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22 thoughts on “Hill Style: Doc Martens over I-5

  1. Pretty stupid choice when its hot out. Jeans, long sleeves and boots. Good to be able to point out people who are more concerned with how they’re perceived than with being comfortable. Sad little fashion victim.

  2. This guy is the reason America hates Seattle?! Really? His jeans aren’t hip hugging girl pants, and its a pair of fucking boots. You passive aggressive, would never say anything to anyones face, judgmental, pieces of crap are the reason people hate Seattle. Its not the guy in the button up. BTW, today is the hottest day of the year, but guess what smarty pants, not all pictures are taken on the same day you see them, what are you fucking 5?!!! If you don’t like it, then move the fuck on with your obviously happy little lives or get a fucking hobby. Let and let live people.

  3. lol you guys been to capitol hill recently? this guy is wearing probably the least tight pair of pants in all of capitol hill. go outside any day of the week, hot, cold, anything and i would guess at least 3 out of 4 people you see will be more hipster than this guy. also, relax.