Blotter | Capitol Hill school break-in bust, Summit Ave overdoses — UPDATE

  • Hungry Stevens burglar? A 21-year-old was arrested for suspicion of burglary early Friday morning after Seattle Police found him wandering around inside Capitol Hill’s Stevens Elementary drinking a can of soda he allegedly pilfered from a mini-fridge inside the 18th Ave E school.

According to police, the incident unfolded after alarms were tripped inside the school at 3:30a Friday. Police arrived about seven minutes later and surrounded the school. Inside, arriving officers could see the male walking through the building drinking the soda. As the suspect exited one of the classrooms an officer ordered him to the ground and he was placed under arrest.

Police found the man was wearing cotton gloves and had ridden his bike the crime scene. No items besides the soda are listed as stolen in the report but police did ask the man why he hadn’t just gone home to his nearby residence if he had been hungry.

The suspect remains in jail for investigation of burglary. Our review of the 21-year-old’s criminal record reveals no major crimes or past burglary activity in the state.

  • Summit ODs: Seattle Fire responded to two incidents involving apparent drug overdoses in the same block of Summit Ave early Monday morning including one incident in which a 40-year-old woman died. According to Seattle Fire, the two calls came only 16 minutes apart starting around 2:15a Monday. 

In the first incident at 1719 Summit, the 40-year-old woman was found unconscious and not breathing. Firefighters arrived to administer CPR but were unsuccessful in reviving the woman. CHS has not confirmed the woman’s death with authorities.

While the first medic response was still underway, Seattle Fire were also called to an apartment one building over to a report of a 34-year-old male who was also unconscious and unresponsive at 1726 Summit. The dispatcher coached the 911 caller to perform CPR until medics arrived. The man was transported to Harborview but CHS does not yet have information on his condition.

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2 thoughts on “Blotter | Capitol Hill school break-in bust, Summit Ave overdoses — UPDATE

  1. That block is where I’d go looking to score if I ever needed some H. Probably a tainted batch or super-strong quality for two ODs to get called in across the street from each other within 15 minutes of each other.

    R I P Lady

  2. while the seattle police stand or sit on their posts the drug activity on 3rd and pike is unreal. As a recovering addict I have gone through strugles but they are nothing compared to one day of active addiction. Educate the police as to how to put a stop to the open air drug markets. Lets not forget the areas of Broadway and Belltown. If you want this town to be known for something other than Heroin city and you want that investor from somewhere else to see promise in this city, than the police should do their job , I did some time for drugs, not dealing just posesion. And I deserved it. I did drug court and I needed it, Thanks to Norm Mailing this program is very succesful. And many can qualify. And you can get clean and sober, If I did it anyone can. There is alot of help out there for addicts and it works with a little effort on the addicts part.
    If you dont think there are consiquences to your actions and your an addict , just ask a family member if you still have any that will accept your call.Dont let this drug take to the places I had to go to get clean, Tell someone who cares your secret and your life will change.