CHS Pics: The future of Bailey Coy — Samurai Noodle and Seattle Cigar & Tobacco

In a Thursday afternoon discovery at 414 Broadway E, it was revealed that things change. CHS visited the former home of the much-loved-but-financially-challenged Bailey Coy Books on Broadway to meet what has opened up in the old bookstore. Welcome Samurai Noodle. Oh, and, also Seattle Cigar & Tobacco.

It’s the third location for the Seattle Asian noodle concept restaurant. When CHS arrived around 3:30 PM, work was still underway to finish the restaurant and load in the ingredients and. By 6:30, diners had already settled in front of bowls of steaming ramen. The menu is here. Service hours are 10a-10:30p Monday-Wednesday, 10a-11:30p Thursday-Friday, 11a-11p Saturday and 11a-10:30p on Sunday.

When we first arrived in the afternoon and Samurai wasn’t quite ready for pictures, manager Nick pulled us inside Seattle Cigar & Tobacco. “We have premium cigars you find nowhere else in the area,” Nick said. But everybody has Swisher Sweets, we said, and Nick directed us to his “cedar-built” humidor walls. “Nobody keeps them in better conditions,” he said. He said the new smoke shop, open for about a month but celebrating a grand opening right now, is also “unmatched” in its hookah selection. Open at 10 every morning, the shop stays open until 9 Monday through Thursday, 10 on Friday and Saturday and 8 on Sundays.

And Bailey Coy stocked no hookahs.

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6 thoughts on “CHS Pics: The future of Bailey Coy — Samurai Noodle and Seattle Cigar & Tobacco

  1. I LOVE samurai noodle — best ramen in the city (try out the tiny location round the corner from Uwajimaya if you’re downtown). Can’t wait to get over to this new location.

  2. I’m happy another samurai noodle has opened up a couple blocks from my apartment. That place is insanely delicious.