Fallen power pole shuts 15th Ave E — UPDATE: All fixed

A wooden utility pole has apparently given way on 15th ave E at Harrison closing the street and leaving emergency crews befuddled on what to do about the leaning pole and strained wires.


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9 thoughts on “Fallen power pole shuts 15th Ave E — UPDATE: All fixed

  1. I walked past this pole about 5 seconds before it happened. It popped so I turned around and saw it fall onto the trolley wires overhead. Wires were swinging and sparking up a storm. Nothing hit it- it just snapped at the base.

  2. Me too. We walked out of Smith started walking toward Safeway and heard it happen. Turned around and saw two bikes on the ground and thought there was a car accident, but I think the cyclists just freaked out and jumped off their bikes. There was a red scooter right next to the pole as well, that looked like it survived the pole fall. Was really really surreal.

  3. not for other utilities as far as I can tell. There is a rectifier substation (converts the line AC into DC for the buses) just south of the 15th Ave Starbucks. This pole held the wires bringing electricity from the substation to the wires over the street. Even if all the utilities on 15th were underground (a la Broadway) we’d still need these poles to support the trolleybus infrastructure (a la Broadway). Small price to pay for our clean quiet buses IMHO.