Capitol Hill carjacker makes it only two blocks before crash

An apparent carjacking at Boylston and E Howell ended only minutes — and a few blocks — later at Pine and Belmont Thursday night. We’re still collecting information and haven’t confirmed details but, according to police dispatch radio, a woman reported her white Acura had been stolen just before 9p by a man claiming to have a weapon. The car crashed only minutes later a few blocks away at Belmont and Pine. A medic response was underway as of 9:05p.

The suspect was in custody at the scene. We’ll update this post when we learn more.

Thanks to neighbor Trenton Garris for the photo from the scene.

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6 thoughts on “Capitol Hill carjacker makes it only two blocks before crash

  1. I was travelling up E. Howell toward SCCC (about 9pm) when a woman flagged me down at the intersection of E. Howell and Boylston (where the island in the intersection is). She was frantic and said she had just had her car jacked by an African American man. He approached out of no where as she was opening her car about 5 cars south of the intersection parked on the street. He told her to drop her keys and I guess said he was taking her car. As I called 911, he pulled out of the parking spot just north of the pay lot ( on Boylston) and sped off and fish tailed south on Boylston. Then we heard a loud crash and she said her car was probably in a accident.
    The rest is noted in the blog. I think the car that was hit was totaled. The guy was on a stretcher and appeared to be hurt and a bit messed up. Not sure if anyone else was hurt. The woman was terrified.

  2. On November 17th at approximately 8:52 p.m. officers responded to a 911 report of a car-jacking near Boylston Avenue and East Howell Street. Preliminary investigation indicates that a male suspect in his mid-20′s approached the adult female victim as she was getting into her car. By his gestures the suspect indicated that he had a weapon and told the victim to lay her car keys and cell phone on the ground. She complied. The suspect grabbed her car keys and drove off in her white Acura sedan.

    At Boylston Avenue and East Pine Street the suspect struck another moving vehicle occupied by two adults (one male and one female). After striking the first car the suspect struck at least two other unoccupied parked cars and continued on without stopping.

    The stolen Acura being driven by the suspect stopped running due to the damage it sustained from the multiple collisions the suspect had just been involved in. The suspect stopped the vehicle at Belmont Avenue and East Pine Street and fled on foot.

    A male citizen who witnessed the hit and run collisions caught up to the suspect and detained him until police arrived. Responding officers took the suspect into custody without further incident.

    The two people that were in the moving car that was initially struck by the suspect sustained minor injuries. SFD medics responded and subsequently treated and released both victims at the scene.

    The suspect displayed obvious signs of being under the influence of drugs and was transported to Harborview Medical Center by ambulance for evaluation. The suspect is currently under guard at the hospital.

    Upon release from the hospital the suspect will be booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Robbery and Investigation of Auto Theft. The suspect may also face additional charges for Hit & Run.

    This remains an active and on-going investigation.

  3. So does the SPD turn a blind eye to all the crime that seems to happen on the 100 block of Boylston? I mean if some better street lighting was placed in that area, I’m sure it would help detour some criminal activity. Car jacking, muggings, sexual assaults all withing a short period of time, and in the same 3 block radius. Something needs to be done.