Celebrate Space Needle New Year’s 2012 fireworks with a view from Capitol Hill

(Image: Brant P)

It’s likely to be cold and drizzly Saturday night but consider stepping outside to be part of Seattle Center’s center of the civic celebration of 2012 from a vantage point on Capitol Hill.

As CHS contributor Brant P said as he and friends rang in 2009 by watching Space Needle fireworks from a Capitol Hill vantage point, “The rain was cold, but the booze kept me warm inside.” This post has some images — and video — of the view from Capitol Hill during Space Needle NYE fireworks past.

As for where to watch from, Melrose above I-5 and Volunteer Park afford some great views of the Needle. Unfortunately, Volunteer Park is supposed to be closed to the public starting at 10p. By the way, with terrorism fears shutting down the party near the Space Needle for the 2000 New Year’s celebration, Seattle Parks kept Volunteer Park open to view the show — that would be a swell tradition to continue without the terrorism part, please. Regardless, plan on walking to your viewpoint. It will take you until next New Year’s to find a place to park. UPDATE: The Lookout promises “Seattle’s best view of the Space Needle and fireworks.” It gets to be a zoo so get there early, we’re told. $10 cover after 7p.

Let us know if you have tips or advice — or friendly neighborly requests — for watching the fireworks from the Hill.

New Year’s Fireworks
, originally uploaded by bkraai2003.

New Years 2010 – Fireworks at the Space Needle from David Albright on Vimeo.

The view from Melrose

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6 thoughts on “Celebrate Space Needle New Year’s 2012 fireworks with a view from Capitol Hill

  1. Join the regular gathering of mellow people enjoying the straight shot down the hill to the Needle.

    If you stay in your car to keep warm, please turn the engine off and don’t gas the rest of us!

    (For Y2K we even had a tour bus of people come and join us)

  2. The best NYE show is going to be at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle! Beats Antique is amazing, mesmerizing, phenomenal, and they’ll make you dance. Yes, dancing in Seattle. I am going to be there and I’m not going to be jealous of anyone because I know how to let loose and enjoy the best party around. So get your tickets for Beats Antique in Seattle for New Years and lets bring the house down! :-D