Slog — More Capitol Hill cafe sadness as Pettirosso says goodbye

Capitol Hill is about to be down two charming cafes. Following our report yesterday that B&O Espresso is closing at the end of the month, the Stranger has a 2-block-radius sadness scoop — Pettirosso is closing to make way for a larger restaurant space:

The owner, Robin, sounds a little sad but ready for the change. She’s been talking with the property owners for a couple years: “They have a big space they need to rent, and the access is through my space… I was not the one. I’m kind of winding down, not gearing up for a huge project.”

Slog says the cafe’s last day is December 30th and that former employee Yuki Sodos is pulling together a plan to take over the new, bigger space.

The move continues a trend of building owners and longtime restaurants facing the pressure and opportunity to upgrade in Capitol Hill’s — and especially Pike/Pine’s — burgeoning food and drink economy.

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14 thoughts on “Slog — More Capitol Hill cafe sadness as Pettirosso says goodbye

  1. stuff changes; you roll with it. Nothing stays the same. Do you think the Seattle/Queen Anne/Capitol Hill/Ballard of my childhood in the 1960s is anything like it is today? Lots of amazing restaurants/places were there, replaced by what you are mourning, to be replaced by what comes next, and then what comes next.

    Everything has an expiration date.

  2. if capital hill wants to upgrade i get it. but as far as im concerned these ugly condo, apt bldgs being built are an eye sore. no character, no soul, nothing but ugly looking bldgs. the restaraunts they are putting in underneath these apts are bland, have no ethnicity @ all & are so sterile looking. no intimacy whatsoever. they all look like something out of industrial digest–cold & impersonal. wait people are dying out because all you have to do is walk up to a counter w/ a bunch of kids in uniforms letting uno when youre order will be ready. the art of waiting/waitressing is dying. people, apparently will be losing their jobs. capital hill is an industrialized, soulless, neighborhood. its as boring & generic as looking @ a computer screen. if this is progress then i must be very unprogressive because i personally would prefer intimate, ethnic restaraunts & stores.