Armed robbery reported near 11th and Thomas

Tipster M reports an apparent armed robbery Friday night near 11th and Thomas — and a surprising find during his smoke break. All information in the 11:30p incident is preliminary — we’re tracking down the official details.

Walked outside to have a smoke in the front yard, weird timing. 5 cop cars outside, black male suspect, age 19-21 (baby-face) already in handcuffs hunched over cop car. Wondering wtf was going on and saw a blackberry in my front yard, which you wouldn’t see from the street the screen light was still on where all the cops were searching w/ flashlights. I picked it up, and walked outside my yard onto my street, where cops were 4 feet away looking under my tree on the strip. I asked what they were looking for, and said they already found it, it was a gun stashed in my tree on the strip piece that goes between your house, sidewalk, and street. I then stated I just found a blackberry in my yard w/ the screen still on/backlight. Having been a blackberry user for 8 years in the past, thats typically set to last no more than 1min, so talk about odd timing for a smoke.

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4 thoughts on “Armed robbery reported near 11th and Thomas

  1. Oh, great, now the urban thugs are operating near where I live. I guess nowhere on Capitol Hill is safe from these criminals.

    Glad the SPD got the guy.

  2. How people say “urban” because they are too afraid to use the word “black”? Look at Calhoun’s comment and you’ll see what I mean. Classy.