Occupy Capitol Hill | SWAT raid, arrests as police clear occupied building

In a pre-dawn SWAT raid, police surrounded Capitol Hill’s 10th and Union area and stormed a building to flush out a group inside. Earlier Friday night, members of Occupy Seattle had entered the slated-for-demolition building and said they intended to use the space as a new headquarters.

Organizers said there had been at least 20 arrests. The arrested were being booked on charges of criminal trespass and included men and women, according to police. A police spokesperson said he could not yet confirm how many people were arrested but that a report would be available later Saturday. UPDATE: King County Jail records indicate 13 people booked this morning for criminal trespass with a handful also booked for obstruction. UPDATEx2: SPD reports 16 arrested. Details below.

The building will be demolished to make way for a 79-unit apartment building. CHS reported Friday morning that the developer plans to begin demolition this week but members of the group said they had heard a rumor that the demolition permit had expired. City records show that the permit is valid through November 2012. Developer Seawest has said it plans to begin construction of the new project in January.

The Friday night takeover came as Seattle’s Occupy group learned that a Thurston County judge had upheld the Seattle Community College system’s right to invoke an emergency rule to ban camping on the Seattle Central campus. It follows a takeover in the Central District of an empty home at 23rd and Alder across the street from Garfield High School. We do not have any reports of a raid at that location but our sister site Central District News reported Friday on efforts being prepared to remove the group squatting in the duplex. Friday night, some of the group taking over the 10th and Union building told CHS they would simply find another building if they were removed. Up Union two blocks, the Undre Arms Apartments sit empty awaiting demolition and another new apartment project.

Early Saturday morning, a large contingent of police were at 10th and Union when CHS arrived following the raid. We were told police began entering the building just before 4am entering through doors and the roof of the building. A Seattle Fire ladder truck was at the scene to provide roof access.

We have not heard reports of injuries at this time.

(Image: @occupyseattle)

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173 thoughts on “Occupy Capitol Hill | SWAT raid, arrests as police clear occupied building

  1. Nice work, SPD! It’s good that they are finally being more aggressive with illegal occupations. It’s better to take care of this now instead of waiting for the “protestors” (aka squatters) to get more entrenched, as they did at SCCC.

    Now, I hope they will do the same thing at the occupied house across from Garfield HS.

  2. Yes! Thank you SPD for moving so quickly. This is becoming a bigger and bigger issue and needs the immediate attention you provided! And as far as I’ve heard, it was efficient and violence free! Thank you!

  3. I’m a small business owner and I can’t get the police in this city to investigate property crime or a break-in because they don’t have the time and resources. I’ve heard similar stories from other business owners, homeowners and victims of vandalism and theft. But, they can cordon off a three block area, roll out a dozen police cruisers, enlist the fire department and SWAT team and spend thousands of dollars to evict a small group of people from an abandoned building? The Seattle Police Department’s priorities are not where they should be. If they have this much free time and the resources for this sort of action and the sustained surveillance they’ve dedicated to watching Occupy Seattle, then we obviously need to cut their budget or demand that they re-examine what they are being paid for. This can not possibly be the best use of taxpayer money.

  4. I wonder who owned the building, that this was taken care of so quickly? Regular people in this town wouldn’t get this sort of service from the SPD. It must be one of the big developers, or one of the friend$ of the council.

    If they want to occupy something, occupy the Rainier Club. That will give the bastards some Maalox moments. I’d love to see how a SWAT team would handle that.

  5. Yes, thank you SPD for your constant overreaction, overuse of force, and lack of understanding of the occupy movement. Im sure glad there are people like you guys constantly trying to silence the vioce of the people. We are so fortunate you and many other law enforcement agencies continue to enforce your militaristic tactics in the name of damning freedom. Keep up the good work!

  6. I am a small business owner a block away from OS and in my multiple years on Capitol Hill have never seen the mayhem we’ve experienced here in the past 5 weeks…. Between clearing those Godamn stickers and graffiti off everything, we have been burglarized 4 times, and have been tripping over needles daily… I have heard that the local Walgreen has practically given up on snatch and run shoplifting…. You want to cry for the poor guy trying to run the SCCC Performance Art Center…. What a shit show!

    Let me say on behalf of the 99% of my Cap Hill neighbors thank you SPD and a great start to claiming our neighborhood back.

  7. They’ll just find somewhere else. These problems that they’re protesting don’t just go away. You’re going to have a dead protester one of these days when some trigger happy swat team member gets spooked.

  8. Last night was 34 degrees out – or less. And the heroic police, en masse, un announced, in the middle of the freezing night, supported by the new yuppies on the Hill, they threw people needing shelter out of an empty, trashed by previous tenants, tear down building …


    Seems the so called squatters, they are less than human, poor, mostly homeless. Oh, no, stop. All of those, but, well now, seemingly for a change organized into a group …. beware, the REAL red scare, they could be commies.

    Thus, dangerous. Oh, so dangerous. Everything important – all the crime we face is now cast aside. The homeless are a little bit organized, the police must mobilize and overload the judicial system with petty crime.

    My Seattle, you are becoming like some place in Mississippi or Alabama. Sad.

    By the way it is now 35 degrees, cold, cold. Dangerously, repeat dangerously cold for the homeless and zero resource folks, busted by the depression. Oh, that, most of the posters here have money in their pockets.

  9. Cry me a river. There are many homeless shelters in Seattle, and there are very few nights when beds aren’t available. But then they couldn’t get drunk and/or use drugs, could they?

  10. @Xavier

    Mississippi or Alabama? ROFL!

    Which group is hanging outside all night wearing hoods (hoodies) chanting like a bunch of clan members?

    Want to get warm? Apologize to your parents… Maybe they will let you crashi in the spare room

  11. I have a nice 2 bedroom condo on the Hill, high security, 4th floor. I feel so much safer now.

    Safer, here on the fourth floor of a secure building. Police have kept me safe. Nordstom is having a sale on platinum jewelry, silken garments, and imported perfume.

  12. .. your mommies basement has been the sock reply to many serious postings … sounds kind of feeble to be honest. I am a business owner, investor, made my first million at 26, silly goose.

    This issue is about heart and soul and priorities.

    I see no reason to protect a tear down building in bitter cold which could serve many temporary shelter needs.

    And it is akin to a red scare. And we are in the midst of the Second Great Depression, when do we admit thee are many years of this shit to go?

  13. You see, it’s not a protest anymore, there in lies the problem. There are shelters for these folks, or they can just go back home. The occupy movement has become, just noise. Thanks SPD! NEXT – SCCC!

  14. The Rainier Club is like a foreign country’s embassy. There would never be a call to the police. Not only could they shoot you in there, your body would go right into the studio apartment sized fireplace.

  15. Occupy everywhere, you are just a sheep of another herd. The reason why might be it is an abandoned building you guys are committing a crime in. Not because the police give preferential treatment to certain people. It might have been a lot easier to verify beyond a reasonable doubt that occupy was not allowed in there since the owner information was posted on the building unlike 307 23 Av.

  16. These “protesters” continue to baffle me. Yes, the things that the Occupy movement are trying to bring to light will not be going away anytime soon. And, our system is seriously broken. However, the protesters do their cause NO good by acting the way they are acting (i.e entitled, unfocused, no respect for the law, etc.)

    I’m glad the SPD acted as they did. Squatting in any vacant building they choose to break into is simply wrong. And it needs to be stopped before it gets out of control.

    Occupy Seattle is losing my empathy quickly.

  17. how many people were so quick to defend a guy getting an $800 tow bill for parking in a spot that isn’t his (and wasn’t being used)…but this shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    you fucking hippies disappoint me.

    nice job SPD, best thing i’ve heard about you in the last 3 years.

  18. None of this is new. Protesters camped out in the 30s, 60s and 70s often. There were mass die-ins, people protested by filling restaurants to sit-in and protest inequality. LGBT activists have been party to complaints about tactics for, well, the entirety of the LGBT rights movement.

    Not a single thing is novel unless history is foreign to you.

    Also not new: cheering on cop conduct.

  19. It is still a protest. Actions are ongoing, planning continues. The majority of us are not campers so the idea that this is a big campout is ridiculous.

    Just think: for weeks folks have been saying what you’re saying and yet Occupy is still here. Perhaps this is larger than you think? :)

  20. Think about the sort of police actions possible when good people blindly promote crackdowns.

    Think about the Seattle PD’s recent history.

    This isn’t the glorious defense of Seattle you think it is.

    So let’s stop the frighteningly right-wing pro-government crackdown rhetoric.

  21. Wow, was there a hostage situation? Weapons? Or is this just a huge show of force so SPD can feel like their collective penis grew 13 inches that day?

    What a huge waste of taxpayer money.

  22. AJ, can I say hon? You are being saved from the Occupy scare …. you do feel safer, don’t you?

    Apparently, recently, a dog shit near the SCCC Occupy, and sundry other major problems. The site offered thousands of meals for over a month, no problem, but, all in a hypothetical lather about scary potential health problems – they were using bleach like crazy on dishes – exactly the right thing to do. Health Dept. never mentioned that.

    I think a lot of the posters here ARE – police folks.

    You forgot how many people get outraged when the Queers do their parade every year, leaves the street messy, a street is closed, and the fear that children might be affected by all that color and costuming … some of people here sound a great deal like the usual …. status quo conservatives, bitching and smug, lacking any social perspective beyond their small world.

  23. Martya: Nordstom’s only carries brand name. If you want high end, and a glass of wine or scotch while you shop go to Mario’s or one of the boutique stores that haven’t moved to Bellevue.

  24. I think – saying collective – 13 is a very small increase.

    BUT, on overtime, weekend bonus time and war zone bonus time and missed sexual opertunity time – police pay checks will be much, much bigger… ah, so. Follow the money.

    And where can I find the formula – maybe some pix?

  25. If someone that owns an unused abandoned property would come out and offer the use of it for Occupy Seattle for a Headquarters then this would no longer be an issue. Wish I owned one. I would be willing to do it.

  26. Its easy to occupy a broke community college, not so easy to occupy a project owned and funded by deep pockets. Same reason they’re squatting in the CD and not north capitol hill. I suspect any occupation of the underarms will be quickly ejected as well.

    This movement is a joke, trampling on those who don’t have the resources to do anything about it. Come to my hood, see what happens. We have foreclosures here and bank owned properties too, but we also have resources and motivation to get you out of here lickity split.

    The people most affected by this os movement are the ones grinding it out just trying to make it, oh sweet irony.

  27. And who pays for my building when it gets burned down? Who pays for my insurance? Will you be the one sued when a junkie od’s there? You don’t own a building because you have no idea what it takes to do so.

  28. For anyone who cares about change for the better these fuckers are just… a bunch of fuckers. A bunch of inexperienced-at-life fuckers whose sole achievements are to split and embitter anyone who might be sympathetic to one of the myriad of their slogans.

    The SPD action? Absolutely appropriate to meet message with message. Don’t get it yet?

  29. Nope, not larger than I think, or care to think really. This will all just drift off as a short attention span phase until the next big thing takes up the headlines, now what were we talking about?

  30. Did you not read the comments from local businesses above that some of these people ARE causing massive issues? Either the group needs to crack down on it or expect more of this. Considering whats happened in the camp, who knows what could happen behind the closed doors of an abandoned building.

  31. Yup, the legal exposure to the property owner if one of these idiots gets a scratch (with or without the police) would be a nightmare. They wouldn’t win of course, but the money it would waste to defend against it anyway would be terrible.

  32. I just made a suggestion. Did I say for you to do it? No. If you don’t want to do it then don’t. No one said you had to. So quit being a rude jerk. Might get your point across better if you didn’t act like such a schmuck about it.

  33. It’s well-established that many of the IPs of posters on PubliCola and Slog are from groups like the second floor of City Hall and the Seattle Times offices. Go ahead and ask blog owners. They’ll confirm it.

    It wouldn’t be surprising if some of the IPs matched certain precincts on these posts.

    And yet they’re still people. So even if it is groupthink trolling it’s still people doing this. And that’s the problem.

    You do make a good point about the pride parade reax, though.

  34. There are Occupy protests in hundreds of cities nationwide. On any given night the actual protest function swells to tens of thousands (correcting for time zone differences) and on some nights to hundreds of thousands.

    As far as vanishing, that prediction has been with us since day one. First it was gone within a week. Then a month. Now it’s just this nebulous “any day now” prediction.

  35. It’s a movement because this is happening worldwide. A few hundred here and a couple thousand there doesn’t sound like much until you find out that there are hundreds of these protests ongoing now. It’s a movement.

    As to your larger point, what message are you suggesting the cops are promoting here? They’ve cracked down on every aspect of Occupy, not just the inflammatory parts — they’ve even gone after the warm ‘n fuzzy ones. Like a jewish prayer hut and signs and curious old ladies.

  36. The trope of the crushed small business is tired. You hear it when the wrong color person moves in or you hear about it when gay activists protest a business and it’s always “why do they want to hurt us”.

    I’m no economist but I can probably tell you what’s actually causing strife for businesses and people. It’s actually pretty much the same reason Occupy protesters are doing what they’re doing.

    It’s the economy, buddy. :)

  37. Whats to understand. We’re not your parents. We’re the rest of town, who’s sick of your noise. Trespassers are subject to arrest. Its an illegal act. Sorry your damn missing in action parents never taught you this fundamental fact, but your illegal sh*t is tiresome.

  38. Oh, Sam. I’ve seen the clip.

    So have the many observers who are decrying what happened at UC Davis. Given their gravitas and judgment I’d have to say I’m in good company in opposing what happened to UC Davis.

    Heck, it’s how we all found out that Lt. Pike was actually slapped in a suit for anti-gay harassment.

  39. Sorry punks, I don’t want you here, and I’m not alone. Go trash your own neighborhoods you came from. Eff off and leave us who actually live here alone. You are not my voice, you are a bunch of whiny children whose moms never told them “no.”

  40. Glad the SPD got to practice their ‘terror’ fighting skills. SWAT teams on the roof? You people support this sort of police behavior?

    These special ops types or raids in the middle of night are ridiculous. The complete overkill in manpower, the insane amount of money it must have cost. Go up to the building in the middle of the day with 4 cops and tell them they are in violation of the law and they must leave. Attacking them like they are holed up in there making bombs is crazy.

    Is this what foreclosure evictions are going to start looking like too? Property uber alles?

    Probably becuase the most important thing is to crush the movement as much as possible before the shopping season really kicks in.

  41. The message from the cops to ME might be something like:

    If you take a large group of people and very publicly break the law we will send a large group of people and very publicly stop you from breaking the law.

    To members of the “movement” the message seems to be:

    The greedy corporate overlords (probably in cahoots with the Trilateral Commission, big Pharma, …) are denying us our right to do what we want to do when and where we want to do it.

  42. .. Caused by the effing protestors. Thats always the thing, protester zealots never seem to understand that their own actions have costs that others have to bear. In this case, the police overtime for their nice garbage collection at 4 am. What do you expect them to do to trespassers in private property in a building thats being demolished in a few days? I read of no injuries and no deaths. Only disappointment on the whole morning (just kidding. A little).

    GTFO dummies. You overstayed your welcome, you aren’t in any way making coherent sense. If you had any balls you’d be occupying downtown banks, but you know what’d happen then. As for a “worldwide movement.” .. yes, on the internet. I am the 99% and all that. but breaking laws and breaking peoples daily routines just so you can have a nice sit-in or camp-out or trash another neighborhood you then dont help pick up? Go to hell, you selfish little twit.

  43. @truseattleite

    this only recently became about occupying warehouse space.

    up until yesterday’s ruling the occupy folks were content to camp on sccc property. prior to that, when they were still at westlake, the mayor offered the use of city hall as a camp; occupy turned him down. i’m not sure why, if basic space to build a shelter was one of their key tenets.

    so it seems to me that this is less about shelter and more about fucking with “the powers that be”.

  44. Born and raised, actually, right here on capitol hill. I’m a minority, raised by a single mother who clawed and scratched her way to make it, we were on food stamps, SSI, and free lunch programs. I’ve had had a job since I was 8. If I wanted something I could only depend on myself to get it. I used to deliver the capitol hill times from galer to republican every wednesday, by myself, when when I was 12 I got my first times route, and delivered the times daily until I was 17, bought a car, and needed to make more money.

    I’ve been emploed over 33 years now in one capacity or another, have never taken unemployment, or any other subsidy. I know what it’s like to be broke, I’ve been there. But I also know that there are jobs out there for people willing to work. I own a business now and it amazes me how apathetic the generations behind me are, 99% of you suck, don’t know what a hard days work is, and all you want to do is drink and go to shows. I’m constantly hiring, and firing.

    I work my ass off to keep the north capitol hill home I own warm and cozy. Everything I have I worked for, nobody has given me shit. No little spoiled trustafarian is going to come to my hood and fuck it up. Most of us who actually grew up here, in this very neighborhood are the same way. We all work, because we didn’t have shit growing up.

  45. The SPD needs to RE-READ the Constitution.

    It says, we have a right to PEACEFULLY assemble to address our grievances. It says NOTHING about LAWFULLY assemble.

    I hope they get sued. An effing SWAT team deployed to arrest peaceful protesters? I, for one, just called the Chief of Police and told him I would be buying a tent and camping out on the effing sidewalk in front of his house, and there’s not a damn thing he can do about it. EFF YOU, Diaz!

  46. Thanks Occupy for wasting SPD’s time and resources on your dumb trespassing bs. I wonder how much the bill will be for this fiasco?

    And I don’t want to hear about how you’re being tossed out into the cold streets. Seattle has so many homeless resources and the severe weather shelters have been open since October! The homeless have access to beds and food in various spots throughout downtown. City Hall, The Frye Apartment Building, Union Gospel Mission, Bread of Life Mission, YMCA/YWCA, the list goes on and on. Don’t even try to make this into the ‘yuppies’ and SPD wanting to kick out homeless people.

  47. You are obviously ignorant of everything going on in the country right now. It is so deeply corrupted today that big change is a necessity. Sure, the protests may cause some problems like noise. Big deal. And 90% of the time when something bad like drugs or fighting happens, it is 1 person in the entire group making a bad decision. Was the civil rights movement all nice and quiet and did it obey the rules and just give up when they were atta ked? No. And because of that we now have (supposed) equality between all people. Go ahead and stay inside your nice little bubble cut off from the real world. Things are changing and hopefully someday you will understand that.

  48. peacefully assemble is not break and enter private property. peacefully assemble is normally reserved for public space. Like, say, a community college campus. Once you left there and broke laws to Occupy, the cops took the correct response and removed you.

    And most of the rest of us 99% ers agree with the action the cops took, because unlike you, we understand how protests are supposed to work. By definition, a protest is a public property action, because you are protesting the action of the state.

    Unless you were protesting specifically the action of the property owner at 10th and Union, you had no business being on his or her property, plus you broke laws to gain access to his building.

    How freaking dumb are you punks anyway. Seriously, did any of you graduate high school much less take any classes in college? You’re an embarrassment to the cause you claim to represent.

  49. I lived next door to Summit and Denny Way during WTO 10 yrs ago. After one week of WTO protesters occupying an empty building, there were piles of trash in the alley, graffiti everywhere, and broken windows in several buildings next to the one I lived in.

    I lived near what had been a homeless squat at Belmont and Republican. Police refused to go in there chasing a wanted felon, because of the toxic waste inside the house. It had been a homeless squat for about 2 years prior, including had a fire when homeless cold kids lit something to try and stay warm.

    Had the police removed the dumb out of town / out of the neighborhood squatters in either case early on, none of the later problems would have happened.

    I credit police with taking appropriate action this time, removing people who are trespassing is needed the sooner the better. Otherwise, it turns into a biohazard site, with everything from used syringes to potential fire damage and more. It turns into a haven for criminals to hide out. It turns into a problem for the entire block if it isnt checked and checked fast. I have seen it first hand.

    You are unwelcome squatters that damage buildings then act like its your right. IT IS NOT YOUR RIGHT TO DAMAGE PRIVATE PROPERTY, NOR IS IT YOUR RIGHT TO DAMAGE THE AREA BY LIVING LIKE A NOMADIC TRIBE OF LAWLESS, ILLITERATE HUMANS. And don’t act so damn entitled and surprised when people call you on it. Did your mother never in her entire life tell you “No” ? Why is it only now you are breaking other peoples’ boundaries and finding out there’s consequences? This should have been a lifes lesson by early adolescence. Unless you’re 12 or 13, you really have some catching up to do with regard to how the world views your actions.

  50. So this really met the “new” criteria for deploying the SWAT team? Snipers, and all that..

    I have a friend who was the “on call” for deploying a state police swat team. The criteria were very specific, and it was a last resort.

    It’s amazing how much police response this minor stuff gets, when people in the community can’t get the police to respond. I mean, I can’t even get the cops to remove a bum passed out on a bench in westlake, who is urinating on himself and the bench.

  51. All of you are quite welcome to your opinions that we OWS protesters are criminals, or annoyances, or jobless bums. You are welcome to marginalize us, ignore us, and call us powerless nuisances.

    You can cheer while we are arrested and beaten and teargassed.

    While you are doing that, we will be changing the world.

  52. I’ve been living here since the 1890’s. Me and my sisters used to eat dirt with the remaining natives because we had nothing. But I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and opened a sarsaparilla joint on Broadway. Best soda you ever had. I made my own way, never asked for nothing. Then, at the age of 40 or so, the 1% caused the world economy to crash and I had to eat dirt again, only there weren’t any natives cuz the government had moved them to camps. Spent most of the depression broke. But then after the war i pulled myself up by the boostraps again and opened a soda fountain. Even made sandwhiches. Man, were they good. What with all the death and war, the 50s sure was a bustling time. Sold a lot of soda. Things were good till the oil emargoe and the 80’s, when that old devil Reagan started his watchmacallit where capitalists could do whatever they wanted. Made the little guy suffer. Lost the soda fountain round 1984. But by 1996 I was back on top, had a computer company that made software for soda fountains. There I was, pulled up by my boot straps, until 2000. But luckily I cashed out and started buying houses. Now I got five of them sitting empty in the CD, can’t make a penny off them, wish I could sell them and buy a soda fountain again. Anyway, I never had nothing and worked for everything I have.

    Good job, SPD. Let those twerps eat dirt. You aint like the nazis. dont let no one tell you that. i worked, god damn it, so im right. sorry if i dont type so good. long live capitalism.

  53. Tell me about it. I been here 5x longer than you, so I know the type. Want to go get some machetes and cut off their heads? How about we bust out the rifles and go ashooting? Let show em how we long time residents of the hill settle things. Freedom! USA! SPD!

  54. @guyfawkes

    from the aclu:

    “The right of free expression is not an absolute right to express ourselves at any time, in any place, in any manner. For example, we do not necessarily have a right to hold a large rally at midnight outside a hospital. While we may have the right to march in a parade or on a city street, we may not have the right to decide the exact time or route. The government has the authority to make reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of certain speech activities if there is a compelling reason to do so.”

    and this under “Speech Not Protected by the Constitution” on the aclu’s website:

    “Broadly speaking, we are free to communicate our ideas but not to encourage immediate crimes.”

    trespassing on someone’s private property is a crime and not constitutionally protected speech.

  55. Friends;
    I would not blame chief Diaz. I am not sure, but my guess is the orders for a SWAT team and all the SPD and a Fire truck too, came from MUCH higher up. I would bet it was the wealthy business people who are the folks who plan to demolish and re-build at 10th and Union, who probably have influence at the Mayor’s office, and quite possibly much higher up. Face it, folks, nationwide and worldwide also, the wealthy are trying to nix the occupy movements. They are afraid of a groundswell of public opinion on the side of “occupiers”, who are addressing serious problems in the worldwide economic and political situation. More later…gotta go to support my friends the arrestees.
    Loudmouth Karaoke Brad

  56. 5%: They don’t care. Doesn’t matter how hard anyone works for what they have. The public education system was designed to produce workers from the beginning. But even that objective has become so corrupted in the last 30 years that we have a workforce that can’t produce anything. The private schools are not in any better shape because they can’t use teaching materials not approved by the state.
    If any of you “kids” out there take exception to my last statement, go find yourself a 6th grade McGuffey reader. It would be considered university level reading by today’s standards.

  57. 120 years-
    You sound like s survivor, bitter and angry, but a survivor.

    Why not let the next generation search for their future? It is a mess out there for them.

    They ask NOTHING from you in person, and I know you know the system is presently fucked.

    You are on the wrong side. Nothing you have is at stake, nothing.

    Cold winter night, raid cost hundreds of thousands, not needed this way at all. And sir, they might show up at your house, you mention you are a minority – where does the police state mentality always strike in KKK America …

  58. 120yr, typed on your iPad2 that you got your grandma to buy you, “because I need to take notes in class!” Just remember, the world needs ditch diggers. Keep working out, because there’s a generation behind you, raised by us, the working stiffs, that aren’t going to coddle you like your boomer parents did. They will take the jobs and work their ass off and you will be working the line at 40, for them, wondering how you got into this mess you’re in. Wishing you didn’t blow the 25k you got from grandma on an ipad2 and a couple classes at the same community college you’re now “occupying”.

  59. alexjon: The “movement” publicly states a bunch of demands and reasons for being, and then performs the most baffling actions that run counter to the stated goals. This has many people scratching their heads and concluding the “movement” is a bunch of idiots or spoiled children.
    It is and it isn’t.
    The useful idiots you see in the park and the street are being coordinated to do what they’re doing from afar. In all the cities at the same time they are being directed in phases. I think it was AJ that mentioned a bit of history in a post above. This is very similar as to what happened in the 1930’s except this time there are so many issues at play there is no way to stop them. Theses idiots are going to be sacrificed by the real power behind the “movement” when the public outcry gets to a high enough level. It’s unfortunate, but now the game is to chase them from place to place and burn through the Police budget. Again, while I don’t agree with many things AJ has written, he warned to be careful of what you wish for regarding the government response. He’s correct, but our city is unique in the fact that our Mayor is who he is – so who knows what type of response the Police will be allowed to provide. I am not going to be surprised at all if a public apology is issued again to the “movement”.
    I would like to point out that some of Occupy Seattle members have actually received the benefits of redistribution of wealth that they stated they want so much. The public’s money is now being used to house the members in a high rise downtown, they have been provided clean clothing, showers, medical attention, and are now being fed three square meals a day. It’s the socialist utopia that we hard working folks affectionately refer to as “jail”.
    Oh, and the reason they are in the CD area and SCCC was to target a particular demographic and hopefully get more people to join in causing more city and county resources to be spent.

  60. I would like to say THANK YOU to SPD (with help from SFD) for enforcing the law. OS was trespassing on private property. A note of appreciation on waiting until after the Pike/Pine bars and resturants had closed. Allowing the streets to clear before moving in lowered the possible risk to others not involved in the illegal occupation by OS.

    I own a small business in the neighborhood and have been dealing with a major increase in graffiti these last 5 weeks including OS stuff as well as getting my windows scratched. I have also had people claiming to be OS in my store looking for cash donations and asking my customers for money. Enough already! Quit hurt small business and trashing our neighborhood.

  61. Let a 1000 building be occupied! Change requires radical action. There has never been, nor will there ever be any systemic change without resistance. That is the lesson of history.
    Of course, the world is watching:
    WASHINGTON — The United Nations envoy for freedom of expression is drafting an official communication to the U.S. government demanding to know why federal officials are not protecting the rights of Occupy demonstrators whose protests are being disbanded — sometimes violently — by local authorities.

    Frank La Rue, who serves as the U.N. “special rapporteur” for the protection of free expression, told HuffPost in an interview that the crackdowns against Occupy protesters appear to be violating their human and constitutional rights.

    “I believe in city ordinances and I believe in maintaining urban order,” he said Thursday. “But on the other hand I also believe that the state — in this case the federal state — has an obligation to protect and promote human rights.”

    “If I were going to pit a city ordinance against human rights, I would always take human rights,” he continued.

    La Rue, a longtime Guatemalan human rights activist who has held his U.N. post for three years, said it’s clear to him that the protesters have a right to occupy public spaces “as long as that doesn’t severely affect the rights of others.”

    In moments of crisis, governments often default to a forceful response instead of a dialogue, he said — but that’s a mistake.

    “Citizens have the right to dissent with the authorities, and there’s no need to use public force to silence that dissension,” he said.

    “One of the principles is proportionality,” La Rue said. “The use of police force is legitimate to maintain public order — but there has to be a danger of real harm, a clear and present danger. And second, there has to be a proportionality of the force employed to prevent a real danger.”

  62. What a waste of the tax payers money and a waste of the police/SWAT time. I wonder how much money has the city wasted messing with the protesters? They’re just trying to exercise their rights. But I guess rights don’t really mean that much in America anymore.

  63. TimmyG–people are putting up sticker art in your neighborhood. gee that’s tough man. me-I don’t eat the dead flesh of animals so don’t care for the smell of burning flesh coming from restaurants. And I don’t like being ordered around by corporations so refuse to get a Safeway or QFC card yet i ahve to look attheir huge lit up signs all the time. Do you have a business sign up that I am compeeld to look at? Where is it? I’d like to come by and clean up that eye sore.

    The rest of you believe everything your corporate controlled media and government tell you and never question anything. You are angry and begrudge the pathetic and desperate lives you live, but you don’t question-you don’t offer any resistance–and you hate anyone who does. You are jealous and bitter; you are pathetic sheeple.

  64. Xavier thinks if we disagree with him we must be cops.

    Typical idiot punk protester noise.

    Are you one of the gutter punks who attacked the guy holding the “Occupy Somewhere Else” sign? Typical of your religious zealotry. If you don’t agree then you must be one of THEM and must be destroyed.

    You are no better than the police, my dear young deluded friend.

  65. Murder and mayhem in the South
    End abounds, Danny Vega and his very recent death by beating is but the tip of many such recent incidents of name calling, robbery, and threats.


    Squatting for a few hours on the Hill in a totally empty tear down building. Where does all the police money and BIG time action go?

    Every poster here knows the answer, and should wonder why. That same police show in the South End could help prevent another killing, with real violent crime rampant …. it didn’t happen, did it.

    Of course not. I am getting confused, does the mayor run the cops or are the cops running the city?

  66. People have to be cleared from closed down structured for liability purposes. The building owner’s insurance company and the SPD would possibly be on the hook for injuries (even if they are trespassing) to any squatters if they were known to be there, and allowed to squat.

    The system of law in the US is the best in the world, but not without its flaws.