Occupy Capitol Hill | Raid arrests, camp status, ‘Occupy Somewhere Else’ assault, bank vandalized

  • 10th/Union raid arrests: Occupy Seattle said over the weekend that the nine men and seven women arrested in the early Saturday morning SWAT raid on the 10th/Union takeover have been released from jail. Each was booked for investigation of trespassing while some may also face obstruction charges.
  • UPDATE: Publicola — Capitol Hill Occupiers Slide Their Way to Freedom: “Dozens of Occupy Seattle protesters used a slide to escape from police (WHEEEEEE!) after a SWAT team LINK raided an abandoned warehouse taken over by the group on Capitol Hill over the weekend, an Occupy Seattle member tells PubliCola.”
  • Occupy persists: Though the size of the camp is dwindling, there were still a lot of Occupy Seattle tents in place at Broadway and Pine Monday morning following the busy weekend. The camp isn’t sparkling clean — but there aren’t abandoned piles of junk as people move out and on, either.

  • Not moving day: A Seattle Community Colleges rep tells CHS that signs announcing the emergency rule upheld last week won’t be posted until later this week. “The college will discuss the schedule and next steps at its regularly scheduled Tuesday meeting with Occupy Seattle representatives,” the spokesperson said. 
  • Friday night assault: We checked into the SPD report of a man holding a “Occupy Somewhere Else” sign who told police he was assaulted outside the Occupy Seattle camp Friday night prior to the building takeover and SWAT raid a few blocks away. Though the man declined medical attention, he was, according to police, hit hard enough to break his glasses. The man told police he was standing outside the camp with his sign — the full text read “Occupy Somewhere Else, Not My School” — when a group approached him. One man told the sign-holder “I don’t like your sign,” the victim said, and punched him in the face three times. The victim told police he attempted to follow the group of men and women — all described as white and having dreadlocks — into the camp as he called 911 but that one of the group attempted to sic his pit bull on the man. The victim told police Occupiers then blocked him and said they would not let him enter SCCC’s plaza. Police arrived but could not find anybody matching the suspect descriptions at the scene.
  • Broadway bank window busted… again: The night of the 10th/Union raid, a Broadway bank was again the victim of vandalism. According to the police report on the incident, a double pane window on the backside of the Broadway Chase was shattered sometime Friday night or Saturday morning by an unknown vandal. Police believe a heavy object like a rock or a brick was used unlike a recent attack at the US Bank on Broadway in which a man was seen using a hammer to shatter glass. The Chase outlet at Broadway and E Thomas is a frequent target for vandalism. In early November, a pepper-spray melee broke out in the street in front of the bank as protesters and police clashed following the arrest of five people who had chained themselves together inside the bank. A week later, a Bank of America branch in Madison Park suffered significant damage when its ATM was set on fire.
  • Monitoring Central District: We asked SPD if there were any updates regarding another building takeover in the area as a group continues to squat at 23rd and Alder across from Garfield High Schoool. SPD said they continue to “monitor” the situation.
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53 thoughts on “Occupy Capitol Hill | Raid arrests, camp status, ‘Occupy Somewhere Else’ assault, bank vandalized

  1. if you really want news on whats going down over at 23rd and alder, why don’t you just show up with your camera and lie to everyone when they ask you if your press? just like you did at 10th and union? of course your going to delete this comment like every other one, but this time we know who you are

  2. My man in the CD is doing a great job on 23rd/Alder. Please contact Tom at tips@centraldistrictnews.com if you have additional information regarding 23rd and Alder. I also operate centraldistrictnews, btw. While we’re interested in what the people living there can tell us — and Tom has talked with them — we’re trying to learn more about SPD’s plans for the situation.

    I was invited inside 10th/Union by participants after they learned I was media while I was covering the situation from outside the building. Once inside, I identified myself as press to anybody who asked. I also had a camera around my neck and an iphone out most of the time.

    Have you had a comment deleted? Please try to refrain from poor community behavior like sock puppetry or threats of physical violence.

  3. Where is the LOVE??? The 1% gave us the Dot-Com boom, the EV1 electric car to lease (until they recalled all of them and detroyed them all)… the 1% gave us hand-over-fist loans during Bush’s second term, they gave us the World Trade Organization which allows us to move to India in order to find work in the USA by being outsourced. The 1% also gave use the notion that ‘capitalist democracy’ is the same concept as ‘democratic replublic’. We show no appreciation for all that has been given to us… all the money we could had made if we THE 99% didnt screw it up by our selves… as long as the 1% allow us to spend on flat screen TVs, video games, sport events, shopping sprees, an SUV and alcohol/drugs we wont REALLY do anything outside of complain about our commute to work and brag about how we didnt take a vacation or about how much overtime we work (you know you love bragging like that).

    We are American citizens; i.e.: we like to ‘do something’ w/out actually DOING SOMETHING. How can we NOT have a 1%… ??? God bless the 1%… THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO :-) Merry christmas!!! Happy Kwanza!!! ShamalamaRamadana!!!

    The 1% should outsource Indians and Mexicans to occupy the ‘Occupy Movement’. That’ll teach us!

    As far as ‘Occupy Seattle’ goes: how can you expect much from a bunch of pretentious, passive-aggressive socially timid north west hicks…?

  4. The following letter from Seattle Central English professor Jeb Wyman was posted to the Occupy Seattle website today:

    By Jeb Wyman

    A few of my colleagues have expressed gratitude to our administrators for their decisive actions to oust Occupy Seattle from the south lawn. I want to throw my roses to the matadors in the ring, too.

    After last week’s Board of Trustees meeting, it was clear just how well they’d done. As it happens, that same afternoon, not long after the last smack of the gavel, I introduced poli sci faculty Jawed Zouari, who was delivering a lecture titled “From the Tunisian revolution to Occupy Seattle.” I told the crowd of about eighty students that the Trustees had just voted unanimously (a united front!) to ban camping on campus.

    One student clapped enthusiastically. “GOOD!” he said. “Those guys throw needles in childcare centers.”

    Maybe a dozen others glared at the young man—got to admire his guts—but that’s not the point. The point is that the young man seemed really to despise those nutjobs camped out in the rain. He despises them because, as far as he’s concerned, so it seems, they’re the scum of the earth.

    It’s no secret how he came to feel that way. He and lots of others. Only ten days before, the administration pulled off a little media blitz. Quickie pieces appeared in the Seattle P-I, the Tribune, King 5, even KUOW (who cleverly rehashed King 5’s single-source story).

    The news was all about rats, trash, drugs, dogs, booze, beer cans and used hypodermic needles in a children’s playground. Oh, and some stolen soap.

    Now, let’s be honest, our “College of the Year” drops the ball now and then. Not this time, though. Home run! Rats, trash, and needles stuck in the public imagination like pedophilia to Penn State. Big schools like UC Davis are drowning in bad press (hapless pepper-spraying cop), but Seattle Central showed commanding form. With breath-taking efficiency and a cost-effective approach, the Occupy tribe were branded half-human drug addicts and drop outs. And they brought rats, the college said. You might call it propaganda with panache. Touche.

    For sure, rats are a cherished institution at our institution. They’ve been crapping on my desk for years. Rats and the college go back a long ways, a Tom and Jerry kind of thing. Some old-timers might even remember a City Collegian article about rats in the culinary dept. kitchen, nibbling through flour sacks. (Funny, admin stamped out the 42-year-old student paper shortly after. Wonder why!)

    Of course, if you spend much time at Seattle Central, you’ll get cozy with needles, too. Since 1994, I’ve parked in the lower level of the garage. On most mornings I detour around a puddle of sour pee (that bracing odor wakes you up!) in the stairwell. I’ve stepped over many a hypodermic needle on those stairs. And over broken gin bottles, stolen purses, beer cans in paper bags, empty plastic baggies. My car has been broken into three times. The garage was once equipped with security cameras, but they were—you can’t make this up!—stolen years ago.

    A few years ago, the campus president locked up all first-floor bathrooms after too many homeless took sink baths and too many overdosed dope addicts were found sprawled in the stalls.

    And in mid-October—that’s, uh, a few weeks before Occupy moved in—our facilities director put out an email blast (with great accompanying pix!) bemoaning that graffiti, vandalism, trash, needles, and “cleaning up the feces, and urine, and vomit left almost daily at our doorsteps” cost the school about $200,000 a year.

    Sorry to gross you out, but I’m just quoting directly.

    The point is, facts and first-class propaganda have nothing to do with each other. Only a fool would deny that. Quite the contrary, our administration knows what they’re doing. We’re not talking amateurs. This is poetry in motion. Salute!

    Rats, trash, and needles hits ‘em in the gut, but you gotta do more than that. You gotta hit ‘em in the head, too. That’s what numbers are for. Well, how about $20,000 a week? That’s the price of Occupy on this impoverished campus, according to the administration. And that means killing off classes. (Maybe $20k is just a “ballpark” figure, with no documentation, but prove me wrong!). How about 2000 square feet? That’s the size of the lawn the Occupy hoard is crammed on, according to the administration, like slum dwellers in Mumbai. (It’s actually about four times that size, but who’s measuring?)

    In case you missed it, last week’s packed Board of Trustees meeting was a multi-media propaganda tour de force. After 15 minutes of obligatory “public comment” time (yawn!), there was serious testimony. One student was reported to be dropping out because, he said, he shouldn’t have to put up with Occupy. “And I think he’s right,” said Pres. Killpatrick. (no word whether he was passing his classes!) One other student said she’d been “harassed” four times by Occupy people (and they’d only been on campus 13 school days). She complained, she said, to Dean Evans, who told the poor thing that her hands were tied because “the school is being held hostage.” (a hostage situation? Sounds like a job for the SWAT team.)

    We heard from vice-presidents and chancellors and assistant attorneys general. And when Karen Strickland, who represents 1000 faculty as union president, requested time to speak, she was told to shut up and apologize! Magnificent! That’s how you do it.

    The coup de grace was a gut-wrenching viewing of a Q13 FOX broadcast (“We report. You decide!”) about a lurid “alleged attempted sexual assault” in the squalid Occupy encampment. Occupiers tell me that the strange girl stumbled up to the camp—drunk, ruffied, incoherent and already half-naked—and they brought her in to the camp to get her off the street. If so, that sure was a dumb idea!

    A lot has been made of the “educational” opportunities Occupy offers. For sure, classes are abuzz and people are talking. A lot. About the profound undermining of publicly funded higher education. About the grotesque and rapidly widening income gap in this country. About a financial system that is sinking the middle class. About soaring lines at food banks and people cut off from basic medical and dental care. About whether our future has to look like the past.

    I could go on and on.

    “Education”? Honestly. Think this is going to help our graduates score jobs or claw their way up the corporate ladder? Give me a break. Far better they learn how to get things done. Let our administration show ‘em how.

    Jeb Wyman
    Faculty, Dept. of English

  5. Let’s not forget that this is coming from somebody who teaches at a community college. The best and the brightest are neither teaching at or attending SCCC.

  6. Hey tmo, your notion that the best and brightest neither teach at nor attend SCCC is uninformed to say the least. I have several colleagues who attended and are now at the top of their fields; I know others who were at the top before they chose to take on teaching jobs there.

    The school has multiple personalities–ESL students, recent HS grads who have no idea what they want to do yet, adults going back to trade programs to change career paths…

    If you don’t like it, you don’t need to go there or send your kid there, but they are pretty successful as an institution so perhaps you should just fuck off.

  7. Sorry, what I meant to say is Occupy Seattle is not attracting the best and the brightest. I’m sure you are smart enough to agree on this one or you should just fuck off.

  8. yeah right. our security people at the door asked you several times as did I as did several other people. you lied everytime. you weren’t invited. Other people from the Stranger? maybe. You? absolutely not. Why in the hell would you ever think we would want a crime writer in that space. Nobody is threatening you just making it clear that you won’t be allowed to take pictures of our actions again.

  9. Cut’n’paste broadsides in the comments are lame. Couldn’t you just include a link to this instead of regurgitating the whole thing here? Unless you’re just trying to drown out everyone with verbiage…

  10. I’ll indulge J.V and reply. Your response is nonsense. One, the Stranger didn’t cover. Two, What exactly would I have lied about? “I’m not taking pictures for my news web site”??

  11. you said you weren’t press. to several people. typical dishonesty from you gone hand in hand with your poor journalistic skills (really? steal all your stories from police reports? come on, you don’t even bother to interview people!).

  12. Probably nobody is a fan of Chase. But the juvenile window smashings accomplish nothing, and quite likely alienate more people than not. Grow up, children. You’re not doing anything to help the cause or prove a point.

  13. Hey Vanzetti – why are you afraid of an independent journalist covering your movement, especially at 10th/Union? It implies you have something to hide, or that you are afraid. (shakes head)

  14. im not implying anything. I’m SAYING that we don’t want a shitty crime reporter who constantly slanders other people via police reports reporting on our biz.. Other “independent” journalists are fine. More so, its not cool to lie about being press.

  15. Well YOU SHOWED CHASE! Didn’t you vandals? I am sure they will change now with that one window is gone and replaced. GOOD show (clap clap clap).

  16. The good professor apparently missed the mugging of the person who had the temerity to hold a protest sign on the fringe of the encampment – punched in the face, glasses broken, by three “white dreadlocked” thugs with a pit bull. I wish that I had been there – they were too cowardly to confront him alone, and their “fellow campers” failed to point out “three dreaded white guys with a pit bull”. Apparently, they simply blended in too well to be located? I think not.
    I find that the level of “discourse” has fallen precipitously as even neutral observors have weighed in on this issue. The occupiers, as noted in this thread, don’t have any regrets in telling them to F*** Off! Classy, guys……Goodbye, and the sooner the better.

  17. Oh god.

    Are you stupid you can’t distinguish Justin from Jonah Spangenthal-Lee?

    And who the hell are you to restrict access to a warehouse where you’ve broken and entered and are trespassing?

    And good luck preventing journalists from taking photographs.

    Your facts are wrong, your attitude sucks, and shame on you and your anarcho-moron cohorts for hijacking Occupy Seattle and besmirching its name.

  18. @phil mocek (and jeb)

    okay, i’ll grant you that rats and needles and piss and shit and beer drinking were around long before occupy moved in. but what did occupy do to change it?

    you had 100 or so people spending the majority of their day in a confined area where they could have policed the grounds and cleaned it up. they could have prevented other drug addicts and alcoholics from using the area by calling the police every time they came around. they could have beautified the area. instead, at best, they kept it status quo.

    occupy states how they are a force for change. yet, how can they change the nation when they can’t even change a half-block stretch of land?

  19. Vanzetti–What I find amusing is the very fact that you’re saying he wasn’t invited into a building that you all were trespassing in. I understand the intent and merit behind occupying space that isn’t being used, but technically none of you were “invited” either. Let the man do his job. You want people to pay attention to your message? You want change? Media gets that message out there. Like Max says, hating on press just makes me think you’re afraid. You’re neither helping your cause nor making a good impression.

  20. I’m a big advocate of protesting for what you believe in. I was however disgusted to see the camp on the SCCC campus. The campus doesn’t make laws. It isn’t the 1%, but rather students who hope to make a life for themselves as the 99%. Hijacking a valid movement so you can play hippie for a few weeks while you destroy someone else’s property just to get high is bull. If you want to make a difference, go to Olympia where laws are passed, or Bellevue where the 1% live. Otherwise, just take your drugs and tent and hit burning man next year so you can experience a camp out with like minded druggies. Get off Campus! Your not in Olympia or Bellevue because you know they will call your bull and kick you out.

  21. find it amusing if you want. that building was going to be turned into luxury apartments. apartments alot of people can’t afford. what about affordable housing? what about a community center for people that want something else besides shitty condo development everywhere?

  22. @j.vanzetti

    “what about affordable housing?”

    i know it’s difficult but perhaps if you read this blog that you are so adamant about lambasting, you’d have read the following about the development set to take place. from this posting:

    “”We don’t have any significant changes to speak of, other than that we will be keeping 20% of the residential units rent affordable, as part of a program that the city is offering to selected new multifamily projects,”…”

    so that answers your question about affordable housing. as to this question:

    “what about a community center for people that want something else besides shitty condo development everywhere?”

    nobody’s stopping you buddy. you and your pals get some money together, and buy a little place, and you can do whatever the hell you want to do as long as it doesn’t violate laws. it’s really simple.

    you know, for someone who’s so negative against justin and this site, you sure are putting a lot of time and effort into commenting here. methinks the lady doth protest too much?

  23. theres affordable housing ie, housing that is affordable and then there is housing that is pawned off as affordable ie slightly below market rate apartments that make a profit for various individuals in the non-profits that run these.

    you do realize that several non-profits with a community emphasis have gone under in recent years due to the recession? so where do you propose we get this “money”? rethink your position.

  24. @j.vanzetti

    “so where do you propose we get this “money”?”

    are you new here? it’s called working for it. go get a job. use your brain as something other than a neck weight and figure out what talents you have that you can trade for this thing we call “money”. save and collaborate with other like-minded individuals and then use your combined money to meet your goals.

    sitting in a tent drinking a forty isn’t going to get you to your goal. smoking a bong won’t either. chastising a blogger won’t make your goals a reality. and neither will trespassing. maybe you should rethink YOUR position.

    oh wait, you won’t do that. because like a teabagger or a member of a religious cult, you have a simple mantra that you can’t stop chanting. and nothing i, or anyone else, says to you will change that. i feel sorry for you. i truly do.

  25. lemme ask you, have you ever lived in any of this “affordable housing”? not likely.. hence your quick and ill informed response.. still, rethink your position. your wrong.

  26. Holy Shit! Now The Capitol Hill Blog is now on the “enemies list”!

    Me thinks after these bozos demonize the last three people alive, it’s gonna be Jonestown 2011 one night down their next to dem cold cold tents….

  27. Dear SPD,
    Please add some of us to the notify list for the purchase of lawn-chair seatting at your next SPD vs. Occupy event. Proceeds from ticket sales can go to paying for officer’s overtime.

  28. @j.vanzetti

    the truth hurts, huh? is that why you think i didn’t respond to you in my last comment? read closer pal, use your brain and you’ll see the response sooner or later.

    have i ever lived in affordable housing? no, just cheap weekly-rate motel rooms until i no longer had things of value to sell to pay for a night. then i had to live in my car for nearly a month, taking “showers” in rest area bathrooms. i’d go through fast food dumpsters late at night so i wouldn’t starve. but no, i never lived in affordable housing.

    unless you mean cheap apartment rooms that had panes of glass missing from the windows. apartments that were so infested with roaches that they’d try to crawl into the hot pan you were cooking spam in. but no, i never lived in affordable housing. no, you’re right. you have me pegged. you know SO much about me from my blog comments here – my “ill informed” blog comments.

    nope, i didn’t pick myself up, educate myself, get a job, get a better job, save and sacrifice so that i could be where i am now – arguing with an internet troll about things he knows nothing about. you’re right (and that’s how the contraction ‘you are’ is written; not “your”). keep repeating your mantra – “rethink your position”, “rethink your position”, “rethink your position”, and maybe one day the world will turn your way. but not likely.

    now goodbye dear troll. stay butt hurt.

  29. So about six weeks ago I wanted to join them….

    About four weeks ago I wanted to correct them…

    Two weeks ago I was completely done with them

    Last weekend I wanted to wring their necks….

    Today, I want Kilpatrick to let them stay… Throw 4 walls around it and rename it the SCCC Comedy Club

    As Clint Eastwood said, “a man’s gotta know his limitations”

  30. Junior College…. The great American tradition where you try to amass credits and inflated grades, while telling your high school friends that you are too cool to do a “traditional education”, while all the time trying to lobby some four year college to accept your transfer….. WHIlLE THE ENTIRE TIME YOUR FUCKING HIGH AS A KITE!

  31. I see you missed the part where I informed you that your facts were wrong and your attitude sucks. Apparently your reading comprehension skills suck too.


    If all you have to offer is mockery for your fellow citizens and some autofellating rhetoric about your own martyrdom, why not keep it on the Puget Sound Anarchists website where it will be appreciated? We don’t troll you over there, so don’t troll us over here.

  32. Jseattle is not a “crime reporter.” He is a neighborhood blogger and is very well-respected and appreciated by almost everyone in the Capitol Hill community. I would believe his version of events any day over an angry, immature druggie from OS.

  33. Jseattle is not a “crime reporter.” He is a neighborhood blogger and is very well-respected and appreciated by almost everyone in the Capitol Hill community. I would believe his version of events any day […].


  34. Thanks for the support :) It’s nice to read.

    From what I can tell, J.Vanzetti has little or nothing to do with the organizers from the 10th/Union action or the Occupy Seattle working teams — most of the people I’ve spoken with have been intelligent, aware and surprisingly open-minded. You might not like the tactics but nobody I’ve dealt with has discouraged coverage. Some have definitely shaped their actions specifically for media but mostly I’ve found the groups to be busy and focused on whatever project is underway at the time — be it a protest in the street, a building takeover or simply trying to pull together warm food for a large group of people.

  35. Zeebleoop wrote, “okay, i’ll grant you that rats and needles and piss and shit and beer drinking were around long before occupy moved in. but what did occupy do to change it?”

    You’re changing the subject. The college administration declared an emergency, stating that various problems were a result of Occupy Seattle’s demonstration, and bypassing the normal rule-making process. Jeb Wyman from the college pointed out that these things preexisted the occupation. There’s no emergency. The meeting of the SCCC Board of Trustees and their so-called emergency is a sham.

  36. I’m not aware of any OS G.A. resolution that supports J.Vanzetti’s position. It seems that he is talking only for himself, not Occupy Seattle.

    The possibility exists that J.Vanzetti is a troll and/or provocateur.

    Personally – not speaking for OS – I welcome transparency and reporters, and I have great respect for CDN.

  37. Well then Phil, we can say Occupy Seattle has done one thing. They have, through their efforts, helped the SCCC administration address ongoing issues at their campus.

    Well done!

  38. OCCUPY demands prosecution of bankers who have committed numerous securities and foreclosure frauds.

    Obama and the Tea Party are trying to block those prosecutions.

    I can still remember when I thought the Tea Party was a good thing.

  39. Jeb’s a great guy. He was my English teacher at SCCC. His experience does not mirror mine at SCCC currently. If you read I, Anonymous this week, you’ll see that plenty also have had a negative experience with Occupy at SCCC. It is faulty reasoning to say “the hill has always had crime” as a reason to excuse the crimes committed by the Occupiers. That’s like saying “we’ve always had to deal with crazy people, theft and vandalism, so let’s just have as much of it as humanly possible with this new group, and have them never heald accountable because, you know, sometimes those things happened before they came too. That’s not the point. The point is that OS are leaving a footprint of human detriis, drug debris, sexual assaults and harassments of students – regardless of whether those things ALSO sometimes happen without them. If they have increased due to OS, then OS needs to police its shit. And stop hassling students. And stop assaulting people then running in to tents. And stop crapping on the bathroom floors!