Shooting on Boylston Ave — UPDATE: Man says shot in street robbery

A man told police he was shot during an attempted street robbery late Sunday night in the 1700 block of Boylston Ave. The full report and details from witnesses are below. The victim suffered injuries described as “life threatening” by Seattle Fire and SPD and was transported to Harborview. A search for the suspect continued into the night.

Original post: A shooting on Boylston Ave brought emergency vehicles to the area and sent police on a chase after a suspect was seen running from the scene of the crime late Sunday night.

Police responded to 1729 Boylston Ave for the incident reported just before 11:30p.

The victim was conscious at the scene and had suffered at least one gunshot wound.

The victim said they saw a white male wearing a white hoodie running southbound from the scene. Police were told the man was seen getting into a silver Jaguar and fleeing the scene. UPDATE: Police have now received multiple suspect descriptions and are searching the area following reports the shooter left on foot.

Witnesses contacted by CHS via Twitter reported hearing only one or two shots.

The address is a four-story apartment building. Medics were treating the victim at the front entrance of the building.

This is a breaking story and we are working to confirm all details.

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19 thoughts on “Shooting on Boylston Ave — UPDATE: Man says shot in street robbery

  1. …but I immediately dug out my scanner and it sounded like the guy got shot twice. “Strong-arm robbery” I heard.

    I went outside and heard the guy yelling/moaning “fuck he shot 911” Every balcony overlooking the scene had people on their phone. Police arrived quickly.

    It’s a little freaky when someone gets shot just next door. Actually it’s a lot freaky.

    Really hope the guy is okay.

  2. I heard the shot (or two?). I heard voices and moaning, but couldn’t make out any words. Police response was immediate. I saw someone, a white male (middle aged? it was hard to tell) being hauled into the ambulance. I used to live in that building. The block is now taped off. I hope he is okay and the culprit is caught.

  3. I live in the apartment building above the shooting. We also heard one shot, and later heard the police say it was an attempted robbery. I guess the guy refused to give up his wallet.

  4. I live on the corner of Boylston and E. Olive. My window was open. I only heard one shot. I thought it was a firecracker at first then thought it was unlikely at this time of night. Then I heard the victim yelling/moaning. If there were two shots, they must have been in quick succession. From my window, I could see a guy in a white shirt run south on Boyston than make a right and head East on E. Olive. Someone on foot pursued at a distance.

  5. I’ve lived on this block for over 8 years and in many ways it seems to be much safer and less crime-ridden than when I first moved here. However, the armed robberies and muggings in the nearby surroundings seem to be on the rise. It’s a good reminder if robbed that it’s best to just give up the goods.

  6. I hope the man is okay – As a single mom, I’ve lived on this block for over 4 years – 11:30 pm at night is not late for me, and often times, I walk alone – I feel safe in my building and on Boylston overall, the random violent incidences pop up every few years, but it still makes me frustrated and sad. In the past two years, I’ve noticed more cops patrolling – Has there ever been an old school crime patrol in this neighborhood? It might be time to consider it.

  7. and I slept through the whole ordeal. This is horrible news to wake up to.
    I was outside by myself loaded down with groceries just a few hours before. I have never been afraid and as someone said earlier 11:30 is not late, especially in this neighborhood.

  8. I live on the corner of Olive St and Boylston also and only heard one shot. At first I assumed it was a firecracker too (like someone mentioned above) but knew it must have been a gun shot when about 5 minutes later I heard sirens and fire trucks park outside my building, then take off down the street toward Howell.

    Very scary to think this could happen at 11:30 at night on my block. I often walk home at that time after circling the area for a parking spot. Thoughts go out for the young man who was shot. If anyone ever approaches you with a gun and asks for your wallet or purse, throw it away from you and run in the opposite direction, right? It’s what I was taught. Still, to have that happen… very sad.

  9. I was asleep and woken up by one loud bang. I assumed it was a firecracker. Then, I heard someone say “Dude, are you ok??” The man kept yelling and moaning; you could tell he was in pain. Because of all the loud, crazy things I hear on the street, I assumed he hurt himself with the firecracker. But, it did not stop, so I looked out the window to make sure it wasn’t a gun shot. I could see the man lying in the doorway of the apt building across the street. I was very pleased with how quickly the police responded. I just told two different people in the past two days how safe I feel in my neighborhood. Well, not anymore, I am very shocked this happened over a wallet that the suspect did not even take after he shot the man. I will keep this man in my prayers and pray for the safety of us all in the neighborhood.

  10. Hello:

    This is why you call the cops when you see any crime go down. I have heard from too many people that it is not ‘hip’ or something to report crime, as the cops are seen as the “bad guys”. Well, remember this shooting.
    The only way this guy will be caught is if the cops find him, and someone maybe turns him in. And the difference between this shooting and some smaller, petty theft or crime is just degree. This shooter ‘just’ wanted this guy’s wallet; and now he could have killed this man. He probably started off ripping off people’s stereos out of their cars, or other less violent crime. And someone out there saw or knew he did this sort of thing, and let it slide. Because it was not ‘hip’ to report him.
    How about we start phoning in more crime you see, neighbors. And the cops are not necessarily the ‘bad guys’. This is their job; to keep us safe from sociopaths like this shooter.

  11. Ruth:
    I have never, ever heard anyone talk about not reporting a crime because they wanted to be cool. Or heard anyone called unhip if they reported something. Who on earth are you referring to?? The other criminals who protect each other? I don’t think they read the CHS news.
    Best wishes to the victim. I hope he fully recovers.

  12. Yea, I’m pretty sure that’s it.

    Capitol Hill crime will go down exponentially once they learn it’s “hip” to call the police.

    Problem is calling the cops is just not trendy enough right now.

  13. Hey Everyone I have an Update. I am the man who was shot in the armed robbery attempt that occurred on Boylston Ave. Sunday night. I feel obligated to share my gratitude and love for all of the people who helped to keep me focused on staying alive. I am pleased to announce that I was only struck by one bullet. That one projectile, amazingly, would enter and leave my body with out touching any vital organs and just grazing my diaphragm… Contrary to some reports, I did not refuse to give this man my wallet. He demanded my wallet and her purse. And as I turned to look at my friend he shot me. At that point, he ran off. I searched my body for the wound, sticking my finger into the bullet hole as I collapsed onto the front steps of the Rialto. To the manager of that building, THANK YOU so much for holding my hand, sharing my pain, and encouraging me to be brave. Your caring heart is an example of the apex of human compassion. You should get a medal. And everyone else made me feel like I was being protected. Thank you all so much.