to use profanity to get your point across.

  9. i second this notion. why are people who have things to say against SPD assumed to be cracked out drug users? (or skinny jean wearing hipsters who have EBT cards?) come on folks.

  10. You seem so angry seattleslew; yikes. Are you a policeman? I’m sorry to offend you; I just think there is no place in the city for high speed pursuit/response.

    1. Yes I’d be fine if they responded to my distress call in Madison Park via bicycle. It’s a downhill ride so they should almost beat the cruiser. I’ve never lived over there, but I bet my nice neighbor might also come to my aid if requested.

    2. I asked my parents & they would rather the police not ride to their rescue at breakneck speeds endangering other lives all along their path. They’ve lived a full life & are ok with a 10 minute response. They’re from the great generation, so you know how those folks are. They don’t see a need to be saved all the time; they manhandle life on their own mostly.

    3. If I were ‘fighting on the shoulder of the 520 bridge..’ as you suggested, would I want the police to rush to the scene? This one totally cracked me up! I just drive across that bridge. I never pull over to get into a fist fight. I guess that could change but so far in my first 25 years of using that bridge, just getting across the water works for me. If I did happen to pull over & pick a fight, I think I should just get what’s coming to me & won’t need any help from the Seattle police. Another idea: I’m a good swimmer too. If things got too tough during my fistfight on the 520 bridge, I’d go for a swim & get out of there alive. Also I’m sure the State Troopers could handle this fistfight if necessary. It’s their jurisdiction after all & they have that office right there by the bridge.

    4. This line is also a good one: “Accidents happen you f*****g moron, that’s why they are called accidents.” Bang! You got me on that one; well said.

    As for comments about skinny jeans, the illuminating point that ‘work=exchanging a trade for money…’ and suggestions about me not affording a car. You may relax & feel good for me. I have plenty of work in exchange for money, all the expensive skinny jeans I desire & a superfine shiny brand new car out back. Gosh I love that car. I do like to walk to the store too. It’s very enjoyable. I think I’ll walk to the gym now & work out. My girlfriend loves how I look in my skinny jeans.

  11. Its not the speaking out. Its the joy taken by the poster that a couple of our officers were hurt doing their job. It was an accident, plain and simple. Nothing more, nothing less. Lay off these guys, they have an INCREDIBLY HARD JOB TO DO THAT IS LARGELY A THANKLESS PROPOSITION

  12. There is some serious bad judgment involved in entering that intersection from the south that fast-regardless of the urgency of the call-given the extremely limited visibility to the west. Not to mention the fact that peds and bikes are everywhere around there. It’s lucky no bystanders were killed. Instead of getting to assist the trooper on the bridge a few seconds faster, multiple officers were rendered unable to assist anyone, and more had to deal with the mess created.

    I’d be happy to write this off as bad judgment under pressure, if it weren’t for the fact that I see SPD cruisers tearing through residential streets at unsafe speeds on a fairly regular basis, without the benefit of lights or sirens. I once had to very nearly jump out of the way of one on John, just a couple of blocks from where this happened.

    I know officers are specially trained in pursuit driving techniques. I also sincerely hope that part of the training is to point out that no amount of training or experience will enable them to have superhuman reflexes, or negate the law of inertia. Because it would appear at least on officer is up for a refresher…

  13. I witnessed a collision with an SPD squad car a few weeks ago. It seems the officer lied about having his lights and siren on when he didn’t (I know there was no siren until after the collision; someone else claims to have seen him driving without lights; SPD’s blotter post says lights and siren were active). SPD are denying access to dash cam video, claiming an exemption that allows them to withhold it until after the statutes of limitations on criminal and civil litigation expire.

    Details here: http://mocek.org/blog/2011/05/11/police-misinform-public-abo

    I frequently see police, both local and state, driving aggressively and dangerously without any indication of emergency. When they violate the rules we’re all expected to follow on our public roads, they should signal that there is an emergency so people can get out of the way. When there’s no emergency, they should follow the rules like everyone else is required to do.

  14. What is with all these voluntary, 6-figure making, whiny cops ALWAYS crying about how it’s a “thankless job”? You get paid very well with public money, with which you destroy cars and take lives with reckless abandon, pay out reparations with, and you want some kind of “thanks” on top of all this? Give me a break. I work nonprofit – my salary depends wholly on grants and donations and is eclipsed many times over by the avg police salary. Where’s my thanks? Did you go out and thank the guy cleaning your toilets in your station? How bout the guy sweeping the streets at 4am?

    Bunch of crybabies with guns, tazers and pepper spray.

  15. Nah bitter about the police whining, if that wasn’t clear enough. See, I’m not EXPECTING thanks, therein lies the difference.

    Reading comprehension, have some.

  16. Yes, accidents happen to everybody. But when it’s the people who are meant to enforce the rules breaking them that’s when it’s even more dangerous.

    Several times I’ve seen cops in this city turn on their lights, ignoring the traffic lights just to get through intersections nearly causing accidents. And twice I’ve seen them blocking whole streets to pull up to each other side by side to chat through the cars open window. Again and again I see cops in cars cause dangerous situations that would be illegal if anyone else was doing it.

    It’s just another example of them acting above the law. It unfortunate because it makes their lives more difficult when they work so hard to protect the public then they do things to endanger people and at the same time creating issues of trust with the public.

    All their training needs to brought into this century to protect the officers and the public. Because their job is important and it’s great to have them there when you need them but it sucks to not be able to fully trust them.