Where does the census say is ‘most gay’ on the Hill?

Thursday, we noted a Seattle Times report showing that Capitol Hill remains the area of the city with the highest percentage of same sex couples — but also that the Hill’s population of gay duos hadn’t grown as quickly as the rest of the city in the past decade. The Times has also provided a view of the newly released dataset showing where on the Hill has the highest numbers of those gay couples.

Here’s a screengrab — the color scale ranges from the lightest areas where 1 to 49 couples were counted to the dark orange areas where between 160 and 210 couples were counted. The only other area in the city that registered orange, by the way, was a swath of West Seattle.

From the Seattle Times

The map shows the census block bounded by Broadway in the west and 15th in the east and running between the northern border of Aloha and around Madison in the south is the gay couple capital of Capitol Hill. The 2010 census reports 208 same-sex couples living in the neighborhood, up from 183 in 2000. Of those, 57 are lesbian couples. Of the 208, eight report children living in the household, or about 3.8%.

The most likely place to find a gay couple raising a kid on Capitol Hill? A strip of census block just east of 19th Ave clocks in at just above 6% of couples reporting children in the household.

Meanwhile, lesbian couples make their strongest showing in an area bounded by 15th and Aloha where 42 of the 104 reported same-sex couples were female relationships.

You can learn more about the same-sex couple trends on Capitol Hill and the rest of the city in this Seattle Times map.

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2 thoughts on “Where does the census say is ‘most gay’ on the Hill?

  1. Obviously this tells you nothing about actual numbers of gay people. It tells you something about the kind of housing in these areas. Summit Slope doesn’t have a dearth of gay couples because there are no gay people, it just means that the sort of gay couples who have declared on their census forms don’t live there.

  2. The census also only reports same-sex couples. Tallies for the “gayest” part of Cap Hill should probably include single folks, too.