Seattle Central WMD drill includes irritating media presence

It’s a chopper, baby, originally
uploaded by sonek321.

We prepared you for the weapons of mass destruction part. But not the weapons of mass media. Don’t be alarmed by the helicopter traffic above Capitol Hill. It’s tv, people.

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13 thoughts on “Seattle Central WMD drill includes irritating media presence

  1. That thing is flying way too low, and is making a lot of noise – way too much for a residential neighborhood, especially this early in the morning.

  2. I wonder if there is any way to keep them from doing this? Kenmore Air isn’t allowed to take off too early in the morning due to noise restrictions, construction isn’t allowed to start before certain times due to noise restrictions – why are they allowed to hover low over my house for 30 min at 6am in the morning??

  3. It was KIRO (channel 7) that did it, in response to a traffic accident at Madison. I’m filing a complaint with the FCC.

  4. I’m happy that I can hear a noise in the sky while I’m tucked safely in bed and then, when I wake up I can check the Cap Hill Blog to find out. So simple. So easy. We have it good here people in so many ways. (And no, I wasn’t paid for my endorsement.)

  5. Echoing what others have said, the exercise is a superb idea but the fucking copters are not. And from a legal standpoint, I’m certain they started too early and flew too low. (There’s another one hovering now, but at least it’s noon.)

    Anyway, thanks for explaining why the neighborhood sounds like Saigon circa ’72 today.

  6. I’m tired of seaplanes on lake union, Boeing field, and the Seatac flight paths. These are not ‘city’ noises, these are loud commercial noises disrupting tens of thousands of people. Seatac flight path was not this far north when I bought on Capital Hill. It was virtually non existent back in the 80s and manageable prior to the 3rd runway. Helicopters and seaplanes are a nuisance, a waste and polluting. They should be banned unless it’s the police, the military, or the hospital.

    City noises and traffic I’ll take. But I’m sick and tired of constantly noisy (and growing) airspace over Capital Hill! Spread them out, put them over the water, do SOMETHING!