Capitol Hill food+drink | St. John’s debuts, Skelly previews, The Redwood branches out

St. John’s, originally uploaded by Lookin4TallGuys.

We hope you enjoy the traditional Presidents Day meal of a shot of Presidente brandy and a taco. Here are the notes. Tip us via email. Or buy the next round.

  • We’re all over the food+drink crowdsourcing thing. Let’s turn to the CHS Flickr Pool for a set of photos of the other new Capitol Hill restaurant to make its debut last week, St. John’s.  We’ve featured the work of contributor Lookin4TallGuys before, by the way, when he gave us our first look inside the new CC’s on E Olive Way. In addition to having a surely effective nickname, Lookin takes the kind of food+drink pictures we like — full of people and showing a venue in full motion. We also like his freelance rate of free. This time, his lens captures the new incarnation of the old Rosebud space on E Pike brought to the Hill by the people who created Solo on Queen Anne. CHS broke the news about the project back in November as rockers Val Kiossovski and Billy Gould began planning the new space.

While we’re working with the crowd, here’s what Seattle Met has to say about what Klossovski and Gould created:

The New American menu is similar in concept to Solo, says Kiossovski, but St. John’s is “more of a dining experience” than its small plate-driven sibling (it’s also about 30 percent larger). Kiossovski spent opening night rushing around, but did find time to sample the menu’s hamburger, which appears alongside mainstays like pasta and roast chicken. The partners brought over Joe Randazzo, who had been cooking at Solo for about two years and recently graduated from Seattle Central Community College’s culinary program.

(Image: Skelly and the Bean via Facebook)

Met says it hates the word “barstaurant” but pretty much calls St. John’s just that — a bar with restaurant caliber food. Eater says you’ll have to wait for spring for the return of brunch and the re-utilization of the old Rosebud’s “serene” back patio. We reported in fall about the overhaul of the Rosebud space including a much enlarged bar area, knocking open a few alls and a much-improved bathroom set-up. Thanks for the coverage, crowd. CHS appreciates it and is looking forward to a visit without a camera strapped around my neck.

  • Lest you forget, we detailed the death of the Rosebud here. The ‘Bud’s Todd Erdahl is moving on to own the restaurant component of coming soon E Olive Way nightclub the Social.
  • The opening of community-funded Skelly and the Bean is imminent. This weekend, a few lucky souls enjoyed a soft preview of the new space on 10th Ave E. We like when random positive commentary floating through Facebook includes a shout-out for the broccoli raab. UPDATE: Seattle Met takes you inside.
  • What else is opening, when? Here’s our list of 15+ Capitol Hill restaurant and bar openings too look forward to in 2012. Four down…
  • The good people behind Capitol Hill’s The Redwood are opening a new joint in Beacon Hill unless a few angry neighbors can stop The Oak.
  • Via @Gregvandy: “Where Ya At Matt food truck will set up at Havana for our Mardi Gras Party!! Fat Tuesday Feb 21, 6-9:30.” There will be a marching band.
  • “12 Beers of the Apocalypse RAPTURE Heather Ale Release Party 2.21.12 @ Capitol Hill 6-9pm” — From the Elysian
  • Heard that one player in the Capitol Hill food and drink economy boasted a reservation list of 90+ parties on Valentine’s night. That’s a lot of love.
  • Looks like the right kind of person won our recent contest to give away DIY conversation hearts. Dirty.
  • Here’s where the neighborhood’s favorite S&M sex columnist (no, the other one) enjoyed a romantic Valentine’s dinner.
  • Eltana set to open its first expansion off Capitol Hill.
  • Neighbours seems to be on route to solving its issues with the City of Seattle but still has a tax problem on its hands.
  • Little Linda is leaving the family business. For now.
  • Felafel is coming to 23rd and Union by way of Pioneer Square.
  • And the Central District is getting a crazy sounding sports bar.
  • “Lin-sanity” has transformed SoCal rooted Chino’s in Knicks fans.
  • National ____ Days are kind of irritating but we like margaritas so The Saint’s contribution to Wednesday’s, um, big day sounds good to us.
  • We have never, ever posted a “shit ____ say” link. Until now.
  • A kangaroo in the roasting room at Caffe Vita Pike. We don’t know why. UPDATE: Here’s why.
  • Hopefully, the roo’s visit had nothing to do with this.
  • “The co-eds have clearly taken to the place.”
  • Hrrrm. That’s a pretty swiftly moving market. Truth?
  • Back to that crowdsourcing thing. Lark’s John Sundstrom didn’t have much difficulty raising thousands of dollars for his cookbook project. He should have asked for more. And, no, we don’t know if he plans to charge for the cookbook app when it’s released.


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