Civil 10th/Union: Activist to wed Hill warehouse slated for demolition — UPDATE: Chase 5 charges

The last time we reported that demolition of this building was imminent, a group of Occupy Seattle protesters and squatters tried to take it over before being repelled by police. This time, somebody wants to marry it.

A representative for developer Seawest says the demolition of the old warehouse at 10th and Union is already underway inside where workers have been stripping out salvage material over the past weeks. Expect to see walls start coming down in mid-February to make way for planned construction of a mixed-use apartment building on the site.

But first there will be a wedding. Activist Babylonia, one of the protesters arrested in the SWAT raid on the warehouse in early December, tells CHS she will spend this week handing out invitations around Capitol Hill to her wedding ceremony with the building. “It’s a gay wedding,” she said. “The building is a woman, you know.” Babylonia also helped organize the recent “Notice of Proposed Gentrification” protest and tour of Capitol Hill.

The goal, she says, is to protect one of the last remaining historic warehouse buildings from Capitol Hill’s past. Babylonia said that she has also been working with a group to complete a historical landmark nomination for the property.

The wedding ceremony is planned for 1p Sunday at 10th and Union. Guests are asked to wear their Sunday best. The bride and bride aren’t registered anywhere for gifts, were told.

It could be a short marriage. “It’s definitely happening,” the Seawest rep said of the demolition. Of course, if Babylonia is looking for a longer term relationship, she need only walk across the street to the Undrearms. No backhoes there — yet.

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24 thoughts on “Civil 10th/Union: Activist to wed Hill warehouse slated for demolition — UPDATE: Chase 5 charges

  1. “The goal, she says, is to protect one of the last remaining historic warehouse buildings from Capitol Hill’s past.”

    Does she mean BESIDES the warehouse that Eliot Bay Books is in, or the one Bimbo’s is in or the other ones all up and down the Pike/Pine corridor? Don’t get me wrong — I hate to see this one get torn down. But let’s not go pretending it’s some kind of unicorn or something that will go extinct if someone doesn’t do something weird to try and save it.

  2. Now somehow this story is going to get linked up in arguments against our state actually passing same sex marriages and in signature gathering to retroactively make it illegal. “See! They want to marry buildings! And dogs! And 8 year old boys!”

    I stood by the ideals and overall cause of Occupy in the beginning. Then they got attention and did fuck-it-all with it. So can they all go fuck themselves now?

  3. I am not sure that a condo plex is what Cap Hill needs at the moment but I know what you mean. Every time I walk by there I get a little sketched and I’m a larger man, look shady myself and have seen pretty much everything under the sun. I’ve bought one bottle of liquor (not beer or wine) in the past 2 years and drank half of it and was done for the next decade (excluding beer and wine of course) and left it at the buss stop for someone in need.

    30 minutes later I came by and that Skyy vodka bottle was gone and I seriously doubt that some kind soul recycled it.

  4. A Long John Silvers is exactly what Cap hill needs. As it is now, I have to ride my motorcycle to Everett, Bellingham or Federal Way on Fridays for my tasty fish.

    Not joking though, LJS may be ghetto but they have good tasting food and cheap.

  5. One less decrepit old building with no redeeming architectural value gone if the developers are successful in getting rid of the building.

    One more decrepit new building with absolutely no redeeming architectural value added.

    Who cares, one way or the other, in this case?

  6. Since the demolition has actually started, it’s way-late in the game to be talking about saving the building by getting an “historic designation.” If Babylonia, or any OS type, wants to make a difference in their “activism,” she needs to focus on something that actually can be accomplished. Having a “wedding” there is just self-serving, attention-getting behavior.

  7. I hope you’re kidding right? There are a couple of places on CapHill now to get way better fish, including fast-food. Yes, they’re not quite as cheap as LJS, but really– is the couple of bucks worth the time hiking there to get it, unless you’re already going? (to say nothing of the gas). I feel the same way about Popeye’s chicken, but schlepping to Renton to get it isn’t something I do too often, unless maybe I’m around Southcenter anyway.

  8. Good to see Jennifer Fox in that video. Any chance she found her fetus yet? You’d think Occupy would run away from the looney element in their movement, instead it looks like they are running it.

  9. Isn’t this protest 10 years too late? Or are these kids just pissed because now that Cap Hill is gentrified and filled with cool spaces they want to hang out in, they can’t afford it, because, we’ll they’re not exactly the most career-oriented group of young white college kids out there.

  10. I was on my way to the thrift store when I saw the bride enter the construction area. When she sat down her cleavage was awesome and I thought that she looked semi beautiful in a full sized woman way. Then she stood and half turned allowing me to see some fat rolls in her back shoulder area. Not so hot. The cops and construction workers were very polite and treated her gently. I feel that if the bride does not get control of her diet she will be leading the Dykes On Bikes parade.

  11. Right?! Look at broadway.. only thing left from “the day” is la cocina cocina and the vajra… o, & dicks
    where’s my walk up taco bell window! aahhahaahaha

  12. you wish you were even good enough for her to even talk to you…she is beautiful inside and out… beyond words..

    she will be remembered in history as a mover and shaker and you as someone who only lives by society’s superficial standards of beauty…

    have fun visiting your anorexic bulemic lovers in the hospital you sicko