Another First Hill apartment rip-off — Man says smoking bud (+ baton carrying stranger) robbed him

Police responded to a First Hill apartment early Wednesday morning after a man reported that his marijuana smoking buddy had just robbed him.

According to the report on the incident, police were called to an apartment building in the 1100 block of 8th Ave around 4:30a Wednesday. The victim told police he and his friend have medical marijuana cards and had planned to get together that night when the man showed up with a stranger in tow.

The victim told police that when he asked why the other man was there, they told him they were there to “jack” him as the stranger whipped out a baton and the friend held his hand in his pocket as if he were holding a gun.

According to the report, the thieves made off with undisclosed items and fled the scene. There were no reported injuries.

Earlier this month, we reported on another reported First Hill apartment robbery at a building near 8th and Spring.  

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8 thoughts on “Another First Hill apartment rip-off — Man says smoking bud (+ baton carrying stranger) robbed him

  1. So, a two apparently-authorized “medical marijuana” patients are actually just “marijuana smoking buddies.”

    If you truly need marijuana for pain relief, etc, why would you need to smoke with a buddy? This scenario is very suspicious of abuse of the medical marijuana law, which I think is rampant and very under-reported.

  2. What are you smoking? Who are YOU to say that they are “just ‘marijuana smoking buddies'”? People with medical marijuana should just sit at home, alone in the dark, friendless, huh?

  3. For a person dealing with pain, or with an illness, group therapy is importment – even if it’s just the companionship of a buddy or two. Seriously.

  4. The truth is that some very dangerous people use and distribute pot. Since the victim stated that he and the suspect are both medical MJ cardholders, legalizing it medically doesn’t take all of the violence away from acquiring the drug. Quite a few dispensaries have been robbed and some in a very violent manner.

    Might be time to do away with the dispensaries and outright legalize it like alcohol or just find something better to treat the symptoms with.

  5. Phillip, if you will re-read the post, you will see that it was the blog’s moderator who called them “marijuana smoking buddies,” not me.

    And no, I don’t think medical marijuana patients should stay at home, alone. But the scenario described in this post sounds like the two guys were smoking for entertainment purposes, not for legitimate medical reasons. I could be wrong, though.

  6. Not only is there alot of criminal activity involved with “medical marijuana,” but also there is rampant abuse of the legislation. Do you really think the scenario described in this thread (two “buddies” meeting up at 4AM with the intent of smoking the drug) had anything at all to do with legitimate medical use? I think not.

    Legalization is not the answer. We need fewer psychoactive drugs available, not more.

  7. Prohibition didn’t make alcohol cease to exist, and it isn’t making other drugs cease to exist. People have ingested things to alter their states of mind since before we had names for those things. Psychoactive substances will continue to exist. Our choice to make is not to have more or fewer psychoactive substances, but whether or not we take people’s money and/or lock them in cages as a result of their choices to ingest those substances.