Benefit concert planned to aid family of Cameron Veloria

Loved ones gathered this weekend to remember Capitol Hill resident Cameron Veloria, the 25-year-old man who died last Saturday in a 10th Ave E apartment. A benefit show has been planned for later this month at Chop Suey to remember Veloria’s presence in the city’s nightlife scene and help his fiance and family.

6/20 Monday — Chop Suey Presents — A Benefit for the family of Cameron Veloria 
Ghost of Kyle Bradford, Tit Pig, King Dude, Copper and Brass, And special guests. W/ drink specials and Raffle prizes all night long. All door and raffle proceeds go the help the family of Cameron Veloria in his untimely death $8 — 8pm Doors / 21+

Seattle police believe Veloria died of a drug overdose only hours after being interviewed as a witness in the overdose death a 38-year–old police say Veloria had been in contact with that day. The King County Medical Examiner has not yet released the official causes of death in the cases and has not yet identified the 38-year-old.

The obituary provided by Veloria’s family:

Cameron VELORIA Survived by his fiance, Michael Thiffault; mother, Karen; brothers, Brandon and Austin; and sister-in-law, Sun-Hee. He will be remembered for his bright contagious laugh and his devotion to his family and friends. Memorial service on Saturday, June 4th at Bonney-Watson, 1732 Broadway, Seattle.

On Facebook, friends remembered Veloria for his spirit — and his dance skills:

“Rest in Peace Cameron Veloria. So talented, wanted to be just like you with music and dance. Thanks for the last few times we ran into each other, you truly helped me in my darkest moments. Heres to you my friend. CHEERS”

“Rest in Peace Cameron Veloria. You’re still one of the baddest dancers that I’ve come across to date man..”

“Its crazy how fast someone u know can vanish when it was least expected! Don’t take advantage of the good things slash people that u have in your life…. I will stop crying and be strong for u. Your life deserves a celebration =) U were such a huge inspiration to me! Cameron Veloria!!! U will be so missed…”

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16 thoughts on “Benefit concert planned to aid family of Cameron Veloria

  1. Why does his family need a benefit? Did his drug habit drain them financially? I don’t understand the purpose of the benefit. Is the money gonna be donated to a drug rehab facility? That would make sense..

  2. My guess is you are trying to be fucking funny. For anybody not trying to be a dick, when people are hurting it’s expensive to pay for a funeral.

  3. so according to Shat, whenever someone dies, a benefit should be held to pay for the funeral costs? I agree that this benefit should raise money for a charity not to pay for the funeral of someone who overdosed…

  4. When someone dies I think it is natural and somewhat necessary for people to do something for the deceased no matter how they met their end. It’s still a person, that people care about. Who cares if the money goes to the family of someone who overdosed. Those people are hurting and it’s a nice guesture. Seriously, there are many worse things that people put their money towards every day.

  5. I’m pretty surprised that all of you can be so harsh and full of confidence on the subject when you know absolutely nothing. If you’ve ever had someone close to you die suddenly – for whatever reason- you may have the desire
    To remember them, to help their family and to do something positive in their name because they probably impacted your life for the better. As a mother I know I don’t plan on burying my son at 25 and to have the outpouring of emotional and financial support would be as close to a condolance as possible, and is what’s important in this situation. In lieu of flowers or gifts at the funeral his family asked mourners to donate to 2 causes Cameron kept close in his heart. Don’t speak before you know what kind of impact your words
    Can make, Cameron was a beautiful person and this benefit is not only to donate and help his
    Family but to celebrate him as a part of our community and lives. I can only hope someone would do the same for you ignorant Internet loud mouths.

  6. It’s a terrible shame to lose a young person. However, why would you do drugs right after the person you do drugs with dies from an overdose. The life of an addict I guess. I hope this teaches people not to do drugs. Plus who does coke in 2011???

  7. cocaine is a huge problem you idiot.It is still one of the most used drugs in the country/world. Would you be more satisfied if it was another?
    That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. does it make you feel safe, thinking you can beat death if you don’t do a certain drug? do you drink? do you speed on the fucking highway? you make risks every day.
    obviously you lack such humanity that you cannot express any empathy for the family and friends who are just grieving their loss. If you don’t know what you are talking about, shut the fuck up and get a life.

    for people who are grieving, for them to have to read shit like this from fucking idiots who don’t know what they are talking about is just wrong. Just shows how ignorant people are.
    hopefully some day you experience grief and the realization that life is not within your control nor is it black and white. and it’s not how we die but how we live –
    and Cameron lived and was loved- had a big heart, unbelievable talent, loyalty and compassion.
    obviously qualities you do not possess.
    To hold a benefit, memorial, funeral, is to remember a life lived and a person loved.
    so go get your own life and stop worrying about how someone is grieving and remembering their loved one and where their money is going; and do it with your mouth shut.

  8. 2cents and ???? – obviously you are unable to understand others pain – and/or you just have had no experience with loss and grief. either way – you should shut up unless you know what you are talking about.

  9. It’s funny when someone calls someone else an idiot and ends up looking likevthe idiot themselves. Put your crack pipe down and clean up your language. Damn crackheads. RIP

  10. If you got something negative to say about someone who passed away your a piece of shit keep your thoughts to yourself Cameron was a good guy always there to keep someone happy no matter the situation if u don’t know him don’t talk about him write about someone else life not some you don’t know I bet your parents are druggies or you were so manage your own problems before running your mouth about someone you don’t know

  11. No one here is criticizing Cameron. A few are questioning the concept of raising money from strangers, especially if it is going to a funeral which otherwise could be afforded by his family and friends.

  12. I’ll NEVER forget that unique laugh that anyone who knew you or encountered you was showered with. Our team at Z’s will honor your spirit by forever remembering the fun-loving, amazing guy that brought a spark to each working day. Thanks for all the laughs during my pregnancy Cameron. You know I really needed them!