Capitol Hill social media maven says jumped by Pike panhandlers

A Capitol Hill man known for his avid use of social media says he was chased and shoved to the pavement in an altercation with panhandlers Monday night.

Here is the account posted Tuesday via Twitter by Nick Starr about the attack:

Last night I was attacked… viciously…. There were 2 homeless type guys along Pike who were homeless and asked for money; I *mistakenly* said to F off… and they said, “What did you say fag? Say that to my face” and then proceded to follow me…

I cut down the alley which Nighbours is on and they were still following me… I ran across Pine and they caught up with me… They were trying to get me to go back down the alley with them. Punched me in the side and face a few times… I was crying out for help and a couple passed by and the guy stopped for a moment and then continued on. I continued to scream for help and apologize to them, but they were persistant that I go apologize in the alley. I saw an available cab approaching, and ran out into traffic. They followed and punched me in the back of the head to which I fell to the ground (the biggest extent of my visible injuries). I then jumped in the cab and told him to speed away. He told me he was on his way for a fare, but took me as close to my place as he could before needing to turn off. My knees are really fucked up in that walking hurts like hell, but other than some other bruising I am okay.

CHS is looking into the story. Starr said he reported the assault to police but CHS has not yet been able to locate the report.

Starr also posted a picture of his banged-up knee from the attack and said he was considering “changing my hair color, not wearing my signature jacket, and always wearing glasses as to not be recognized by these guys again.”

Last year, Starr gained notoriety in San Francisco for using social media to announce he was planning to commit suicide.

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57 thoughts on “Capitol Hill social media maven says jumped by Pike panhandlers

  1. We live very nearby and heard the commotion (a male shouting “Help! Help me!” repeatedly) and grabbed the phone to call the police, but we couldn’t see a thing. We also saw a cop driving toward Neighbors in front of the Broadway Performance Hall, and thought he might be responding, but nothing happened. There were a LOT of people walking around down there, I’m really surprised someone didn’t help the guy out.

  2. I had a good friend who sounds a lot like this guy. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut, and was always getting his ass kicked, and sometimes mine as well.

    Moral of the story: don’t tell people to f@$k off unless you can back it up.

  3. …maybe don’t tell people to “fuck off” when they ask you for change? You know a “sorry” or even just ignoring them will be fine — but why go out of the way to demean someone who is already at rock bottom? Jeez. Not saying he deserved it — but it seems like this could have easily been prevented if this guy had just showed a modicum of awareness for basic human dignity.

  4. This guy sounds like an asshole… and a attention whore with his history… Don’t been such an ass to people and things like this won’t happen

  5. On top of screaming for help, the attackers were trying to get me to “appoligize” in the alley. I was crying out how much I was sorry to no avail to these attackers. I am only lucky the cab driver took off as fast as he did. I was drunk at the time, so yes telling them to “f off” wasn’t the best decision, but also didn’t justify their “reply”

  6. Maybe it didn’t completely justify their “reply” but that is definitely one of the highly likely things that will happen when you say such things to people, so you pretty much got what you asked for in that situation. Also, you couldn’t outrun them? Man you are SLOW!

  7. also, how about going to the police station which was just three blocks from where you were at? and where was your phone that you couldn’t dial 911? i would think a social media maven would have a smart phone on him to access facebook and twitter with; there should then also be a feature that lets you use it to call people, like the police.

    why is it that so many people who get themselves into “trouble” (this guy and the guy that got shot during block party) decide to just go home? go to the police! unless of course your story is total bullshit.

  8. why are you surprised? you didn’t do anything to help the guy out. someone yells, “help! help me!” repeatedly and your reaction is that another person can help him? it costs you nothing to make a 911 call and let the police know what’s going on.

  9. Seriously? Some twink with an iPhone, a Twitter account and a snotty attitude, and this is news? Ugh…this is why I hate living on the Hill. Oh, and the hipsters.

  10. You piece of shit blogger…you have attracted the attention of someone whom I’ve filed a stalking protection order against in the city which I used to live in…

    You have violated my personal protection as well as the safety of others around me. Please unpublish this story as well as as any other story about me, lest further harm come to myself and those who care for me. There are people who wish me ill will and I do not wish my information to be published on sites and sources I do not publicly deem acceptable.

  11. @zeebleoop I’m sorry if my own personal safety was of the utmost concern at the time. I jumped into the first cab I could find and asked him to take me home. He took me as close as he could, but he told me he had a fare he was on his way to get….

    The next day I contacted the police, but there way no way I was going anywhere near any intersection of Pine/Pike/Broadway.

    I also would request that the blogger who published this story remove this part of my comment and the part of the blog about me choosing not to wear certain atire, and choose to wear sunglasses… I FEAR for myown life and personal safety, and the person reporting this information is putting said items at jeopardy. If I were to be attacked while attempting to be incognito, I shall choose to site this post as well as my request for takedown of this post as aiding and abetting said criminals who choose to do me harm.

  12. “I’m sorry if my own personal safety was of the utmost concern at the time.”

    yeah, so you tell the cabbie to take you home and not “take me to the police station”? you know, the one that’s three blocks from where you allege this took place? do you live closer to where the incident happened than the police station? how about calling the cops while you’re in the cab? did that ever occur to you?

    and you are soooooo scared for your life that you didn’t bother to call the police until the NEXT day?

  13. This Nick Starr fellow plagued The Castro on SF and unfortunately, his antics are running rampant on Seattle.

    I’m willing to bet he wasn’t attacked at all, but fell down drunk and got scuffed up considering you will always find him with a drink in his hand.

    Also, there has been no restraining order put out against me. Yet another lie.

  14. You are so full of shit. First, you tweeted and instagrammed your “injuries” as well as your decision to stop wearing certain clothes — so how is this a reporter’s fault? You publicized the information and are now trying to do damage control once it becomes clear that no police report was filed and that the truth is, your drunk ass probably fell in the middle of the street and then decided to create drama online to feed your insecurities.

    You are an attention whore and a punk. Grow up. It’s not cool to be an unemployed 30-something who sleeps around all the time and then takes his suicide attempts or fake beatings public to garner sympathy. It’s just sad a pathetic. I’ve met you. I know you. You are sad.

  15. You did not deserve to get beat up – but – good god, learn how to handle yourself.

    AND, next time you want special shit from a cabbie hand hi/her a ten or twenty. All things then can work. Were you born in a really small town? And are still there mentally? Drunk or sober, cabs and how they work are essential in doing the night life smartly.

    Oh, called the generous tip.

    (my dad owned cabs)


  16. Or stupidly?

    Lesson learned. Don’t be an asshole. Had you responded politely or just did what everyone else does and ignored them, you wouldn’t have been attacked.

  17. Reading this article pissed me off, as just yesterday I was complaining that the increase in panhandling (and petition signing to be fair) is out of hand in Cap hill! Almost every corner of Broadway has people begging for money, and its only increasing at every intersection. I know I sound like a asshole complaining about the “little people” but seriously, can I not walk down the street without being barraged by being asked for money or do I hate poverty?!? And now, if you dare say anything they will chase you down and beat you up! If I had my wish it would be illegal to panhandle (and petition) and stories like this just add fuel to my cause. And did anyone pick up on the homophobia in the 2nd GAYEST CITY and Neighborhood in the USA?!?!?!?!

    Let the hate mail begin :)

  18. Hey Nick — We post crime notes like yours to let people who might have heard or seen know what happened and for people to have a better sense of what is going on around their streets. You made a pretty big deal about sending details out publicly and your reputation with social media also seemed to indicate you were cool with the attention. Sorry to freak you out. I’m not going to delete this post but let us know if there is any more information on this incident. And be safe.

  19. I think you’re missing the point.

    Nick Starr is a pathological liar and a rumormonger. None of this happened. He just tripped and fell when he was drunk (as usual) and then decided to post pictures of a “vicious attack’ on twitter to get attention.

  20. uh, yeah, jseattle, you are totally getting trolled by this guy. we’re somehow supposed to believe nick has stalkers who would read this site but not his own twitter feed? best thing to do would be to completely ignore everything from him from now on, otherwise you’re just giving him the attention he wants

  21. It is funny that the very first comment had your style of typing with the all CAPS. It was posted immediately after this was put up.

    You are an attention seeking douche bag, Nick. You were run out of San Francisco and you are going to soon be run out of Seattle. You need to get a life, get a hobby and GET A JOB! I am sick of my tax dollars going to feed into your unemployment. Use that UI money and job search. You waste it away on booze and tears.

    Wake up and grow up. You are a worthless piece of shit who is feeding off of society.

  22. @JSeattle There are obviously people who have nothing better to do than to spread libelous and hurtful things about me.

    I requested you not mention me via Twitter as these people, most certainly including Andrew Steele, monitor my @ mentions on a regular basis only to attack the people I am conversing with and spread incorrect information.

    The damage is done, the trolls have found you post as evidenced that the comments are longer than the post itself. I’ve been dealing with attackers online for nearly a decade now… When I ask that something be removed, it is so that there isn’t a firestorm of attackers and trolls that come out of the woodwork when they have a public forum to libel my name and information about me.

    What is done is done, I only request that you either stop all comments further on this topic, or be diligent in removing the ones that are most obviously libel and hate-mongering.

  23. I’ve had a few near violent incidents with belligerent homeless people before. Best thing to do is not to agitate them, but at the same time, be firm when not wanting to be accosted.
    Nick gets the total Drama Queen award, what a pussy! If this did happen, they should’ve taken your clothes and had you walk home/Police Precinct naked. Damn whiny-ass!
    One thing belligerent street people have is nothing to lose. Jail only means a warm place to sleep and three meals a day. They have to do something really bad to get police attention. The cops are often reluctant to deal with these people and will do the minimum they have to in such situations.

  24. “Ugh….” Seriously you sounds like a douche. And usually I just roll my eyes when people respond to complaints by saying “why don’t you move to _____ then” but seriously? You sounds like a jackass and if you hate it here so much then by all means don’t let us hipster twinks keep you.

  25. @NickStarr- get a grip. if you don’t want tons of things written about you online… then stop writing tons of things about yourself online!!

    you can’t seriously believe that you have absolute control over what others can and cannot post about your questionable claims,, especially given your history of strangely personal sharing of personal life events, to thousands of strangers whom you’ve never even met before…. or can you?

  26. Didn’t you yourself post it on Twitter? I mean jesus, try asking something nicely instead of starting with “You piece of shit blogger” no wonder you got your ass beat, just from reading about you I’d like to beat your ass.

  27. I’ve lived in Cap Hill for 20 years, and I’d say the panhandling is down. Can’t walk down the street without being barraged by requests for money? Seriously?

    There are definitely some aggressive panhandlers out there, and on weekend nights there are more of them, but honestly, MOST people who ask you for money are not going to be in your face or chase you down. Especially if you simply say no, or ignore them, rather than tell them to fuck off.

    If this event really happened, I’m sorry this Nick person got mugged, but the whole story sounded off even before he came on the board and started trolling the comments. Everything he’s said here makes me think the whole thing was made up.

  28. Don’t be an asshole with people you don’t know. Try to minimize your interaction with homeless people hanging around at night, and don’t antagonize them.

  29. Seriously Nick?! Seriously? You sound like a bipolar attention whore. I’ve seen you around the hill too, and your reputation truly does preceed you.

    Honestly, if this did happen, you deserve to have the shit kicked out of you for being a stuck up homo shouting at homeless people.

    As for the facebook/twitter/google+ connections….. delete! And I suggest everyone else do the same.

  30. Wow, you’re right. In my brief description of what I heard and saw from a block and a half away, it’s quite clear that I’m more responsible for all of the tragedy that befell this dude (that is, none) and that I was not, in actuality, trying to clarify what seemed like doubt in the posting that anything happened at all (which was actually my point in commenting at all).

    So to clarify what you seem to have implied:
    1) I am not this Twitter guy pretending to be a witness
    2) By the time I woke from sleeping, asked my boyfriend, “Is that someone yelling ‘Help’?”, put on some clothes, went into the kitchen to get my phone, and went outside to see what was happening, nothing was actually happening (because apparently, the guy had gotten into a cab).

    Not that I expect you to say, “Oh, ok, that makes sense.” You’re just stirring up trouble.

  31. Nick, why is it that you say one thing, than do another? I also find it kind of shady that you keep asking the admin of this blog to delete comments about articles written about you over and over again. You, yourself, have gone out on a limb to make sure everyone possible knows of your issues, yet you throw a hissy fit the minute someone else says something? Can we say CRAZY?!

    Get a life dude, seriously. Or don’t. Suicide is nothing to joke about, and after reading about you, it’s clear you really won’t be welcome in the Seattle gay community. I don’t know if you know this, but many of us this year ACTUALLY lost multiple friends from suicide.

    Your issues are childish, and you really should just shut your mouth and learn your lesson.

  32. I only requested the comments to be deleted which are libelous and contain information which is not true and meant to cause harm and spread misinformation about me.

    I never once requested that comments solely containing links to other articles be removed.

    I also have sought treatment for my depression issues, not only depression, but also suicide run in my family. I understand that suicide isn’t a viable option, and am sorry for those who have lost friends and family to it. I briefly met someone who recently committed suicide in Seattle, and even went to a charity benefit in his honor in the following days, even though I didn’t have much money left to spend for that week.

  33. Dear Nick,

    Hi, it’s me — you, your pathological, deceitful true self. I was there that night as you yelled ALL ALONE in the alley to attract attention, and know that you cannot produce a single witness to your alleged attack. We know that we have a track record of being pathological liars who seek attention to the point of disparaging ourselves. We know that you effed up in San Fran, claim to have jumped off some bridges, make claims that people are accuse us of racism, agesism, whatever-ism. Blah blah. But we both know what you really are: not much of anything at all. Had you *really* been hit in the head, it might have knocked some sense into our dense knumbskull. But no, we are the same. Who am I: If you want to know then look in the mirror, drama queen. I am you — you speaking to you, and you bluffing a great community of gays who have tolerated your lies and bs long enough. Please do us all a favor and check into Harborview for psychiatric evaluation. We all need it. K, thnx!

  34. Nick, I don’t really believe this occurred. I know you and watch you at the bar — I did this past wknd. You are the very troll you say others are: a wrinkled, balding, sad and used Samsonite cat carrier that is ready for the landfill. But if it DID occur, I want to ask if these guys were black? I wouldn’t be suprised given the racist remarks you tweeted about “rice queens and their yellow-skinned friends.” Who the f*ck do you think you are, Sarah Palin’s PR agent? At the end of the day, your vain attempts to get on Oprah will be foiled by the exposure of you as a fraud.

  35. Not at all. I’m saying that the retaliation was excessive and undeserving – but it’s not like it was entirely without provocation. Sort of like your reply to my post.

    And, yes, these “psychopaths” ARE human. Just like the guy who told someone down on their luck, asking for change, to “fuck off” is human also. The failure here to recognize each other’s shared humanity and just shut up and be decent to one other is on both of these people’s shoulders.

    Also, fuck you, dick.

  36. Nick lies about everything. He has said in a drunken stupor (surprise) that he is positive and does not disclose it.

    There was no police report filed (I checked) like he said there was. There was also no taxi report. A taxi driver is required to report instances like this.

    He has a history of lying. Look at the link in the original post in the San Francisco Examiner.

    He encourages suicide as he started a “It Gets Worse” campaign.

    And now, look at his most recent tweet:
    NickStarr Nick Starr
    @jseattle if you choose not to only remove the negative comments but also the article itself; I will kill myself and SOLEY blame you

  37. He put up another tweet: “Tomorrow might be my last day on earth. Let’s see if @jseattle can change that.”

    Holy fuck. Part of me is incredibly angry for ONCE AGAIN threatening suicide on Twitter, but at the same time I know that’s exactly the response he wants from people. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy for him. He obviously hates himself, then he posts shit like this (which he knows will cause other people to hate him), then he uses that as justification for why he hates himself (“see? everyone hates me, I must be a bad person” etc.) It’s just sad. It’s sad that social media has given him a platform that is obviously so self-destructive.

    As far as J Seattle is concerned – well those of us who ACTUALLY love Cap Hill love you. We have your back. Please don’t let this get to you.

  38. “So to clarify what you seem to have implied:”

    i implied nothing. i inferred, based on your original comment “…heard the commotion (a male shouting “Help! Help me!” repeatedly) and grabbed the phone to call the police, but we couldn’t see a thing.”, that you heard something, got the phone and because you couldn’t visually see trouble did nothing. nowhere in your original comment do you say anything about sleeping, needing to get dressed, go outside, etc.

    if there’s more to your story, tell it so people know what actually happened. and where, in any of my comments to you, do i say that you have ANY responsibility for what happened to this guy? where do i say that you are this nick starr person? nowhere, that’s where.

    you said you were surprised someone didn’t help out and i commented that, you didn’t help out, so why should anybody else? maybe nobody else helped the guy out because by the time they heard him call for help and turned around he was already in the cab, as you experienced. stirring up trouble? no. trying to understand your actions? yes.

  39. Agree. Jseattle and his great blog is one of the best things to happen for Capitol Hill in a long time. It has become an important part of our neighborhood.

  40. See my update above

    UPDATE — November 28, 2013 — Lots of attention on this old post following Starr’s recent run-in with Lost Lake over Google Glass. In the CHS transition to WordPress in the spring of 2013, the post lost an update — I’ve included it here:

    9:52AM – UPDATE – With CHS, I’m often faced with decisions about who to put into the spotlight. News trumps nearly all. In this story, the information about the alleged assault was important enough and the background of the person who was making the information available was also pertinent.

    But the attention on Starr has clearly been a problem for him. I’m not pulling down the post but I don’t see a compelling reason to continue the conversation around it. I’m shutting off the comments. If you have more to say, you can let me know on Facebook or e-mail at Comments on this post are now turned off.