Capitol Hill’s coming-soon bear bar Diesel finds support after printer’s ‘bad news’

Could you turn these friendly fellas down? By now, you’ve probably heard a bit about the controversy — and support — stirred up by a Kent printshop declining to create an order for the guys behind Diesel, the new gay bear bar we told you about earlier this month coming together in the former Martin’s off Madison space. Here’s the e-mail from an employee at Access Printed Media that has everybody shaking their head in shame even though it’s Pride week:

Hi guys,

I have some bad news. :/

After careful consideration, my boss has decided that we won’t be able toprint for your bar. Not that we’re against homosexuals at all, but becauseknowing that our printed products will be advertising and promoting the kindof lifestyle that goes against our morals is something that he can’t bringhimself to do.

I really apologize. :/ I wish there was another way I could help you guysout. Let me know if there is.

Good luck, and let me know when the opening night party is so all of us at [redacted] can come out and show you our support!


Diesel’s Mike Reis sent it to CHS so we could see the message for ourselves and share it with the Capitol Hill community. We have redacted one element — the woman who sent the e-mail also works at another area business and we have chosen not to put her at risk of losing her job there.

In the meantime, here’s a look at a promo for Diesel — it looks better on the Internet, anyway. Reis tells us Diesel’s Pride weekend promos will still go forward — he found another printer happy to do the job.

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13 thoughts on “Capitol Hill’s coming-soon bear bar Diesel finds support after printer’s ‘bad news’

  1. I still can’t figure out why these guys didn’t go to Girlie Press or any of several other G/L-owned, or at least Gay-friendly print businesses, that would love to have their business???? Yes, I know these guys live down near Kent, etc. But taking care of our own community is what it’s all about. I guess it’s a live & learn sort of thing.

  2. 2 positive things happened. 1. lots of publicity for the new bar and 2. that print shop will most likely go out of or lose lots of business. Their website is already down and people have ripped em a new 1 on Yelp – this is what happens when a business illegally discriminates in 2011. I hope the ACLU takes action. Go Bears!!!

  3. IIRC one of them knows the employee who wrote the email. Looks like they might have been looking for a homey hookup and ended up getting nothing at all.

  4. In the 60’s African American’s were spat upon and arrested for sitting at white lunch counters. The owners didn’t have a problem with blacks, but just thought these “agitators” should let them “live in peace.” It was disgusting then and it’s disgusting now. Feel free to post your comments on their yelp review, call them at 425 656 0563, or email or

  5. This comment used to annoy me, now it infuriates me. “We don’t dislike gays, we just don’t think “THAT LIFESTYLE” deserves equal protection under the law and equal treatment by business doing business with the public.”

    To Delahey Bascom, whose personal moral and ethical standards still don’t muster enough courage in his soul even to use his full name, and to Nicole Brodeur, and the flood of other apologists for bigotry, here’s my question.

    WHAT IF Mr. Bascom’s employee, speaking on HIS behalf, had said “advertising and promoting (African American)/(Women’s)/(Jewish)/(Catholic)/(Muslim)lifestyle that goes against our morals”.

    And yet he maintains it’s OKAY if it’s directed against Gay people and promoting a Gay business.

    Look, it’s simple. THE ENTIRE POINT is this: Discrimination, by a business doing business with the PUBLIC, in Washington State, in King County, is AGAINST THE LAW.

  6. A law student’s two cents: The ACLU’s position isn’t supported by the case law on this subject. The antidiscrimination law (RCW 49.60.030) applies to places of public accommodation, which, according to a Washington Supreme Court case from 1996 (128 Wash. 2d 618, 911 P.2d 1319) covers places and facilities, and not services. Sorry folks, providers of services still have the freedom not to serve those whose views or lifestyle they disagree with. Continue the boycott, but don’t think that you can SUE for this.

  7. Great job,Michael
    Glad you know where to go for support. Like to think you learned it at Westside Place.
    Wishing you the Best,
    Your Sister Rosie

  8. finding it hard to believe that the city would continually issue no parking permits on 14th and wanting the possibility of a place to park while at Diesel, I have done some research on no parking permits and here are the results. I hope this infomation can be of help to you! Can’t wait for the opening!!!! for Self-Verification of Temporary No Parking Zone for City of Seattle Traffic Control Manual For In-Street Work to look up permits by number, address or name

    If you have any questions about the current Traffic Control Manual or Regulations, call Marilyn Vancil at (206) 684-5111 or e-mail

  9. what are you hours…..are you open during lunch hour? Do you offer any food? How is the parking situation as we will be traveling from up north!

  10. Ok, was in Seattle for one night and stumbled on this bar and loved was a Wednesday night and I missed the Happy Hour rush, however i was happy to meet the owners as they were leaving and they could not have been any nicer…If this is an example of Seattle Bears then this bar is gonna rock! Love the atmosphere and decor of the bar and my Bourbon and Seven was in a Highball, big boy glass!

    Mark,Mark,Mike and Wayde great to meet you guys cant wait to come back.


  11. I’d love to drag my best friend here. Unfortunately he’s closeted and very shy about it, and although he’s 21, I’m only 19 (I’m guessing I can’t go; I don’t live in Washington. What’s up with this policy, anyway?) I just don’t want the whole experience to be awkward if we do go.

  12. Never been! My lovely co-furface and I have been looking for a place to come to since moving up here. Think we may have struck gold :) As for these people that are influenced by their “morals” I say: It’s too bad for you, way to remove yourself from the amazing community around you. See you soon dudes of Diesel!!!!