More details on Friday night’s reported 10th/Harrison gunpoint BlackBerry robbery

Not to be confused with the additional details we posted Monday on the Saturday afternoon armed robbery reported inside Volunteer Park. SPD was finally able to provide details of the Friday night robbery we reported on with details from a tipster whose yard was used for a dumping ground for the stolen BlackBerry — and, apparently, the black air pistol the 18-year-old alleged robber is believed to have used in the hold-up.

SPD tells us the 11:24p Friday incident went down at 10th and Harrison where the teen suspect held up his victim at gunpoint and ran away with the phone — and the female victim in close pursuit. From the SPD report on the incident:

He then continued running and she chased him and yelled at him.  S/XXX then pulled a black handgun and pointed it at V/XXX in the face and yelled “back the fuck off!”

After a 911 call reporting the situation, an officer driving eastbound on Harrison saw a person matching the suspect’s description hiding in the bushes where he was taken into custody without incident. From the SPD report:

Officers located a very real looking black handgun on scene, approximately 5 feet from where the subject was laying.  The gun was later determined to be a black pellet gun.  The Victim’s cell phone was also located on scene, approximately 10 feet from the suspect.

The 18-year-old was booked for investigation of robbery. He has had frequent run-ins with the law as a juvenile. This is his first brush with the law as a legal adult.

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6 thoughts on “More details on Friday night’s reported 10th/Harrison gunpoint BlackBerry robbery

  1. Welcome to the big league. See ya in five.

    There’s nothing better than catching these no-gooders shortly after their 18th birthdays.

  2. Maybe we should bring back public caning for juveniles? We all know we can’t afford to build enough jails and pay to house all these little delinquents. A few public canings in their front yards, school yards, or church parking lots might make a difference. At the very least we’d recognize them so we could avoid them!

  3. Since when is any RIM device worth some hard time?!?!! Did I miss something? And is a blackberry worth chasing someone down the street? Better try and plea this down to avoid a strike, someone this stupid is definitely getting more, might as well save them for an iPhone, at least you can sell those…

  4. Had our young troublemaker bought my popular new DVD, “Etaoin Shrdlu Teaches You How to Hide in Bushes,” he’d still be a free man today. Available on Amazon and iTunes for only $49.

    No urbane thug’s library should be without it.