CHS Pics: Happy insanity at Capitol Hill’s Mad Homes

(Images: Suzi Pratt)

As of Saturday afternoon, Mad Art Homes is officially open for viewing!  On the corner of Bellevue Ave and East Roy are four old Capitol Hill homes set to be salvaged, but prior to destruction, a handful of local artists have transformed these former living spaces into art projects.  From a house covered in saran wrap to articles of clothing lining the building interiors, come step inside of the artists’ worlds to be entertained and educated.  

This year’s artists include: Troy Gua, Julia Haack, Meg Hartwig, Luke Haynes, Amanda Manitach, Ryan Molenkamp, Allan Packer, Jason Puccinelli in collaboration with Elizabeth Potter, Sutton Beres Culler, Laura Ward, & Allyce Wood. 

Mad Homes is located on 711 Bellevue Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98102.  The exhibit is open daily from 12 noon to 7pm, lasting from July 16 to August 7.  









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6 thoughts on “CHS Pics: Happy insanity at Capitol Hill’s Mad Homes

  1. I went on Sunday and it was really fun! Great project, I’d love to see more stuff like this happen around the city.

  2. Is a masterwork. (2nd Floor)

    Interesting use of carousel projectors in the other room up there, projecting words from Walter Benjamin & others.

  3. Absolutely terrific. A much smarter and skilled exhibition than I expected with a wide variety of themes, materials, and techniques. Bring the whole extended family from your tool-collecting brother-in-law to your European-artist-name-dropping big sister.

  4. We certainly could use more projects like this. I think its a fantastic collaboration that shows Seattle can indeed have a non bougie art scene.