Capitol Hill Aviary | An update on the owls of Interlaken

(Image: with permission to CHS)

Last summer, CHS reported on a family of barred owls that had taken up residence in an Interlaken Park tree so decayed, Seattle Parks said it needed to be removed. Neighborhood news site The Montlaker reports that the Interlaken family is doing just fine — and that old tree is still standing:

After delaying removal of the tree for a few months last summer to give the owlets time to fledge, it looks like Seattle Parks Department has decided this year to wait and further monitor the situation.

Thanks, Montlaker, for the update and sharing the amazing picture.

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8 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Aviary | An update on the owls of Interlaken

  1. Chances are if this tree was going to come down it would do so in a windstorm. If you are moronic enough to go for a walk in the woods in a windstorm then you deserve to have it fall on you! Perhaps post a sign for the idiots warning them about it!

  2. click on the photo of the owl in this article, and the link will take you to the Montlaker blog post with details about the location. We found the tree yesterday following the Montlaker’s description.

  3. I just stated a file of various images of birds seen on Capitol Hill. Ive included a few of the 2 Interlaken Barred Owls. If you enjoy them please let me know and I will post more.