CHS Community Posts | Gas mask = free drink, Capitol Hill radio, GLBT legal clinic

One of the strange little things in a cavalcade of strange little things that make CHS work is our community post section. Anybody can post to CHS — and people do, all the time. The best, most useful items will get promoted to the CHS homepage. The rest? They’re on the Internet! It’s kind of like a feed of Capitol Hill press releases — except there are mixed-in random flights of fancy like abbasolomon’s post about the potential for micro-radio stations on Capitol Hill. You can always find the latest community posts on the CHS homepage over on the right side below the weather box — or just visit here.

Below is a selection of recent CHS community posts that range from well done to, well, messy. Thanks everybody for being part of CHS.

  • Wear a gas mask, get a free drink at rock ‘n roll play ‘Paper Houses’ By curtisleefulton: “Wear a gas mask or hazmat suit to the live rock ‘n roll comedy ‘Paper Houses’ and you’ll get a free drink for helping the Occupy Seattle movement  raise awareness about the dangers of the Monsanto corporation. The play opens March 28 at Annex Theatre.”
  • Local Capitol Hill Radio Station Coming Soon By abbasolomon: “All that’s needed is a non-profit organization to run it.  We can get together and make one, right?  There are probably low-power radio geeks right on CHS.  And everyone seems to know how to start a non-profit.”
  • Call for Entries- 2012 Dream A Sound Future By Dream A Sound Future: “The Happiness Initiative, Sustainable Seattle, and the Next 50 present the 2nd Annual Dream A Sound Future Competition The Happiness Initiative is a national project offering tools and resources to communities and individuals seeking to enhance their well-being.”

  • Camera found in Volunteer Park By P Lewis: “Discovered this morning Sunday, March 25 south of the maintenance area near the newly downed tree” (By the way, best to use the free CHS Classifieds for lost & found)
  • Owning a Hackerspace: An Interview with Matt Westervelt By cao.sabina: “Projects here range from writing software to laser cutting; from casting 3D ducks to soldering; from designing Arduino boards to 3D printing. visited the shop last week for 3D Thursday to talk with Westervelt about Metrix’s roots, where it’s going and the ever-evolving technology it houses.”
  • Seattle University’s Undergraduate Business Programs Ranked Among Top in Nation By Albers at SU: “Bloomberg BusinessWeek has ranked the undergraduate program at the Albers School of Business and Economics among the best in the nation in their newly released rankings of Undergraduate Business Programs for 2012.”
  • Neil Hamburger and JP Inc. at Laff Hole By Shelby Cramer: “Neil Hamburger and JP Inc. perform at Chop Suey April 4th. America’s Funnyman Neil Hamburger is the hardest working comedian in existence, performing up to 399 shows a year internationally to critical acclaim and audience bewilderment.”
  • Is the Mayor worth $170,000.00 per Year? By connemaraproductions: “A citizen asked why the Mayor makes $170,000.00 a year when many in Seattle are hard pressed to make ends meet.”
  • Built for Future Generations By tranhh: “The Bullitt Center broke ground in August 2011 at 1501 East Madison Street in Seattle. Their new building will be roughly 45,000 square feet and 6 stories tall. According to the city of Seattle, this project will also create approximately 94 direct construction jobs and support 141 direct permanent jobs.”
  • QLAW GLBT Legal Clinic Partners with Ingersoll Center for On-Site Legal Clinics by QLAW: “The QLAW Foundation GLBT Legal Clinic is partnering with the Ingersoll Gender Center to hold two on-site legal clinics focusing on issues of interest to transgender clients at Seattle Counseling Service (1216 Pine St. #300) on Thursday March 29, 2012 and Thursday May 5, 2012.”
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