Victim says $7k bike ripped off in Capitol Hill burglary

CHS neighbor niemcziek posted about a weekend burglary that netted what its owner told police is a very special bicycle:

Two high-end bicycles were reported stolen from a secure building on 16th and Mercer the morning of Saturday, December 31st. The bicycles were located inside of a locked storage room, one locked and one unlocked. The burglar also helped themselves to a pair of new Sidi cycling shoes. Combined value of the gear is estimated at over $10,000. There were no signs of forced entry to the room or to the building. One of the bicycles (a custom Seven Mudhoney make/model) is VERY unique with an easily indentifiable argyle paint scheme (see pics). The other is a red 2010 Specialized Allez Elite with a white saddle and handlebar tape. Any information you have or if you spot either of these bikes please let us know.

The SPD report on the burglary is below. The officer speculates that it could have been an inside job. If you’ve seen the bike, give East Precinct burglary detectives a call at (206) 684-5733.

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29 thoughts on “Victim says $7k bike ripped off in Capitol Hill burglary

  1. Our building at 16th and Olive had TWO very similar robberies just take place prior to Christmas. In both cases expensive bikes were took and it seems like it’s an inside job OR someone has keys to our building.
    Just a heads up.

  2. Our building at 16th and Harrison also had two similar robberies this fall. We thought it was an inside job or someone with keys to the building too.

  3. Seven THOUSAND dollars?? seriously? i don’t think i’m going to be living on the hill much longer if there are people who can afford that just on a bike around here. my car is not worth much more than that. i didn’t even know you could spend that much on one. sheesh… sorry about your mercedes, i mean, bike.

  4. we all have things in our life that we value and are important to us. i don’t have a car, i have a sweet ass bike that i worked my ass off for and that i get enjoyment out of on a daily basis. i got the bike in 2007 it has undoubtedly paid for itself in the five years i’ve had it.

    i purposefully didn’t include the value of my bike in my original post for fear people like you would take it and run with it. i don’t see the point in posting something like that, you simply made a shitty situation worse.

  5. $7000 doesn’t seem outrageous to me to spend on a high quality bike if that’s your primary mode of transportation (especially if you don’t own a car). Just because you don’t live the same kind of lifestyle doesn’t mean you should be passing any judgement. What about all the BMWs and Audis zooming around CapHill? Same diff. Everyone places value on things differently. $700 or $7000, getting your stuff stolen SUCKS.

  6. Dave, the point of this post is not to bash the victim of the crime. Everyone is entitled to spend their hard-earned money how they see fit, and in this particular situation I don’t see how you’re affected.

    The real concern is that the police don’t have the resources to investigate the crime and collectively we should do our part to support the community we live in.

    For all we know this person could have used the bike for sports, hobby, and personal use. To revel at their expense is just unnecessary.

    My two cents.

  7. People commenting on the value of the bike is clearly valid as that is the whole point of the story.

    “A $70 bike and a $123 bike were stolen from a hill apt” is not going to get many column inches. Thats why CHS is not reporting audis and bmw’s being stolen! A Maserati and a Ferrari, you bet!

    Spend your cash on whatever you like but if you buy something relatively expensive to the common man then the common man will probably want to comment!

  8. Something so valuable and obviously a target of thieves should be stored inside their apartment. This is nearly the same level as storing a $7000 gold bar inside a fenced off storage area.

  9. “i don’t have a car, i have a sweet ass bike that i worked my ass off for and that i get enjoyment out of on a daily basis.”

    You mean.. you used to have a sweet ass bike. Sorry, had to.

  10. I have had 3 bikes stolen over past years in the Capitol Hill Seattle area. They were no where near this price but they meant very much to me.

    At one time Seattle was ranked number one for bicycle thieves. Be it $70, $700 or $7000 a bicycle can mean a lot to a Seattleite.

    Good Luck Man! I hope they catch the thieves and get your bike back!

  11. The real sad thing is that some one is going to rattle can over that custom paint job. One could easily spend twice that much on a bike nowadays. Think about that and the person riding it when you brush by him/her in your car.

  12. what business is it of yours how much an individual spends on a bike. Jealous that his bikes costs more than your car? Or that you have less money saved than what he spends on recreation?

    Bikes pay us back way more than what we spend. He has been generous in his response to your stupid, thoughtless comments. Get a life trolls.

    Nice couple of bikes. You have good taste. Scour craigslist and the like and I bet you get them back. Especially the Seven as that is unique.



  13. I am truly amazed that a bike could cost that much. It seems like a waste of money to me, and probably an element of showing off. Can’t a person get a great bike for, say, $1000-$2000?

  14. Someone who has such an expensive of bike will have insurance, renters insurance at least. $1000 deductible or something… All told it’ll probably offset much of the bikes depreciation, they’ll get a fat check and upgrade both bikes to a moderate degree. It sucks when stuff gets stolen (recently had all of /my/ bike tools stolen, I feel it), but this dude’s ass is covered… & if it’s not, proof positive that spending that many grand on a bike is dumb.

  15. I’m sorry… I do have sympathy for the theft and you have every right to buy as expensive of a bike as you want. I happen to be a bike commuter too… I just ride a crappy old mountain bike I got for $150. Will be on the lookout for an argyll paint job in case the thief is foolish enough to park it on the hill.

  16. Seriously guys? I skipped over this article on purpose the day that it was published because I knew people would rail against this lady.

    People spend a hell of a lot more on cars and if we were talking about a car here, I bet a lot of you folks wouldn’t bat an eyelash. This is her form of transportation, and she wanted quality. What’s wrong with that? What if instead of buying a huge TV, a laptop, a guitar, and an expensive couch (all items that people spend money on but aren’t necessary), she wanted to have a really great bike that she know would serve her well?

    Have some heart guys.

    To the person that asked if you could get a decent bike for around $2,000. Yeah, you can. If you go to a bike shop they will call this a “mid-range” model. Just because you haven’t ridden a bike since you were 12 doesn’t mean you know how much a bike should cost, and don’t get on your high horse about owning a relatively inexpensive bike. Maybe she started out with a $70 craigslist bike, then $150, then $700, and so on and so forth. Then finally once she was in it for the long haul, she was willing to spend top dollar for something that would last years. Coming from someone who has done that (not top dollar, mid-range. I still have a bus pass ;) ), I completely get why she’d spend a lot on her bike. It’s her only mode of transportation. If I commuted solely by bike, I’d probably spend at least $3,500, and that’s not anything to sneeze at for someone in my income bracket.

    I hope your bikes are returned. I’ve had two bikes stolen (I now keep mine inside, and park it super close by when going places)…
    read more

    read more
    d it sucks no matter what, especially when you have put so much effort into them.

    To the haters, excuse me when I scoff after your $7,000 car is stolen. (I’m not really going to do this because I am not a jerk.)

  17. oh, also, do you have your serial numbers? If so, did you register them anywhere? I think Cascade has something like that. I can’t remember. I know I did it once I got my most recent bike.

    I’ll keep a lookout too. Like someone said before, CL is a good resource, but you may want to check some shops that purchase used parts as well, if you haven’t already. Cranksets, wheelsets, etc can easily be removed and sold.