Fairbrother memorial will march from South Lake Union Vivace to Volunteer Park

Vivace Espresso is inviting you to join a memorial march for Brian Fairbrother on Tuesday, September 13th. CHS saw this announcement posted early Saturday morning at the Broadway walk-up location. Also, thank Vishnu for Vivace being open at 6:30a and serving CHS much needed coffee.

Fairbrother, a 20-year Vivace employee, died on Thursday from injuries sustained in an August 30th bike crash. In a video interview discussing Capitol Hill, Fairbrother called Volunteer Park the neighborhood’s heart and soul.

Fairbrother was 50 years old.

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4 thoughts on “Fairbrother memorial will march from South Lake Union Vivace to Volunteer Park

  1. I suppose there is a reason this date was chosen.

    Many of Brian’s working friends will need to take a day off to accommodate a Tuesday.

    Thiscoming weekend would have made a lot of sense.

    More people would come if it did not involve taking a day off.

    Maybe it needs to be done quickly, that is one explanation. Other ideas?

    I hope I can get Tuesday off… rather short notice for my job.

  2. Thanks, MM, I will rest easier knowing that if I can’t come Tuesday I will still get the chance to share memories and honor Brian.

    Also, a dear friend of his is abroad right now, and was very sad to not be able to be at the march. He will be even more glad when I tell him about this later event.

  3. I think there was some urgency to getting the spot of the accident suitably marked so that no one else will come to grief there. And the pics are posted-many, many people went. That said, I’m glad there will be one on the weekend too.