No parking in Pillars Park, please

A car ended up parked atop an urn after rolling down a set of stairs into Pillars Park at the base of Capitol Hill, Monday afternoon. Thanks to Bob Fletcher for sharing his picture from the scene. Seattle Fire tells CHS the incident apparently stemmed from a driver getting out of her car and forgetting to set her parking brake near the intersection of Pike and Boren. Nobody was injured in the mishap.

According to the site for the park, the pillars and the urn that saved them from a collision are part of old Seattle preserved. The pillars were once part of the Plymouth Congregational Church which made way for I-5 in 1966. The urns came from the long-gone Music Hall Theatre. UPDATE: On review, pretty certain what got smashed is a more recent planter. Looks like the urns aren’t visible in these images.

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9 thoughts on “No parking in Pillars Park, please

  1. I’m not sure where the city is getting their information, but Plymouth Church is still at 6th and University ( The freeway had nothing at all to do with why Plymouth tore down our former building. The old building was partially condemned and the congregation needed to move into a new era. Unlike many “Old 1st” type congregations around the country, Plymouth chose to stay in the downtown core rather than move to the suburbs. During the demolition of the old building and the construction of the new building, Plymouth actually met for services at the 5th Avenue Theater (during that year, The Sound of Music was the featured film).

    As to that planter underneath that poor woman’s Jetta, there’s no way that it’s from the Music Hall. The Music Hall ornaments are over on the north side of the dog park (on Pine). I had always assumed that those planters were clay, but clay doesn’t squish like that. Those are clearly plastic planters.

  2. lucky they didn’t kill anyone, I’m guessing is the car moved pretty far before it got here. It surprises me how often people dont set a parking brake, especially in hilly seattle. Such and easy habit, and brakes are much less expensive than transmissions.

    Also, turn wheels into the curb!

  3. You’re complaining in the wrong format :) Yes, our picture handling needs to be upgraded but this post isn’t why (though the system automatically linking to the thumbnail for the zoom-in was lame — over-rode that). There are no larger images — resolution was too low in the shot Bob provided. The zoom we provided is as big as it gets without breaking up into fuzz.

  4. Thought those pillars were from the Alaska Yukon Expedition at the University of Washington decades ago and the Music Hall Pillars are actually located at the dog park a street over.