Molly Moon has (mostly) secret plan for new space on Capitol Hill

CHS has sampled a small taste of the happy things to come for the retail space left empty by the departure of upscale children’s retailer Flora & Henri from the Odd Fellows building. News on who’s involved — and a clue about what she’s up to, below.

“It’s very exciting,” Molly Moon Neitzel said of her new, still top-secret project that will fill the retail space currently neighboring the ice cream shop she opened on Capitol Hill in spring 2009. She’s not saying what the project entails and how it will fit with her Capitol Hill shop, now one of five in the city. But she did send over a clue that is either much too easy to solve — or a bit of a sticky riddle:Just a guess!

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Wanna change the world?
There’s nothing to it!

Clearly, this must mean we’re getting a Maroon 5 boutique.

Beyond that, we didn’t get much more from Neitzel who had just returned from Washington DC when we had a chance to talk with her about the project. Let the speculation begin.

The “very exciting” thing, whatever it might be, is set to debut on E Pine this summer. 

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21 thoughts on “Molly Moon has (mostly) secret plan for new space on Capitol Hill

  1. hopefully she’s taking a lot of the sugar out of her ice cream and putting it into candy making for the new space. never got the hype of molly moon’s. old school frozen custard, ftw.

    also, i think you have an extra ‘ly’ in your title there.

  2. No the wonka picture is the sarcastic wonka meme. And clearly the words on it are not from a song. It just seems odd to use sarcastic wonka here. Unless you’re actually trying to be sarcastic, which I am not getting from this blog.

  3. The popularity of Molly Moon baffles me nearly as much as that of Cupcake Royale… So much fanfare over a product that tastes like it was bought at CostCo. It’s not bad… just a relentlessly ordinary experience provided by the typically indolent or insolent at the customary grotesquely inflated price.

    I keep wanting to be mad for it. Instead, I keep yawning and wishing I’d spent my fat credits on a Maple Bourbon Milkshake at Americana. I done gived up.

    And honestly… Gene Wilder is rolling in his grave and he’s not even dead yet. Shame on you. We need another venture by Ms. Neitzel like we need another nail salon.

  4. Bryan, Marv:

    Cupcake Royale and Molly Moon’s are so reputed and raved about because a consensus of serious foodies all over the USA and beyond agree that these top-notch, pioneering Seattle businesses ARE all that. Myself included. You don’t like it. We get it. To each their own.

    However, saying Molly Moon’s or Cupcake Royale is like the frankenfoods so easily found at Costco (frosting made OF hydrogenated shortening!!!) is ludicrous. Can’t you just be big enough to say that it’s not for you.

    Without a huge discussion about WHY so many food snobs (and droves of others) know that these businesses ROCK, please understand that comparing these businesses to Costco is like saying the French don’t know how to make a croissant: it only makes you sound foolish ;-)

  5. X.G.,
    So, you are saying that we should all just accept whatever the “foodie elite” tells us?
    Molly Moon’s ice cream is not that good, and it is overpriced, and served by condescending hipsters. I would rather have some Ben and Jerry’s.

  6. Yo, “Whatever”-

    You’re apathetic handle says it all. And you insinuate that I’M the hipster. Funny. I assume you know how to read but, maybe, you lack comprehension skills ;-)

    I clearly stated “without a huge discussion about WHY so many food snobs (and droves of others) know that these businesses ROCK…”. Snobs and droves of others reads as a pretty wide spectrum of folks, no?

    You and your buds don’t like Molly Moon’s and other widely-respected local businesses. I get it. That doesn’t mean they’re not as great as consensus shows. It just shows you disagree with a consensus of ice cream eaters who take food as an art. What’s so bad about that? By your logic, Julia Child’s… a hipster?

    Sigh. Ben & Jerry’s is fine. IMO, Molly Moon’s blows it away though ;-)

  7. there is a reason people can tell molly moons ice is cheap becuase it is. I got this info from some who works in the cream biz. So molly moo.s use to be a place that made all of there ice cream but has the business grew and the demand for their ice grew so, the ice cream makers couldnt keep up so what they did was out source their ice cream. they have some else make the base then ship it to them were they add the flavor of the ice cream. so they no longer make ice cream they just flavor it. that is why their ice.cream is of a lesser quality then it use to be.

  8. No, the words in the post are the lyrics, not the words on the post. And since those are words that Maggie chose herself, implying a candy shop of some sort, Wonka does seem rather appropriate.

  9. Yeah!

    Hey Molly! We’ve found you out! You will continue to be a big phony until you buy a dairy farm, grow your own ingredients for flavoring, cut down a bunch of trees to make your own cups and stick a big windmill on top of the building to power those waffle irons.

    Nice try but we are smarter than you are. We only buy things where every single ingredient is grown by the person selling it to us.