Upscale kids retailer Flora and Henri leaving Odd Fellows building

(Images: Flora and Henri)

Children’s clothing boutique Flora and Henri has announced it is closing its E Pine shop next week after two years in the space. The upscale shop opened next to Molly Moon’s in September 2009 after closing their downtown Seattle location earlier that year.

According to the statement on the closure, Jane Hendreen will continue to operate and plans to open office and studio space to customers by appointment. 

The Odd Fellows building is also home to eco-friendly retailer Nube Green and shares a block with retailers Fleet Feet and the Everyday Music and Elliott Bay Book Co. complex. Elliott Bay’s move to the neighborhood has been touted as a success by the store’s management and was seen by many as an opportunity to establish a retail anchor for the Pike/Pine neighborhood. Last summer, CHS reported that retailer Totokaelo would be replacing Everyday Music in its current location by this spring. Everyday Music is currently working out plans for a move to a new location in the neighborhood.

No word at this point if anything is lined up for the Flora and Henri space.

(Images: Flora and Henri)

Here is the announcement from Flora and Henri.

dear flora and henri friends,
due to the decline of our economy and the growth of our website, the oddfellows boutiqe located on capitol hill will be closed as of tuesday, january 31st.  until then we will maintain regular business hours: monday through saturday 11-6pm.  we hope you can take advantage of our designer samples, paul and joe clearance, and fall/winter sale during our last five days in the oddfellows building. 
as for what is next for flora and henri, starting in february, we will open our design studio and office to our local customers.  by calling ahead or setting an appointment, we will open our showroom to you.  all of our previous retail services will be provided in this new location.  you will have access to all of your favorite flora and henri merchandise as well as our upcoming spring/summer 2012 collection;  new items will begin to appear late february through early april. 
if you are unable to bid farewell to our oddfellows boutique, we look forward to seeing you in our showroom downtown.  it is located at 1816  8th ave between stewart and olive.  appointments may be made monday through friday from 9-5pm by calling 206.749.0004.  you may also contact us via email at: .  any updates regarding your contact information, email and phone numbers may be sent to this email address and will help us better serve you.
thank you for being a wonderful flora an henri supporter. 
flora and henri
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11 thoughts on “Upscale kids retailer Flora and Henri leaving Odd Fellows building

  1. But I never understood how this place could possible exist as a store front in Capitol Hill. My husband and I went in once, willing to splurge on something nice for our new nephew, but apparently had no idea what “splurge” meant at Flora and Henri. A tiny baby sweater is seriously $90 here. We bought books from Elliot Bay instead… I think they’ll do well as appointment only, it seems that anyone who can spend that kind of cash probably doesn’t casually browse Cap Hill.

  2. Agreed. I’m not trying to be mean or kick them while they’re down, but did they even do a business plan and study the demographics of the area before they moved in? If they couldn’t make it downtown at the Grand Hyatt Hotel with Pacific Place across the street drawing in customers to high-end retailers like Barneys, Coach, and Tiffany, what on earth made them think they could make a go of it in the Pine/Pike Corridor?

  3. …but really, the prices were so unbelievable for a store located on cap hill…the only surprise here is that they were able to last 2 years in this particular location.

  4. Very nicely put. Jane Hedreen’s dad built the Grand Hyatt her store used to be in downtown, and the Olive 8 condo tower adjacent, etc, etc. The Hedreens run in the social circle that does buy this kind of kiddie clothing – the same sort of folks who would prefer to shop by appointment anyway. This shop is a hobby, nothing more.

  5. People do buy that type of clothing for their kids actually. You would be surprised. I never went in that store but I still would like to see it work. Good to here the owner doesn’t need the money, that’s usually not the case when one of these stores goes bust. Any small retail store is a plus here so I hope whatever replaces it does better.

  6. I agree.. high rents seem to attract highbrow retailers and restaurants. These places are like mushrooms after a rain, sprouting up everywhere along the Pike/Pine corridor these days. Would love for a basic breakfast/diner place to open…

  7. What is with the missing capital letters at the start of each sentence? I can deal with all the other grammar issues, but not that. And where is the email mentioned in the letter?

  8. I liveon the Hill. Have kids, loveto shop and buybeatiful things. I am the idiot that buys 150 dollar shoes for my child. However, the shoes sucked and so did the staff. Went in many times to look, sometimes purchased things sometimes not. They were snobby and it didn’t make we want to support them more. Too bad , local shop, local person, the whole bit but they were RUDE RUDE RUDe even to people that shopped there