A ‘lecture hall’ at Melrose Market? Mystery project MM1532 still under wraps

Melrose Market, originally uploaded by kairuy.

With Monday’s news that Sonic Boom is leaving the Melrose Market and Capitol Hill’s retail economy behind, CHS has news of another change for the popular shopping destination — a new lecture hall.

As Boom’s Jason Hughes in his goodbye announcement gave everybody something to chew on regarding the state of the Hill’s economy — “It seems to me that residents on Capitol Hill patronize bars/restaurants more than local retailers (music or otherwise)” — plans are being readied to create something outside the typical sphere of “retail” in the market. CHS has learned of a new Melrose project known only as MM1532 and described as a “lecture and meeting hall.”

Michel Girard, one of the people behind the project, acknowledged his involvement to CHS but would not comment on the effort publicly at this time. In the past, he has worked for Microsoft and headed a catering company. He now works as a consultant. The market’s developer would also not comment publicly at this time.

At this point, details on MM1532 are scant. We do know that the Can Can Cabaret had considered the development for a Capitol Hill location so we know the developers are considering some performance-related businesses for the market. A person familiar with the project tells us we can expect something “big” and “flashy.”

In the meanwhile, how the project either extends, refutes or adds at least another wrinkle to the Sonic Boom question is yet to be determined.

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