Occupy Capitol Hill | The tents are gone — UPDATE

The last tents from the Occupy Seattle camp have been taken down at Seattle Central’s plaza at Broadway and Pine. Last Friday, Occupiers cleaned up and moved out following a legal battle resulting in an emergency rule banning camping on campus. Occupy Seattle has not announced a new main camp location.

Occupy Seattle is planning a return to the Hill this Friday for a rally and protest against gentrification at a soon-to-be demolished 10th and Union building. http://capitolhillseattle.com/2011/12/14/occupy-capitol-hill

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8 thoughts on “Occupy Capitol Hill | The tents are gone — UPDATE

  1. What exactly would fixing the lawn entail? Is it basically just spreading seed or would you have to go in and loosen and flood the trouble spots, etc? And how long would this take; can it be started now or does it have to wait until warmer weather?

  2. Hey – you think grass will grow grow in 35 degree weather? Just joshing.

    It doesn’t. Wait for spring, that sod is 30 years odd with roots down four feet. It will revive on its own … the camp moved in when it was already dormant, past end of summer.

    In fact, as a master gardener, the shock may make it, the sod / grass stronger. Plans respond to shock with vigor …. rake harshly now to disturb the mat, lightly sprinkle by hand some phosphate, light cover of good compost, 1/4 inch, watch what happens in March. And, be assured, the rain will water…. guess we can wish for a dry end of winter, little hope.

  3. Checked this am – no damage to the trees. They could use an up high pruning, the are growing rangy looking. Just what happens with age and good growth, maybe CHS can sponsor a pruning fund?

    I’m in for 50.00.

    Love those trees, nice urban oasis, compliment to a stark campus.

  4. I’ll tell you exactly what that lawn not only needs but **WANTS**. It needs warm weather, sunlight and a little water when it’s not getting sunlight. It needs some CO2 just like we need Oxygen. The roots are 40 years old so they’re probably close to a foot deep like some of that 200 year old prairie grass in the Midwest.

    What the grass wants is peace and quiet. It wants you to walk on the brick walkway and not on it. Lastly, the grass wants “No more damn hippies!” because they’re loud, unruly and they smoke the grass.

  5. 1. Much deeper than a foot…. the roots.

    2. The water comes from natural sources into June, all natural, rain.

    3. That park is mostly vacant anytime. Who will walk on the grass? Because of the street traffic and nature of the come and go SCCC, that corner has totally sparse users, remember Cal Anderson is ONE block away, think where you would go? High traffic corner, noise and fumes, or Cal A. – signature space, national awarded urban park …

  6. My first reaction was “oh god, please don’t suggest this” but after thinking it over, the whole reason they moved to SCCC was because it’s against SMC to camp overnight in city parks. SCCC was an unwilling but non-illegal host. Of course, that didn’t stop occupy from ignoring the fact that camping at SCCC made absolutely no sense.

    Camping on Capitol Hill in general makes absolutely no sense at all though. It’s just a place that people have heard of, as opposed to affluent neighborhoods, or any other place that generally makes sense.

  7. “just a place people have heard of “

    What. It, CapHill is the core community of Seattle, high density, famed for its lefty politics, many millions of queers, artists, counter culture of all manner, sexual deviance for all, drugs, drunks, and music …. and on down the list.

    Occupy needed to get out of Westlake, 30 day haven on the Hill, excellent choice. Their cadre are now hardened, stronger than ever, and ready for the big time. They learned a lot is what they all say, no more social agency makeshift stuff … Did you think a tent in the torrential rain and winter cold was an action?