Capitol Hill food+drink | The Social’s neighborly delay, Canon’s first pours, Poco buyer?

Monday was so newsy that our weekly notes got sent back to the kitchen for a special Tuesday release. Bon appetit.

  • August is coming and going and there’s still no iPad-powered, social-media-souled ultra lounge on E Olive Way. What is going on with the Social? Usually, when the backers of a project are faced with a big increase in budget and construction time, the situation wouldn’t be a positive one. But the Social’s backers say their delay is for a most excellent cause. “The improvements have slowed our opening time frame by about eight weeks and have added about 40% to our total budget but we feel it is essential as we are dedicated to being a positive addition to our neighborhood,” the Social’s Chris Pardo tells CHS via email about work required by the city to improve the 1715 E Olive Way nightclub’s noise abatement infrastructure in advance of the club’s imminent opening.

    “We fully understand and appreciate the neighbors noise concerns as we all live in Capitol Hill,” Pardo writes. “We love the fact that there is so many diverse activities and venues in Capitol Hill while mixed with residential. Capitol Hill’s vitality is based on this mixed-use nature.”

    Pardo said the work entails following recommendations from SSA Acoustics “to a t”  to make sure “there is no noise escaping the dance area, this includes framing in the existing skylights, sealing the doors between the bar/restaurant and the nightclub and emergency exits.” the Social will also feature a suspended ceiling system with three layers of drywall on 1″ static deflection spring isolator hangers and a 2×6 furred out perimeter wall with sound insulation. All speakers will be hung with neoprene isolator hangers. 

    The investments are the result of Seattle’s changing public policy around the nightlife industry and might be worthy of note to anybody making plans to join the economy. Pay your dance tax,  invest in solid soundproofing and you have a chance at building a great club that is also a good neighbor.

    Keep track of the Social’s preparations for opening at

  • One of the players behind the in-the-works Q ultra-lounge on Broadway has noted the dance tax issue.
  • Seattle super bartender Jamie Boudreau previews his latest creation as Canon debuts Tuesday night for a preview party with media, etc. From the look of things on Facebook, the “whiskey and bitters emporium” is ready to pour your first drink soon.

    Sneak peek inside Canon (Image: Canon)

  • With upper E Pine’s Poco Wine Room for sale, its latest kitchen move is all the more interesting. Zephyr Pacquette, described as “Tamara Murphy’s longtime right hand at Elliott Bay Cafe,” is joining Poco. Test drive?
  • Murphy’s Terra Plata is on track for a “late September” opening, by the way.
  • Give Broadway’s upscale Cantonese Bako 40 days. From yesterday.
  • E Pike’s much-loved Ballet is looking for a new, nearby home as its landlord is looking for a new tenant.
  • Meza doing lunch.
  • Seattle Gay Scene visits Analog Coffee.
  • City of Seattle adds a street food vendor portal.
  • WSJ notes Chao Bistro’s role in the rise of BarCraft.
  • What are those signs above Skillet Diner?
  • Seattle Met on Broadway’s Tacos Chukis: “Prices are low—regular tacos are $1.60—but the vegetables and the meat are high quality and cooked fresh.”
  • The most popular drink at Still (below the Melrose Market)
  • The press release says: “Kelly Geary, founder of Brooklyn restaurant Sweet Deliverance and author of Tart and Sweet, will be making an appearance in the Smith kitchen for an afternoon reception on September 7th followed by a canning demonstration at Oddfellows Café + Bar on September 8th from 2 to 4 p.m.”
  • With Facebook, every day can be Burgerama at the DeLuxe.
  • Tidbit is gone. Pick its neon bones?

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8 thoughts on “Capitol Hill food+drink | The Social’s neighborly delay, Canon’s first pours, Poco buyer?

  1. Tacos Chukis is the greatest! The food is great, and the prices absolutely can’t be beat. Kudos to Seattle Met in finding and featuring them. They’re a secret that should get out!

  2. Maybe their budget increased after paying for those high quality second-life style renderings, including virtual James Dean poster.

  3. has BOMMMMB lunches! just ate there yesterday. $10 for a sandwich, salad, & weird little appetizer. sandwiches are delicious!

  4. When we heard ‘soft-opening’ we had to go.
    For a bear bar we were impressed with how slick and tidy it is.
    Grand opening is this weekend.

  5. Yeah, really. I’m not a bear myself, but that implies bears have no sense of style or design? Just ignunt. (BTW, I also think the place is gorgeous).

  6. I would not unfairly tar the notion of a “typical bear bar” as something that looks like CC’s. CC’s has been called the ugliest bar in all of Seattle. I would never expect Diesel to be as ugly as CC’s. It would be like lightning striking twice.