Occupy Seattle Central | Letter to the farmers market — UPDATE: SCCC SAYS OCCUPY CAN CAMP

The current plan is for Occupy Seattle to move its camp to Seattle Central on Saturday night. A major protest’s base camp is moving to Capitol Hill bringing participants, press and police. Halloween festivities are planned. School officials met with Occupy representatives Thursday but Capitol Hill resident and occupier Phil Mocek said there wasn’t “much to report” from the meeting. “I think we made the school more comfortable.”

Occupiers have also reached out to organizers from the Neighborhood Farmers Market Alliance to assure them that the protest camp won’t interfere with the weekly Sunday market held on SCCC’s campus from 11a-3p at Pine and Broadway. Below is a note we received from Matt about the outreach and the letter he sent to the market group.

Maybe this whole camping on Broadway thing will work out just fine.

My name is Matt, and I’m a member of Occupy Seattle.  I’ve seen a lot of press about possible conflicts  between Occupy Seattle and the Broadway Farmers market.  I would like to assure the Capitol Hill Community that there will be no conflicts.

 After speaking with fellow occupiers, I sent the letter below to the Neighborhood  Farmer’s Market Association yesterday and received a friendly response which I shared with the General Assembly of Occupy Seattle last night.  The Farmers Market folks made it clear they will be on the plaza at Seattle Central and do not need the grassy area where we will be camping.  As we discussed in our General Assembly last night, we can easily make sure that we have no tents or equipment in the Market area.   We are excited to be sharing the campus with the market, and will make the necessary accommodations.  We have made it clear we will keep parking spaces open, and will make sure trash barrels are not filled up.  We have also offered to help unload the farmers’ trucks if they want.

Some occupiers are planning on purchasing vegetables from the Market to make a “stone soup” which will be shared communally. 

 I would greatly appreciate it if you could please publish this email as well as the letter below.  If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  Thanks

 peace and solidarity,



 Dear Neighborhood Farmers Market Association,

      We are writing as members of Occupy Seattle, concerning our decision to set up an occupation site at Seattle Central Community College on Saturday evening.  We are aware of the Broadway Farmers Market on Sunday, and we have no intentions of disrupting this important community event.  Our goal is to build a base of operations at SCCC in which we can organize ourselves to challenge the policies of the richest 1%, including policies that negatively affect small farmers.  We appreciate your efforts to provide locally grown, sustainable food to consumers in our communities. 

       We would like to dialogue with you about how we can be good neighbors and how we can effectively share the space in a way that benefits participants in both of our events.  If possible, we would like to know exactly where the Farmers’ Market will be located and when it starts so that we can share the campus space in a way that does not displace you. We will also be sure to keep our occupation site clean and safe so that we will not detract from your business.  If you have any other concerns or questions please contact as soon as possible so we can try to incorporate your concerns into our planning processes.  

      Please note we do not represent the entire movement but we do wish to open up dialogue, and if this dialogue requires any decisions on our part we will bring those to our General Assembly and will encourage our peers to vote on them.   

Members of Occupy Seattle

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76 thoughts on “Occupy Seattle Central | Letter to the farmers market — UPDATE: SCCC SAYS OCCUPY CAN CAMP

  1. The SCCC does not want you guys. You guys will be on private property. What gives you the right? Does private property not mean anything anymore – should we all just be able to set up shop where ever we want? I may set up down on Lake Washington on a big front yard – do I have the rights that you have?
    I am a local Business owner and I can tell you – we don’t want you, the school does not want you, 99% of the kids don’t want you, Pike / Pike does not want you. Stay on public land or you are setting yourselves up to get arrested – there is no arguement with that bud. That is why the SCCC sent that open letter to you – so they can have you arrested.

  2. From yesterday’s Occupy Seattle General Assembly (see the minutes for better formatting than CHS provides here in comments):

    Outreach Working Group

    Bill and Andy

    Spent the day on Capitol Hill visiting local businesses, gauging support, listening to concerns

    Got almost 20 signatures in support of Occupy Seattle
    Spoke with head of Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce
    Concerns of businesses:

    Sunday Broadway Farmers Market

    They set up at 7:00 a.m.
    These are our friends. If they ask you to move something, please do it.
    Let’s have some people there to help setup and unload trucks.

    Also Sunday, will be kids activity near our occupation. Please be respectful.
    Art installation — little monsters — right near our camp. Please be very, very, careful with them. Artists are trusting us to protect them.

    Halloween weekend, may be antagonistic drunk people on Capitol Hill. Please try to stay out of it.
    Be conscious of noise.

    CNN approached them at WG meeting today. Reporter will be here Saturday. Look for the giant camera.


    Media are making big deal about potential conflict with Broadway Sunday Farmers Market
    They’ll be on paved area of plaza from 7am until 4pm and don’t use grassy area

    Suggests just putting tents on grass

    Teah’s biggest concern is parking for offload at 7am

    they’ll have no-parking signs
    please tell people not to park in front of college

    would be good gesture to help them unload trucks

  3. Speaking as a SCCC student and hill resident, I can say that Matt is on the mark. The letter that SCCC sent was from the top, not the students, student reps or teachers. As far as “99% of students”, I sat in a class where the majority of students signed a pro-OS petition with no coercion necessary.

    From the student-side, I feel like we’re ready for Occupy Seattle.

    And remember: all great social movements in the United States would be nowhere without the students.

  4. Alright local business owner. What local business do you own exactly?
    Why are you afraid of telling the world your name? Surely it would good for business since everyone on capitol hill doesn’t want Occupy to come up here.

    Yeah, that is what I thought.

  5. The New York Daily News? Next you’ll be accusing Occupy Seattle of hiding Hillary’s lesbian lover and Batboy.

    But to humor you, here’s a NY Daily News-style headline: NEOCON PAWNS BRING YAWNS

  6. PLM, this is going to happen regardless of who likes the idea and who doesn’t. I voted against it, but now that we’ve made the decision, I’ll support it.

    At the 4pm meeting yesterday with Paul Kilpatrick, the man who seemed to know a lot about SCCC facilities who was not Jeff Watts (I forgot his name) said something about the possibility of SCCC allowing this occupation to happen. I asked if by `allow’ he meant to refrain from beating demonstrators until they leave the property. He didn’t answer.

    This is a peaceful, 24-hour demonstration, with hundreds of people directly involved and thousands watching and supporting. There aren’t lawn sprinklers in the space we’ll be occupying at the college, so about all the college could do to shut this down is to call the police and accuse people of trespassing. In order to have good reason to suspect people of such, police would need to investigate who there is a student and who is not. However, it’s likely that the police would simply step in, issue likely-unlawful orders to disperse, then arrest everyone who remains and charge them with the usual contempt-of-cop violations. Alternatively, police might carry people away in paddy wagons, then release them without charge, avoiding having to justify their actions before a judge and gradually taking the steam out of the demonstration. In the long run, such actions would be highly unlikely to benefit the college. They would just bring attention to the conflict and make SCCC administrators look like the bad guys.

    A better option, I think, is for SCCC administration to say whatever they feel they need to say in order to avoid the liability they’re undoubtedly concerned about, then embrace this as a learning opportunity at a historical moment in time. If SCCC administration need to take a side in this, it should be quite clear which side they ought to take.

  7. 1) Children’s Halloween Activities are planned for where you want to raise your tents this weekend…
    2) There are hundreds of residents who live within a 100 yards of your new campground that really do not want your noise, your press, and your carnival….
    3) The park that you will inhabit with your tents will be lost to our community.
    4) You are unwelcome by the college… they have asked you not to come….
    5) You are unwelcome by the dozens of businesses within a 100 yards of your tents…. Many are fighting the same poor economy you are protesting… Why do you want to make it worse for them….

    Matt, I am so happy that you are excited about moving up to SCCC… I am pretty certain that your self-endulgence will be pretty obvious to all after a few hours at your new home….

  8. Ella wrote, “Last night I was in the Westlake park area and noticed what looked like a bunch of homeless people loitering.” That’s what Westlake Park looks like every night that Occupy Seattle isn’t there doing something useful with it.

    “[People at Westlake Park last night] had no message the signs that were once being waived were out of sight and out of mind.” Unfortunately, our numbers there have dwindled, and Parks Department staff regularly confiscate protest signs and remove them from the park. For the past four weeks, Seattle Police have had a dozen to three dozen officers on the scene looking intimidating and harassing demonstrators. This reportedly cost us several hundred thousand dollars (note: here’s a good place for budget cuts). They park their cars and their RV in the passenger load zone on Pine, then either at 10pm when the park closes or at 11:30 when the TV news crews leave, they pull between two and eight of those cruisers onto the plaza and run their headlights, spotlights, and light bars all night long, regularly patrolling the park to shake and flash strobe lights at anyone who appears to be asleep (“Are you okay? I just want to make sure you’re okay.”). They don’t enforce the park’s closure time. To my knowledge, nobody has been charged with camping in the park. They simply harass people, periodically charging people with obstruction when someone pitches a tent or sits on a blanket.

    A few days ago, just after word got out that we voted to move overnight operations from Westlake to Seattle Central, the harassment by police largely ceased, clarifying that this was not about public safety or enforcement of park regulations, but about shutting down the demonstration.

    I witnessed all of this in person.

  9. As long as lobbying is allowed and money keeps pouring into politics, financial companies and their executives can do whatever they want to maximize profits.

  10. Dozens of businesses don’t want them here? Such as….

    -I’m sure Mama’s Pizza will be real upset. How ever will a pizza by the slice place stay in business if hundreds of hungry people are nearby?!
    -Walgreens with their umbrellas, tissues and cold pills. They have everything to lose with hundreds of people camping in the rain.
    -Genki Sushi with $1 plates and free hot green tea, their sales will dip at least 1000%
    -Taco Del Mar, Yogurtland, Panera, Zpizza, Molly Moon’s, Mia’s, Bill’s, Linda’s all stand to gain.

    SOMEONE PLEASE FIND ME AN ACTUAL VICTIM HERE!!! None of these commenters are actually from Capitol Hill or have any idea what sort of businesses we have up here.

    The real question is how much longer Mr. Justin will allow anonymous commenting here. I miss arguing with Calhoun about posters. At least we know he is actually a resident who cares about Capitol Hill, even if we disagree on the details.

  11. Speak for yourself and only yourself at all times unless given the right to do so by those you claim to represent.

    You certainly don’t speak for me. I was wary about the move to SCCC but the decision being made I will now support it. We will only learn and grow from our mistakes. I live 6 blocks from campus, have a full time job, and am worried sick about the world I live in. I support the Occupy Movement and want you to know that if you disagree, fair enough, but also give us a chance by coming to to SCCC on Saturday and asking people why they’re there. I will listen to you if you will isten to me. Doesn’t mean we have to agree.

    With so little time between the decision to move and the Sunday farmer’s market I think Matt and Outreach and many others have done an amazing job checking in with stakeholders in this experience and I applaud their dedication in the face of haters.

    In love and Solidarity,

  12. Why don’t you start using your real name to back up all your rude comments. You use CHS to radiate your negativity. Let me be the first to say YOU SUCK and I am sorry to call you my neighbor!

  13. The park is used by, what, 5 people on any given day? And why not protest there? It’s a good statement for the community, especially Seattle Central, which has seen the economy kill their award-winning film program among others, is at risk of losing its daycare and now its non-faculty administration has the ability to declare “financial emergencies” akin to those in Michigan which circumvent teacher contracts and tenure.

    Finally, Cap Hill is weathering numerous transit construction projects — I’m sure you can handle a few tents and protesters ;)

  14. ….but you’d never know it by the thug behavior happening all over the country. I support the police just as I would anyone doing their job, but I do wonder why they have so much time on their hands as to spend 24/7 tangling with peaceful protesters who have EVERY right to do what they’re doing. I for one am grateful that OWS folks are resilient enough to take a stand on issues that affect all of us who struggle to pay for housing and food month after month with very little cushion, if any; who have been robbed by those who are literally running this country.

    Methinks that if a few more cops were laid off, maybe they’d get it. It seems there might be too many on the payroll as they don’t seem to have anything better to do elsewhere in the city.

  15. I have doubts about the efficacy of Occupy Seattle in terms of what it will achieve, but I’m certainly in support of the spirit of the movement. Unlike our local anarchists (who mostly seem to not understand that breaking windows and creating constant strife with neighbors isn’t respectful of the people who live and work here), Occupy Seattle IS making efforts to be respectful of the neighborhood.

    I was worried about the potential disruption to the Farmer’s Market, so I’m really glad to see there’s dialogue with them as well as a concerted effort to be out of their way (and help out).

    And yes, I highly doubt that “most of us are pretty offended blah blah blah.” My community is disrupted by poverty, foreclosure, crime, and lack of education, not by OS.

  16. This Capitol Hill resident welcomes the Occupy Movement. I hope the dig in and stay for a long time.

    Hurrah for the biggest event on the hill this weekend not being a boozy party, a noodle shop opening or a charity event involving buying crap to heal the ills of the world.

  17. I am a local business owner and I support the OS and other occupy movements. I am excited to have protesters walking our streets. I welcome you and look forward to the vibrant and colorful expression of free speech. Happy Halloween OS!!

  18. New Tent City?? I get that you don’t like homeless people. And you resent people who are trying to do something about the homeless, the poor, the working poor, the middle class, the economy, the country. Anyway, all the occupy gatherings are more like Hoovervilles, they are like the Bonus Army (look it up).

  19. I support the Occupy movement wholeheartedly. I want to make that clear. I was awake until nearly 2 AM watching the streaming video of Justin Hermann Plaza in SF the other night. This movement is important.

    I’m quite impressed with the dialogue that seems to have happened between SCCC and OccupySeattle, but I remain concerned as someone whose apartment looks out over the community college. Voices carry from across the street like you wouldn’t believe. It is not difficult to hear bits of conversations from people enjoying their frozen yogurt from Yogurtland on the plaza.

    I live on the corner of Pike and Broadway, and I accept noise intermittently as a total given, ESPECIALLY on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Hell, Panera Bread receives their freaking deliveries anytime between 1 and 4 AM on any given weekday, and I deal with that (pretty grudgingly, but still). But I think we can all agree, this is different. The noise of people camping is different.

    Will STRONG consideration be made for noise during the night on weeknights? I can’t stress enough how worried I have been about this all week.

  20. I fully support all who are bravely standing up with fellow Americans across the country to firmly and peacefully invoke one of our primary civil liberties. The message is making an impact! I am hopeful that Seattle will remain the one city that continues this process peacefully and respectfully. This is our country at it’s best!

  21. to all occupy Seattle movement.. since our message has been sent, and wall street ,the ruling class ,the 1% has been notified. its time for us to time out ,because of the frigid weather. we can always come back anytime, on a short notice. I believe that our movement will be most effective in summer of the year 2012.. before the election to put into office those who is helping the working 1% class.Occupy Bellevue.before the election. for the last day of our movement , can I propose that we occupy Bellevue , the enclaves of the 1% , billionaires. lets move to say NO to 1125. so that we can ride the ligth rail to Bellevue..in the future.

  22. I live right next to SCCC – my window looks straight out at the Math and Science Building. I am delighted that Occupy Seattle will be my new nighttime neighbors starting this Saturday. I expect there will be some issues as they settle in (noise, trash, etc.), but I also trust that the Occupy Seattle folks will quickly deal with any problems that come up in a manner that is respectful for the Capitol Hill community. And while I am sympathetic to SCCC’s worries, I am very, very happy that they’ve decided to let Occupy Seattle come and stay, at least for now.

  23. I can’t say anything for what is going on in Seattle, but as someone who is involved with the movement out here in New York City, that article in no way describes what’s going on. Yes, there are homeless in the park-but there are always homeless in the park. And on the streets. And sleeping against stone walls… Zuccotti Park has not become some sort of mecca for homeless people wandering there from miles around. If anything, the homeless who do interact with the park are treated like real human beings, which is something that New York sorely needs.

    It makes me so sad to read the media’s accounts sometimes because it’s articles like that which get passed around the fastest within groups of people who don’t have any idea what’s going on. These are actually considered opinion pieces, NOT news, but at this point, it just doesn’t seem like anyone notices the difference.

    My advice to people who are unsure about what is happening is to go to their local occupied site and speak to people. This isn’t a movement of half naked communists who are openly doing drugs and having sex on tables while trying to bring down the government (another “article” that I’ve read recently.) So please don’t believe everything you read in an opinion column or smut papers like that one. Honestly, you should take The Onion more seriously than the New York Daily News…

  24. I haven’t lived on Capitol Hill in nearly 10 years and it certainly seems to have changed since then, I’m sorry to say. How many of you Negative Nancies were there for the WTO? How many for Pride? How many of you have ever felt passionately about anything outside your comfort zone? I’m too old to camp in a park and (fortunately) too employed to participate in the occupation, but I support the Occupy movement.

    I’ll be honest, I’ve been lucky. Despite not being able to afford an education beyond high school, I’ve been employed more than unemployed, have avoided the treachery of big banks, and live a comfortable life with my husband and two dogs. I’m not asking anyone to pay off my debts, nor do I want a handout. What I want is an end to the greed and money hoarding. I want the 1% to give back to the same system that has allowed them to amass more wealth than they will ever need. I want an end put to exported jobs, partisan politics, dependence on fossil fuels, and profiteering on pain and suffering. I want a single payer health care system, help for the mentally ill, housing for the homeless, jobs for the unemployed, livable wages, decent school systems, affordable mass transit, marriage equality, breathable air and safe drinking water, a fair tax code, and clean energy. I was raised to believe all this was possible and that America was the greatest country on earth, but I’ve seen little proof. I am the 99%.

  25. Apparently, “Matt” and his followers in “Members of Occupy Seattle” didn’t request permission from either SCCC or The Farmers’ Market before solidifying their plans to do so. As his letter to the Farmers Assn. states, while greeting them with “peace and solidarity”, his decision had already been made: “concerning our decision to set up an occupation site”.
    For Matt, it seems easier to request “forgiveness” after the fact, than “permission” before. Just sayin’….something to think about.

  26. As a resident of the neighborhood, I’m very glad to have you join us here during the nighttime hours. And I’ll continue to participate in the OS presence at Westlake during the day. I hope you like the Big Mario’s pizzas I’ve been sending your way.

    The Occupy movement represents the first glimmer of hope for this nation in a long, long time. Dare to struggle, dare to win!

  27. One person’s “spectacle” is a whole lot of other peoples intellectually sound social justice movement. If you are not concerned,mortified,offended and down-right pissed off about what is going on in this country financially, you are either not paying attention or completely self-centered.

    I live a few blocks from SCCC and I welcome the protests. I also think a college campus is a completely appropriate venue for such an event. Colleges and universities in this country have long played a crucial role in various protest movements (Vietnam War, Anti-Apartheid, Civil Rights, Womens Movement etc. etc.) I think Occupy Seattle can only enhance the educational experience of students at SCCC.

    So yeah, I say Welcome to the Neighborhood!!

  28. Preach it!

    You know how everyone’s always talking about the crime on Capitol Hill? A large night time presence like this could be good. Talk about Q Patrol coming back? Surely there must be some overlap in membership between those sympathetic to Occupy and other Hill Concerns. How do we use this opportunity to show different, non-traditional ways of getting things done without the interference of corporate interest and politicking?

    I’ve worked in shelters and low-income housing for 5 years- I’d like to get together with folks on housing our community both creatively and sustainably. Everyone has their own skill set- let’s use ’em!

    Occupy Seattle, let’s show everyone what we can do!
    Peace, Love, and Solidarity,

  29. Ignore them. Go to work, live your lives, go about your business, party. Have sex. Have kids.

    This will go away, hopefully, and they’ll eventually learn how to earn a paycheck the way the rest of us do. They better not get in the way of me going to Linda’s or Rancho Bravo.

    As long as they don’t violate my rights to work the job I have, keep me from going to bed at a reasonable time, spend time with my family and friends, what they do to waste their energy is their business.

    Happy Halloween.

  30. Please have ample police protection and security. Run licence plates. Catch metro bus cheaters who do not pay for bus rides. Enforce all laws. Avoid becoming a national disgrace, laughingstock, you-tube sensation.

  31. It is clear from the most recent statement that SCCC administration does not want OS on their grounds, but they are reluctantly allowing it because their lawyer convinced them that legally they cannot prohibit it. I think it’s very arrogant of OS to go ahead with their plans in spite of what SCCC thinks, especially since they have the noncontroversial option of camping at City Hall.

    One question: Who will pay for replacement of the grass once the camping area turns into a muddy mess?

  32. You know what’s ironic? The goddamned helicopters from the “For-Profit News” stations hovering over the campus will bother more people than it would if every single protestor was issued a bullhorn.

  33. AJ does not speak for all students or other staff members who are not as he/she identifies as “at the top.”

    I’ve had conversations with many staff and faculty and no, they really don’t want Occupy on campus. It totally disrupts our education process. Whether we agree with you or not, you are taking up precious time and resources from us — security, facilities, maintenance. All of these things cost our college money and if we didn’t have to spend it on you, it might well fund tuition for a deserving student. Experience tells me you won’t be responsible for cleaning up after yourselves and maintaining order. And that precious time our college spends (and has already spent) on having to deal with you translates into additional lost dollars that could be used to support our education system, which the majority of us would much rather do. My students for one are in dire need to getting their education to support gainful employment. They don’t have the privilege of spending time like Occupy; I’d venture a guess that most of you are white, entitled to some degree, and have the means (through things like money, education, training, family, networks/connections) to make a living wage. My students don’t have that privilege but are working hard to create an opportunity for themselves through education; our school offers them that hope and you’re causing us to divert our assets that allow us to make that happen. You’re guilty of some of the same things you’re “protesting.”

    There are better and much more effective ways to make a collective voice heard. Think about the site where you’re delivering your message. You’re preaching to the choir at SCCC. Being a nuisance is
    not an effective means for social of political change.

    Please move on.

  34. Let them come. I’ll protect myself from this rabble if I have to.

    Uncle Robbie, like you, I’ve been employed more than unemployed. I’ve worked very hard to pay off the debt I have, and have never had to run to anyone else but myself to meet my responsibilities. I don’t think what they’re asking for is unreasonable, but isn’t setting up camp on the Hill just preaching to the Choir?

    Let them camp in Madison Park – there’s your 1%. Why disrupt the lives of the very people they claim to represent?

    As I live a few blocks from there I’ll have to ignore them every day on my way to work.

    Occupy this. (Grabs crotch)- I’m the 99% but think OS is really only 4%.

  35. LOL, so now the group who is protesting big government and corporate America is going to use a government facility which is supported by corporate America to stage their protest. Can they not see the hypocracy?

  36. This is just another tent city masquerading as a protest. Now that the college president has declared that it is legal we can expect permanent “protest camps” at other campuses in Seattle. Would SCCC allow a Tea Party camp? If not, why not?
    The above poster is correct: this will cost SCCC thousands of taxpayer dollars per week. Campers will be using college bathrooms to bathe etc, lounging in the library and common areas to warm up, disposing of trash in college trash cans and damaging property whether intentionally or not.
    The college lawn is used by students to relax and socialize on a campus with very limited green space.
    Thanks OWS for stealing resources from the low income and working class students of SCCC!
    I am all for reigning in the excesses of the last thirty years but there is no way in hell I am going to follow the leaders of this movement who are self-serving egomaniacs with an army of bums and drug using freeloaders.

  37. 1. Occupy Seattle needs a more clearly defined cause – you represent a very small fraction of the population

    2. Establish your base on the steps of the state Capitol in Olympia – where corrupt lobbyists and politicians co-mingle

    3. Under 30 unemployed in a tough job market doesn’t mean you’re being taken advantage of by rich people

    4. Citizen activism is refreshing, but your message is so diluted it doesn’t resonate with anyone that works for a living

    5. Tons of jobs await skilled workers in fields in Seattle — we are a city of visionaries and hard workers

    6. Demand more from the rich that support you — ask them to give away 40% of what they made before getting principled

    7. Don’t spend your time in our neighborhood — spend it in Fremont where they welcome and support your type

    8. Do a job search on the web — Seattle based companies have thousands of job openings

    9. Hold Gregoire accountable for pandering to unions AND rich people… They both damage the middle class

    10. Volunteer for a group that needs your help — parlay that experience for your next job interview

    11. Learn java PHP, Ruby on Rails, or other programming languages — lots of jobs for people with those skills

    12. Push government to create incentives to bring the $1.3 Trillion US company off-shore profits back to the US

    13. Get Washington DC to hold corrupt financiers AND corrupt borrowers equally accountable

    14. Survey yourselves and see if anyone lost their house because they borrowed more than they should have…

    15. Look deep within and ask if you can become meaningful contributor to society by paying taxes like the rest of us

    16. Get mad at Democrats who won the last major elections on promises of “change” that haven’t changed anything

    17. Get mad at Obama for saying “yes we can” and basically doing nothing…

    18. Establish your platform and communicate a message other than “we totally deserve more” — you don’t…

  38. Your arguments against Occupy are so short-sighted it’s insane that you were able to find yourself a job at this campus. You complain that your students are in dire need of the services the college provides but spit on the people who are trying to make things better, including access to education.

    Are you so blind that you cannot see this? If you have worked at the college for any period of time you have seen budget cut after budget cut destroying opportunities for students. These are a direct result of the economic downturn caused by unchecked greed in the financial sector.

    Let me clarify for you: OWS is fighting to improve students (and everyone’s) opportunities in this country. They are doing so with their bodies, out in the elements. That is far more admirable than you preaching from your desk in your stuffy office. That you can’t see any of this is beyond shameful.

    I am an SCCC employee too, and I welcome OWS and will likely be out there with them when I am not working the job that I am thankful to have.

  39. TC Baer, employed person who thinks all these people are unemployed through their own fault. I support OWS. I have a full-time job and I pay taxes. Nobody’s asking for anyone to give them things.

    They’re demanding we change our ways so our children have a future.

    You blast ‘democrats’ for not being able to fix a catastrophe–a catastrophe that occurred during the previous president’s term, and was a direct result of republicans’ constant desire to de-regulate everything.
    I suppose we should all believe conservative politics have changed; it will be better this time, I promise! You’re right, the economy is destroyed, how could they do it again?

  40. What a relief! Sometimes laws work in favor of the 99%. Happy to see that the college has backed down and they shouldn’t think of it as a defeat but rather letting a “real” movement go forward to enable change in our country. We need to bring democracy back and make financial institutions accountable for the disaster they’ve inflicted on millions of people. Occupy Seattle must now work on the “demands of the people”, and add their message to all the other Occupy cities to start the process of reinstating Glass Seegle, have Bernake resign, fire Timothy Geitner and stop Bank of America from their recent scheme to burden taxpayers once again with their toxic assets.

  41. @ seeing farther : tc bear is half right, half insane, imo.

    I’ll take you seriously so long as you don’t try and pretend that the millionaire democrats are any better than the millionaire republicans – red states aren’t the only ones who de-regulate…

  42. @ seattleseven – I’m been on the hill since 1996, active in DesignLandUse, Parks groups, and SDOT meetings; teargassed in WTO as well as the N30 anniversary riots; harrassed by gaybashers; walked with Qpatrol and helped AIDS walk and Pride and even Fringe Fest for years. I own a home business based here too. My “Cap Hill” cred is solid. And yet… I have no desire to give online e-thugs the ammo of my full name. but that does NOT reduce my right to free speech in any way. Please respect that.

    And I have a logic argument against your points: you name a whole bunch of ‘small’ businesses, almost all food joints -many selling cheap eats, as if they all will supposedly benefit …
    …from a group that’s running away from westlake park partly because they don’t want to compete with homeless people for the food HANDOUTS that have been asked for/ needed to sustain their operation.

    Wait, what??

  43. Occupy Seattle will now be relegated to Capitol Hill with the rest of the bums, homeless, forever stoned and assorted weirdos. They will fit right in, blend in, and be forgotten except by those unlucky enough to live next to SCCC. Mayor McSchwinn may even join them after his butt has been booted out of office.

    Westlake and the rest of the downtown merchants can get back to making a buck or two.

  44. I’m concerned about the potential noise too. I live a couple of blocks from SCCC. Just the other night I was walking downtown and could hear the dance party or whatever it was from several blocks away. It was making me nauseous and I was just thinking to myself how glad I was I didn’t live down there…and then I found out they were coming up to my neighborhood! In contrast to ILiveAcrossTheStreet, I’m not a supporter in principle, and I wish they would go away altogether. If they are able to refrain from making noise and leaving their trash in local businesses and making things disgusting for those of us who live here (which I observed happening in the Westlake area) hopefully I can successfully ignore them. It sounds like this Matt is a fine fellow who wants to be helpful, so maybe it won’t be so bad… Oh also, memo to corporation-haters: When you patronize places like Seattle’s Best Coffee, you are supporting corporations.

  45. TC baer: very provocative post…thank you! I agree with most of your listed suggestions. Self-reliance and effort can go a long way towards creating the kind of life you want….more than complaining about what others are doing or not doing.


    Or else we will loose everything we built up after WWII….

    Are we really afraid of being protectionists….or should we STOP IMPORTS….or slow it down a lot so our decimated industries can get back in the game and compete against Asia and other foreign countries……..

    After 45 years of offering Exports to Asia it is no wonder we have no jobs at home in America……plus our richest companies now are Importers but do not have jobs for Americans at home…as we have finally hit the Wall…finally…I am not surprised as everything now is going up in price…it is called inflation for sure….that will be the final blow to America….

    How about picketing all the US Malls who carry 95% of Imports like in my 2 industries….Manufacturers who are hanging on still and who are still in business but have been decimated or many others have gone out of business for the last 45 years because they could not compete with Foreign countries or American Importers either………..so “America” …. and at any store that sells Imports…Picket them…they will eventually get the message and sell American products eventually …….and say in your picket signs that WE WILL NOT BUY IMPORTS ANYMORE…and…SELL ONLY MADE IN THE USA PRODUCTS….those IMPORTS benefits all the Special Interest Folks who eliminated our Manufacturing bases over the last 45 years…with the help of our Government and with campaign financing which they offered to legislators to pass just the right bills for them in exchange……..I have seen it happen with my own eyes….IMPORTS are our long lost jobs mostly transferred in Asia…..picketing with signs will raise the ears of those Buyers who put Imports in our Retail Stores and who sell them willingly to naive consumers……consumers who have zero ideas that they are eliminating American Jobs….so…..!!!!!!

    Also wondering why we have a 2% of rich folks who have as much money as the rest of the 98%…IMPORTS are full of benefits and profits…that is why our Retailers don’t buy American made products….as there less profits in buying or selling American products for sure….this issue Imports has contributed to our demise economically for a very long time….

    Many of us are already Liberals….but Liberals & Conservatives and folks in the middle have all created this economic problem over the last 45 years……..and it has not helped in this century or the last one to have 2 parties that can’t work together in Washington or in our 50 States………as they don’t have common senses on how to fix America….how many times more am I going to vote out legislators and replace them with another while the problems get worse after I voted…….!!!!!

    What do we have to be and do to overcome our present situation….???? START OVER…!!!
    Here is one of my ideas to fix our economy first and get our jobs back…….STOP IMPORTS…!!!…and stop trading Boeing Airplanes for Sweat shirts with China……it won’t work well for us to Trade this stupid way……..Imports are Imports that have eliminated our jobs sources at home….!!!!

    And is becoming protectionist necessary…..!!! YES

    And can we overcome the world order that we impose on many countries…!!! YES if we don’t get involved unless someone attacks us….

    And so on….and on…..and on…..!!!!

    So… Stop Imports and slow down Asia or they will control all of our best markets….and Asia will have the jobs for their People and we won’t….it’s that simple.

    Joel in LA at EMAIL: jasaguide@sbcglobal.net

  47. When someone, as “Matt” the above individual refers to himself as an “occupier”….it denotes several intentions. Does he view himself as similar to a wartime “occupier”. Number 1 – when is this occupation going to be finished? What event has to occur for them to pack up and go back to their parents basements? I doubt they even know that, they are just enjoying the thrill of it, because this experience is way more exciting than playing a game on their iPhone or laptop computer. To them this is all a game. And it is getting tiresome, and for individuals in power to ENABLE them and give them credence is simply not performing their basic functions of their job. So when everyone has had enough, will this turn violent? I hope not for Mr. McGoo, because he has handled this ineptly.

  48. Well although I HAVE heard some pretty inspiring speeches from regular people (and a pretty awesome dance party to go along with it all), I always felt that the move to SCCC was very stupid.

    It seems like Occupy may not be anything more than a social opportunity for some of the organizers, I can see the gleam in their eyes “People will recognize me at the bars!”(whoopdeedoo, you’ll finally have someone give a fuck about you!), I have even been called a “poser” by people for choosing to dress nice and sport my 99% sticker (I sport 100% thrift-store clothing, I just have good taste). I know my social arenas better than you know MARX, (Seriously, whenever I hear the “self-appointed organizers” talk all I witness is tired old “end corporations” bullshit rants[read a fucking book], it is pretty obvious that the movement is more about “you” than any actual practical purpose for the so-called 99%.)

    Why not partnering with a local cafe and hosting a series of “poetry jams” / political lyrical fire? Promoting anarchy/socialism/alternative/new age ideas and culture (egalitarianism, gift economies, co-housing, intentional communities) through a series of mainstream avenues help build community, strengthen local economies and provide a scaffold for for self-reliant communities (and more to come). This model has worked WELL in Eugene, OR, why not making more of that here?

    These problems aren’t new and I am glad you are concerned, I am more interested in fueling a stronger community with human values and great art and music. I am not interested in watching social hyenas fight over “podium time”.

    <3 The Ghost from Xmas Past

  49. TCBear, by the numbers:

    1. If you think the cause isn’t clearly defined, you clearly aren’t paying attention.

    2. If protesters want to occupy Olympia, they will. All cities should be occupied.

    3. When was the last time you looked for a job?

    4. See #1.

    5. There are plenty of job listings, true, but very little hiring going on. If you’d looked for work lately (I have), you’d know that.

    6. What “rich” do you think support the protesters?

    7. Do not presume to speak for your neighbors. Or Fremont.

    8. See #5.

    9. Gregoire is only one of the politicians on BOTH sides who need to be held accountable for pandering to their backers rather than representing the people.

    10. What makes you think they don’t volunteer?

    11. See #8.

    12. See #4.

    13. See #12.

    14. Relevance?

    15. Your assumptions are ridiculous and groundless.

    16. Stop trying to turn the movement into a partisan exercise. The Republicans promised to create jobs and have not kept that promise either. In fact, they’ve managed to CUT jobs in the last year. Good show.

    17. Getting mad is not going to help and targeting one group versus another isn’t either.

    18. See #13.

  50. ” We are here, get used to it.”

    Occupy is not a new term for the Hill. The GAY community, (LGBT), occupation started 50 years ago.

    Anti War and the massive social changes of the Viet Nam era are part of the occupied history. The Hill, a long time political core of the city.

    AIDS activist occupied 30 years ago. ACT UP worked the Hill with events and actions for years, many, many.

    Pride still works the Hill, 25 plus years, as does the Dyke March and Sat. Pride Fair to this day.

    Welcome, for sure. Now, the energy and money, and support will grow quickly. Open your organizing door Occupy Seattle, many are ready to help.

    Hug those trees like children, we love them. Hold your nose and use the Sani Cans.

    Honor true diversity, gay, straight, young and old all races and ethnic groups. And from the Hill, grow to ten other neighborhoods.

    I will bring crock a pot of oatmeal every morning, yes granny was right!!!

    Queer Nation chanted, ” We’re Queer, We’re here, Get used to it!!

    Adaption is easy, ” We are the 99 percent, We’re here, Get used to it!!”

    Comment by Mike- who lives on the Hill

  51. 1. Occupy is an old word for sex.

    2. This is not an Empire building war term in its present use.

    3. To be in a space is to occupy, you are the occupant of a house or apt., or a camp under a bridge.